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    I feel the opposite.. before, the acts that dominate the charts mostly came from the Big three. Now, we have OMG and Brave Girl dominating the charts, which was so rare before (non big 3 idols). And they are not one hit wonders too.

    And Koreans have always look down on idol groups, you probably only realised it now lol

    There are other idol group that took Korea by storm this year (hint 2nd gen), not just aespa’s

    I know Korea has always looked down on kpop acts lol. That doesn't mean they don't pay attention to them. Interest in K-pop with the Korean GP has decreased over the years c:

    Also, I would disagree with your first point. There are a lot less groups from smaller companies who are becoming popular. But I can see where you're coming from. Just a few years ago, there were multiple companies who were not Big3 (Big 4 now maybe?) level but were famous enough to be noticed for the groups they put out - this isn't really true anymore. Their groups that debuted 2nd/3rd gen are what is keeping them afloat and their newer groups are not getting the same level of success. There are probably rare exceptions.

    I completely agree! I think it's because the industry is becoming more and more saturated every year which makes the popularity differences between groups even larger. Only just a few years ago, you could have multiple groups doing well, even those from small companies. Now, well known companies have complete domination over the charts and their popularity keeps growing, leaving idols from small companies more and more disadvantaged.

    Imo, an oversaturated market also means less quality music which is why I (personally!) feel like the music has also begun to decline. A lot of these groups sound very similar because they try to fit in with the ongoing trends which can also lead to decrease in interest. However, I understand the music is subjective and not everyone feels this way c:

    I've heard the Korean GP is also losing interest in kpop lately (but I could be wrong!) which is why I think there haven't been any really really popular songs (apart from aespa) this year.

    why are some people comparing the whole of American pop music or even the whole American music industry to only idol music, when Kpop is more than idol music? At least make it equal

    This!! Korean music is more than the idol scene and it's unfair to bring up the entire history of American music without considering the entire Korean music industry too.

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    Thank you for the info though <3

    Hey everyone <3

    I used to be semi-active on the forum before it got revamped.

    I like LOONA, A.C.E and I'm a hoe for soloists. It's nice to meet you all! :lover3:

    It's based on early 20th century chinese military strategies and the sino-japanese war, and is a retelling of rape of Nanking. Very dark and grim but gripping.

    I've read part of it! I read it as a digital library book though so I was never able to finish it in time :c

    I loved what I read though and would defintely continue reading it if I got my hands on it.

    True. But the way he described them was very demasculating. << is that even a word lol.

    That's because of our preconceived notions of masculinity. Society perceives masculinity as physical strength, lack of emotion, and (for some reason) holding quite sexist views. That isn't masculinity - that's toxic masculinity. Femininity comes in all shapes and sizes and so does masculinity. A man acting in a stereotypically feminine way doesn't make him any less masculine.

    What I'm trying to say is masculinity or femininity isn't determined by the way you act or dress, it's more about your self worth and empowering yourself.

    I really have no feelings towards the video you showed or any ill-intent towards you but I just think it's important for everyone to know that your self worth isn't determined by the way you are perceived in society. <3