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    Well... it wasn't simply because she was inactive. Her few last releases didn't do well and now with all ongoing issues she has a lot to prove as she is basically starting from the beginning.

    I look forward to her comeback and I hope she will do well and be back on spotlight.

    I mentioned it in my comment, but it doesn't matter if her latest releases weren't as popular. Not every single release will hit the same, that's normal in the industry, there's going to be highs and lows.

    And her social media is starting from scratch, but not her career lol. People already know who she is, she's got hit songs and can promote anywhere on shows. Chungha is a known commodity and she's got some of the highest streaming numbers without even releasing songs in 2023.

    And you can include Yeonjung in the conversation as well. WJSN is an upper tier group and herself has gotten into multiple musicals in the last few years and was nominated for Best New Actress.

    I mean, to be a mentor, you have to be at a level with experience and skills and to be respected enough for someone to listen to you. There aren't a lot of those who's reached that level in 3rd or 4th gen, as compared to 2nd gen simply from a time and experience perspective.

    Sejeong is one of the few who's known for her skills, personality and work ethic since day 1 so she is qualified. And on top of that, coming from the start of the survival show craze with her PD101 background makes it even better.

    I did have doubts about ITZY at first, just with the experience piece, but if there's one thing they are known for is their performance and dance skills, so they weren't a bad choice either.

    Nah real talk, why can't some I-fans put themselves in other people's shoes?

    When idols do racist shit to I-fans or something that offends them, it's "Oh we have to educate them" or "TREND #APOLOGISE TO XYZ" but when idol does something that's not right in the eys of their home country and actual, real Koreans, it's "Oh Koreans are so behind", "company should've protected them", "bullying isn't real lol".

    Like have some self-awareness..

    Yeah, it's a matter of perspective IMO.

    Better to be a Gauel in Ive than a Tsuki in Billlie

    Depends how you want your career to go. If you plan to chill after group disbands then yeah sure. But if you're someone looking to stay in the spotlight and continue working in the industry, it's much better to be the popular member even if your group fails. Kwon Nara from Hello Venus stays booked and is at a main lead level actress now, and Momoland has gone nowhere, but Yeonwoo is also booked as an actress and has much better career prospects than 90% of all idols.

    Everyone knows the show is produced by SM C&C so they always sneak SM guests on there to promote their own people.

    On a side note tho, the show has really dropped off for at least 3 years now, they tried to save it by changing the format and tried different things here and there, but it's still boring. I still watch it mostly depending on when idols and actors go on, but it has really become a chore.

    Kinda crazy how so many weekly shows have deteriorated in last couple years. Running Man hasn't been the same for years, Knowing Bros been bad, 2 Days 1 Night is okay, but not the same as season 3, Amazing Saturday is still hanging in there but it's bit of the same rehashing jokes and solving puzzle.

    I don't know about yall but I've never walked away blown away by Yoona's acting.

    There are moments in dramas where you're just like holding your breath or wow moments like Hyeri when Dokseon's grandmother died, or when IU was doing sign language with her granny in My Mister.

    But quite the opposite for Yoona when sometimes it just breaks your immersion and you can tell when someone is "acting".

    It's been known Japanese trainees/idols do not have the "perfection" performance standards of Kpop, but you can still have your charms and star power which is what OP is referencing (some is just flat out visual if we're being honest).

    JYP has said this before, but being an idol is more than just singing and dancing. It's what you bring to the table to attract people and if that's going to be personality, variety skills or other things then so be it. I've only seen clips of this new show, but there doesn't seem to be that star power that you get in the Korean Produce show.

    Lol OP really just be naming their fave idols. Running Man has always been marketed as a family friendly weekend show program, and of course idols have guested as well, but they will never be the main focus. (You add on the crazy fans problems whenever idols appear on the show, and now you're just asking for trouble). Besides the obvious age gap and chemistry issues, active 3rd and 4th gen idols are too busy with group activities to join a weekly variety program.

    Yoo Jae-suk has always talked about finding "hidden" variety stars and discovering new talents in the entertainment world. From the start of Running Man, Kwangsoo, Gary, Jihyo were all pretty much unknown commodity and Running Man built them up to who they were/are. Similarly, Jeon Somin guested in an earlier episode, and subsequently was casted on the show, and fell into Yoo Jae-suk line with Sixth Sense etc.

    If they decided to add a new member, they will most likely cast another mid-tier actress with variety potential within a similar age bracket so they're not out of place and can gel well with the team.

    No one knows what the negotiation terms are for Tzuyu, but I imagine she's already made plenty of bank and she's known to be from a good family background, so maybe more money and work aren't exactly her top priorities, as compared to staying with her members and being under the TWICE brand umbrella.

    I'm sure if she went back to China/Taiwan like most other Chinese idols do, she would be able to build a good acting career tho.

    2nd gen had the most training, whereas starting from 3rd gen onwards, it's become really robot-like, with how every idol has the same prepared "talent".

    2nd gen also has a lot more TV variety appearances, so that allowed them and the hosts to naturally know each other more, and has better chemistry. 3rd and especially 4th gen has a lot more web-variety and YouTube stuff, so when they get out of their comfort zone, it's a bit awkward. It's almost always the same routine, where they promote - do a dance in the intro segment, and then they barely talk throughout the whole episode, and gets a few reaction shots here and there.

    In saying that tho, there are some 3rd and 4th gen idols who's always great and natural in variety shows, has good energy without being overwhelming and can actually talk really well. Somi, Sejeong, Mijoo, Chuu, Yujin, just to name a few.

    Seems like the next one would be back to the Produce/Planet kind of survival show. They tend to rotate the shows in that kind of pattern.. Produce -> Queendom/Kingdom -> SWF, and Produce/Planet usually is a yearly thing for them, so female Produce should be next, some time next year I'm guessing. But they probably will switch things up in the show since GP999 produced arguably the worst results in the franchise so far.

    I mean, yeah she's definitely doing it more on purpose. We all know idols always search themselves up and there's no way she doesn't know what kind of reactions she's getting on social media. Every show she goes on talks about how she's the new Waterbomb Queen and how trendy she is.

    No hate to her tho, she's gotta make a living and this is like a golden opportunity that she's got in her hands. Before this, she really wasn't making much noise in terms of the general fans and only some Kpop fans who know her as ex-Iz*One Kwon Eunbi.

    The only thing I will point out is that, she's gotta break out of this mold at some point, because all trends come and go and people will eventually lose interest in her waterbomb schtick. Unless she finds her place with her own music and sound, or maybe in the variety scene, there's only so much you can do by wearing revealing clothing and showing your skin.

    The ones you named were sure popular and had their moments, but I wouldnt say all of them were It girls. Some were popular variety personalities like Hani but others like Son Naeun whos has her peak moments and wasnt quite there exactly.

    Third gen had girls like that as well. IOI has Sejeong and Jung Chaeyeon who were everywhere, Kim Doyeon goes viral every 2 weeks on social media. April's Naeun was creeping onto that level before her controversy/scandal and Oh My Girl's Arin was almost like that as well.

    But I guess it depends on your definition of It girls because those 2nd gen ones from that list were not all on the same level.