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    You can sit there and blame everything on HYBE or you can see where this woman made a mess out of everything?

    You said the reason for the audit was a complaint about ILLIT plagiarising ok cause MHJ said so.

    HYBE reasons for the audit were listed and there was nothing about ILLIT plagiarism

    So in my opinion, that was her first faux pas. Everything she said regarding ILLIT was made public and it was all HER CHOICE to mention illit, talk about plagiarism and so forth.

    The 2 press conferences and an interview on the news, all of that, was HER choice. She used one to call for reconciliation. But when asked to address the fact that a lot of groups were hurt she said she was human too and an ENTP. It was her chance to apologise for getting them involved and sat there to say nothing.

    Wanna blame hate towards HYBE groups on HYBE go ahead

    But I'm sure the HYBE groups she mentioned aint blaming hybe. :skull:

    Edited to shorten cause Im low-key tired of the discussion already.

    If you want to bring up HYBE mediaplay then LSFM fans, BTS fans and Illit fans have a lot to say about MHJ mediaplay. :skull:and they too have every right to not want anything to do with her. And since the feeling is mutual I say a split will make everyone's fans happy

    Most NewJeans fans (especially the ones not drinking the MHJ Kool aid), their parents and NewJeans have made it clear they don't want to leave Hybe.

    I think it's a disservice to minimize the valid issues they have with Hybe and instead make it out like they blindly support everything she says and does.

    You see that's the thing

    They don't want to leave, why? Idk.

    But if they wanted to keep an amical relationship, then in my opinion the best thing that they could've done was stay out of it. That petition thing was a mess.

    I was hoping they would've, trust me I was rooting for them...cause I ain't got nothing against them girls. I just grew to dislike the lady behind them. I find her manipulative and overall for herself more than anything.

    But whatever, it is what it is.

    It was HYBE stans that called bluff on NJ mistreatment claims saying there was no substance it. Well this is just further vindication 🤷🏼‍♀️

    The audacity of y'all NJs fans

    Now where is yall awareness :skull:

    This is a consequence

    Not the cause

    It's like you are ignoring the current situation

    MHJ already made her claims of mistreatment and to me the only claim that I won't refute is BSH ignoring them cause I'm no fly on the wall

    But as an observer of the kpop scene tell me why in the world would I agree njs was getting shunned by hybe when new jeans was the fastest to get brand deals everrr before Illit came along. Njs had the most playlisting tooo! NJ performed at Lollapalooza,billboard... and so on!

    Things that don't just come like that VERY early in their career.

    Like the others, Njs got to promote as BTS' sister group in Japan! No CEO came out to say no group should be BTS' little anything to that!

    NJs had plenty of tik tok dances with other HYBE groups

    What were MHJ's claims of mistreatment??

    HYBE debuting another girl group too close to their image??

    A 1yr and half hiatus that was GONNA come?

    In addition to BSH not greeting them in the elevator??

    The entire point is

    That woman burned bridges with all of her rants and the group and their fans supported her.

    So I do hope they can all just LEAVE like their fans want them to so that we can all be FREE of this entire situation. Now THAT is what everyone is waiting for, a conclusion.


    cause I didnt write what you just said

    I specifically said BTS gets blamed by kpop fans and mocked when their faves do the same promotion tactics

    and the reason for that is because their faves fall short of bts' success

    falling short does not mean failure

    falling short does not mean that these groups arent successful in their own right

    In fact if you make comparisons these groups could be more successful than others

    my point was simply

    that these groups just do not get the exact same amount of praise and success that bts gets when they do it

    and it makes their fans take out their frustration on bts

    by falsely claiming shit and joining hands to hate on bts

    yet your reply was to say I think bts are gods and untouchable

    now my deliberation is that you are either bitter about what I said or you just need to reread

    cause I aint ever said that

    your comment would hold more weight if I actually said these groups will never be as successful as bts

    but I aint ever said that

    If other artists are afraid of being outshone

    Then they will just move their comeback dates like they used to before.

    And the claims about bts doing payola and sajaegi only came because they showed the most success while all the other K-pop groups lagged behind them so K-pop stans couldn't stomach it.

    Everything BTS does they can't stomach and here are a few examples...

    + Western media called four versions chart manipulation :

    BTS cut down to two versions

    The rest of K-pop was already producing much more album versions than them and they just continued producing more and more versions than them. But K-pop stans were so bitter they would call bts' 4 versions chart manipulation too to shame them.

    + K-pop stans claimed BTS songs are only successful because they are licking the West's behind by singing in English :

    K-pop acts produced English songs and they still fell short of BTS' success

    Everything from BTS' success on the charts show that they had ALREADY gained a massive following from their Korean songs

    + K-pop stans claimed that BTS songs on Spotify are only popular because they release different versions of the songs. Tbh western artists were already doing that shit, BTS just played their game.

    K-pop acts started releasing remixes and they still fell short.


    Stop blaming BTS for your faves falling short.

    Your faves do the same damn thing.

    "Waiting for years"

    tu exagères ma puce

    Only a few months

    What I want to know is how an idol that CAN sing get told they're untalented and can't sing over a few bad performances??

    My behaviour is just reminiscent of that K-pop stan phenomenon

    And your defensive comments just

    Proves that it is unfair don't it?

    Nah this is just amusing to me

    I ain't even listened to the encore nor have I listened to anything those dudes have put out.

    I don't even have any malicious feelings towards them lmao

    One of my fave past times is just pointing out inconsistencies and kpop stan hypocrisy is all

    At least they fix it and prove it was a glitch in the very next day.i guess SM couldn't find flute and forced them to get overtime training instead :pepepizza: .

    using glitch as an excuse when your faves just cant sing, tsk tsk tsk

    everybody knows that "overtime training" in SM are layman terms for "lip syncing practice"

    Their trainers just gave them a manual on how to look convincing

    oh yeah and of course, how could I forget?

    they untalented too

    Well I've been here forever too and BTS never had it easy

    I could list the unhinged threads i've seen about BTS and especially ARMY

    that I've never seen about any other group or fandom

    that needed to be deleted

    Plus it aint too long ago people were on here trying to convince us that BTS is in a cult or did sajaegi

    I wanna emphasize with you lot but I done seen too many crazy shit in my ARMY lifetime

    that flop threads seem the better of the bunch

    all I can say is continue to defend yo faves, sorry that happened