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    Voldy Moldy is a weak villain. Like dude, you are supposed to be smart and powerful. The most powerful dark wizard can't kill a puny teenage boy who isn't even the best in his class. Also why can't he put two and two together and realise Harry was a horcrux.

    His extreme belief of his superiority was the reason behind his downfall. He couldn't even imagine that a part of himself could go into a toddler. That's why he choose prestigious objects for that. Or he just didn't study hard enough and didn't know that this kind of unexpected situation could happen.

    I don't think it has anything to do with Itzy :whatr:

    About Twice and with all the news we have from JYPE theses days I don't think all the members will renew their contract and that's okay. They deserve and can have so much more at this stage of their career. I'm sure other agencies would be more than happy to offer them better contracts with better management and more oppotunities.

    I don't believe these rumors. It's too soon for them to negotiate their next contract and I'm not sure Lisa would be able to leave before even if she wanted to... so not true.

    Lisa's contract is not the best right now (according to the information we have anyway) and with her fanbase's power she could easily have a much better contract.

    Maybe like Mamamoo ? She could leave the company without leaving the group ? One comeback a year doesn't take a lot of time anyway lol, she'll be able to manage both with a better team.

    I don't know about Jisoo. She's maybe happy with her current contract ? She's getting her big acting debut after all.

    I'm loving this thread ! Thank you OP, it's a nice change from Kpop :dancer:

    I have some (unpopular?) opinions too :

    - Harry's bashing is getting tiring. I like his character (I wouldn' be able to enjoy a book if I don't like the main character) and for all the hardships he had to face (death of his parents in front of him, growing up knowing only loneliness, hate and bullying, joining Hogwarts only to face more teasing and loneliness, having to fight the biggest monster of their generation without having the option to quit.....) I think he deserves more praise. Even if it's just for the fact that he didn't lost his mind after all of this.

    - Ron and Hermione are a weird match as a couple

    - If you ship Draco and Hermione but reject James and Lily, you're an hypocrite because it's the same scenario

    - Luna is amazing but her being Harry's love interest would have been even less believable than Ginny

    - Snape's bullying and lonely childhood may have played a part in the man he became but it can't justify everything (muggle-born hate, the fact he was more than on board with the plan until he learned that it involved Lily and most of all Neville's harsh bullying and Hermione's consistent teasing).

    - I would like to hear more about the OG team (Order of the Phoenix)

    Thanks again for this thread !

    Because Irene is very clever. Also she apologized twice. She knew it would have taken longer if she hadn't apologized immediately. There are still a few anti-comments, but I think the majority have forgiven :thumbup:

    YES ! I don't know why people don't seem to understand that.

    1. It was a long time ago. If she doesn't have them now, it will be hard to find proof of her innocence (apparently JYP don't have them if their attempt didn't work out for them)

    2. The accuser is not a celebrity. She doesn't have a career or a reputation to loose and if the lawsuit didn't scare her, nothing will.

    3. Lia has everything to loose. And the longer it takes, the bigger it gets and the more attention it brings to this scandal (look at Soojin. I know it's not the same accusations but look at the mess she is facing right now. At least Irene, Mingyu, Hyunjin and the others are seeing the end of the tunnel right now. I just hope that Soojin and Cube have found proof to defend their case now, it's really sad :waterr: )

    It may sound cynical and I'm sorry if it does but in her line of work and with the current prejudice she will face anyway, is it really worth it to sue and deny when you don't even have evidence to show to the police when you file a complaint ?

    I followed their pre-debut projects and was excited for their debut. But the song is NOT good for a debut, it's too bland for a debut song. Would they have started with a mini album it probably would have been better (more songs, more appeal).

    Vanilla is a B-side material, not a title track and even less a debut track. That's sad because the members are talented and interesting. I liked the song at first but now it's boring.

    Oh man.... didn't they learn anything from Soojin's case ?

    Unless you have a clear, undeniable proof to disprove these claims, it's not worth it to deny just to protect your pride and "tell the truth" for a school bullying scandal (which happened a long time ago) if you're an Idol :-(

    Unless you want to end your career. And she's a rookie so... not a smart move).

    I hope people will not use this scandal to get in the way of Hyunjin's comeback.

    Sure this was my understanding below.

    He said there are so many views as to what to call kpop that we are not going to worry, we are just BTS call us kpop or exclude us - what can we do.

    I didn't understand that at all when I read his answer. Long story short, he said that he was bored with this type of question, which is understable because he must hear this one a lot !

    That's a valid point.

    Kpop evolved so fast in the last few years that what we consider Kpop today has nothing to do with the definition of the genre 10 years ago. International fans joined tha game, english version and english album became a thing, foreign members are now a lot more regular (almost expected), western mainstream media are talking about Kpop and BTS even had a Grammy nomination !

    For me, Kpop represents so much more than "Korea based" or "only Korean member" or "korean songs". Kpop is a concept, a mix of rap, pop, rnb and electro but most of all what makes Kpop for me is the concept and the creation of the group : the recruitment, the training, the selection, the roles of each member defined in the group even before debut, the line distribution, the comeback system and promotion, the mini-album/single/album rotation, the concept photos, the teasers, the fact that they need a "concept" for each comeback that needs to change or grow each time, the stroytelling, the styling, the standard.

    Kpop is a combination for me. something you don't find elsewhere (yet ?) and it doesn't matter if the members are Korean or foreigner, if the songs are in english or not or if it's Korea based even !

    Until BTS change their way of promoting and they truly break free from this system (if they want to of course), they are Kpop for me. And Kpop is not a bad word you know.

    You literally could not get more respectful and fair. They talking out their ass. Nothing pompous or pretentious about it.

    I would understand if he came across like we are above this but he was actually saying we won't let you rob our peace over this!

    We'll just say we are BTS and that's that. Argue amongst yourselves lol.

    What did you understand about this interview and what's your opinion about Kpop and BTS ?

    Let's talk, rather than dismiss different opinion.

    Apparently saying that is some kind of blasphemy. Because REASONS. ¯\_(ツ)_

    When I read the following answers, some are open to disussion but most are...not.

    I just wanted to share mine because all the reactions before that are positive (oh he speaks sooo well, bts is bts and bts only, and other overevaluation that just surprise me).

    Either the translation was not it or he didn't word his thoughts properly or he is a little pretentious here but when I first read this part of the interview I was like... what ? Did I read it correctly ?

    Just an unpopular opinion I guess lol, it's nothing serious really.