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    Based off your sections, my ranking would be like:


    God Jihyo Beautiful - YES or YES, Feel Special, Likey, Cheer Up, What Is Love?

    Highly Approved - Signal, TT, More & More

    Pretty Standard - Dance The Night Away, Like Ooh-Ahh, Knock Knock

    YG's Dungeon - Fancy

    In The Basement - I Can't Stop Me, Heart Shaker


    God Jihyo Beautiful - BDZ, Fake & True, I Want You Back, Wake Me Up, Fanfare, Better

    Highly Approved - Breakthrough, Candy Pop, Brand New Girl

    Pretty Standard - TT JP Ver, One More Time, Happy Happy

    YG's Dungeon - none

    In The Basement - none

    This!! I do not like the FANCY CGI and I did like More & More's but ICSM's CGI was just bad. The scenes were also so random and not cohesive like the aforementioned MVs which also threw me off. I absolutely dislike that scene where they're in the hexagonal hive type of setting with the flowers changing, it did not look good at all.

    In chronological order,

    The Story Begins: Do It Again

    Page Two: Touchdown/I'm Gonna Be A Star

    Twicecoaster Lane 1: Pit-a-Pat/One in a Million

    Twicecoaster Lane 2: Melting

    SIGNAL: Only You/Hold Me Tight

    Twicetagram: Jaljayo Good Night

    Merry & Happy: Merry & Happy

    What is Love?: Ho!

    Summer Nights: Chillax

    BDZ: L.O.V.E

    YES or YES: Sunset

    The Year of 'Yes': Be as One (Korean ver.)

    Fancy You: HOT

    Feel Special: Trick It/Love Foolish

    &TWICE: The Reason Why

    More & More: Shadow/Sweet Summer Day

    Eyes Wide Open: Hell in Heaven/Up No More/Do What We Like/Go Hard

    i think that if they had come back earlier in the year (if covid never happened they would have) around April or may, then ICSM would've been great to have. But since their comeback was kind of pushed to june, they had to go for a more summery song like m&m.

    but honestly the song is so good - and not to mention attracted a lot of new fans to Twice music - their best performing track on youtube and spotify

    Yeah this is the reason why I believe they went with the route they did, but it still sucks. Both songs did pretty well in YouTube and Spotify though which is great. More & More helped bring more fans in Southeast Asia (it's even TWICE's most liked M/V) while ICSM helped in the West.

    Yes, I didn't really like M&M. Such a weak tt to their longest hiatus. It just killed all the hype people had... ICSM is the superior tt last year.

    I agree. ICSM's initial performance was a huge example of this. It didn't start off well but only started doing better once more people started to listen to it while More & More's initial performance was great due to the hype but barely had any longevity. M&M killed ICSM's hype.

    I personally liked the release of More & More followed by ICSM. I don't know why More & More is labeled as a bad song.

    More & More is not a bad song by any means. It's actually my favorite song of 2020 only recently being surpassed by I Can't Stop Me. It's just, not exciting or showstopping. It would be fine if it had been the middle child in three comebacks like they have done before, but it was their first title track from the longest hiatus they've ever had in their career and so naturally, people really expected a lot from it but it just failed to deliver. It didn't help that half the song had been spoiled, including what should've been a surprising dance break.

    It should've been TWICE's first comeback in 2020.

    I love More & More, but it should not have been their first song in 9 months after Feel Special. Imagine how powerful it would've been for TWICE to comeback with I CAN'T STOP ME, following Feel Special and Mina's return. It also would've been at the height of retro trend which would've made it stand out more than it did being at the end of the concept's oversaturated lifetime. They had the song since January too so I have no idea why JYPE decided to release it in October.