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    This is youtube music. They filtered out ad. It is not the same as the MV. HYLT had signicant more view on MV even though Next level use ad for a few days for the first week. Also, Next level now is still average 6 mil compare to 2 mil on the latest 9 week. Don't tell me they still use ad now.

    Yes they did use ads only for few days thats why they they couldn't even surpass 50m views on youtube chart even after 1 months lol

    surprisingly Next level is doing significantly better on YouTube music in the same time frame. The data I just check give me 61 mil from Next Level stream vs 38 mil stream from HYLT. So Next level just pass 60 mil stream on Melon. I guess if gaon add youtube music, there is no doubt Next Level is a bigger song right now instead of waiting for 6 more week of data.

    Also, It is interesting how Next Level doing so much better on YouTube music compare to HYLT? Anyone?

    According to youtube chart which is officially provided by youtube itself... Next level uses almost 60% ads and hylt 0.

    Other than few instagram post we didn't get anything from her.. at least other girl group communicate with their fans and participate on mid year festival.

    Ngll,, the bitterness i can taste.

    It’s always been irrelevant these days. Even daesangs 🤷‍♂️

    Imma be real here. These ppl probably also shit on those “charity daesangs”, and yall come here to say these //trophies// are /relevant/ huh?

    Charity daesang may be apply for some SM artist where they won from some Irrelevant award... But most of major awards has always been fair for last three years in terms of daesang.

    Beside jisoo all three girls have their own youtube channel... Jennie thing was 3 years ago and rosie appear as a guest. About collab can u link me where it says they are collabing since u know everything about Blackpink.

    They don’t care about Lisa and are indifferent to Jisoo, because most Blinks are OT2/3.

    Proof? They tried to boycott Ice Cream because Lisa has the most lines, said she shouldn’t have a dance break, moaned when she got a YouTube channel' and whined about the DJ snake collab even though she doesn’t even have a solo yet.

    On the flip side, they all said people should support it when Jennie was rumoured to work with GaGa alone, and have been calling for her to get a full solo album. Now they are are celebrating the rumour that Chaennie, the two members who already have solo debuts, will also have a collab with a big female artist. Even if it isn’t true, they want it to be.

    Look I'm not going to dismiss the hate lisa got on IC era....but what about hate jennie got during solo era?? Why u always act like jennie got everything so easily...if u think lisa is mistreated by yg then complain as much as u want but atleast don't bring other girls.

    Anyone who simply asks for better treatment for Lisa is labelled an akgae. Meanwhile, fans who openly hate and mock Lisa (and sometimes Jisoo) and say they only want music from Chaennie are called OT4.

    It’s depressing. But with the way YG operates, is it a surprise the fandom is such a mess.

    U can ask for better treatment to lisa without shading jennie.. What can i expect from someone who is an akgae itself.

    who knows... she hasn't been able to for a whole year now... she didn't even go to China for YWY3, now she is not going to Paris for Andam awards... as if pandemic only applies to Lisa or we are supposed to believe she has been working on her solo for 1.5 years without even having time to meet her family...

    Her brands complain about the restrictions placed and this is only with Lisa...

    Did any member travel beside LA ?? May be its bcoz of quarantine. In reddit people were taking about no restrictions or quarantine in LA if u got vaccinated.

    Jennie has always been YG’s favourite, yet her solo stans dare to say Lisa is. Lisa is the most popular female idol of this gen and yet YG is planning more music and to focus on Chaennie. I love Jennie and Rosé, but this is just pathetic and unfair. The timing is especially suspect, as Lisa’s solo is supposed to be coming.

    Why the hell would Lisa and Jisoo want to say when they are afterthoughts? Lisa in particular could be the next big thing, but YG is trying to stifle her. I wonder if that is why Lisoo are even closer these days. They can bond over being the forgotten members!

    If jennie was yg fav then we would have gotten more than solo.... yg confirm only bcoz they don't want to create the same mess jennie covid situation did and about loving jennie then u should be the last person to talk about it... U used to create thread to shade jennie lol

    Actually, Aespa's NL daily youtube views have been higher than ITZY's MITM for a while now, and NL's views/day were as high and higher than MITM, when both were out a month.

    As for Spotify, Aespa's the fastest K-pop group to reach 3M monthly listeners, and their monthly listeners increased 1.5M+ with NL.

    If Aespa and NL are doing bad, every other 4th gen group and song has been doing abominable internationally :wellr:

    Itzy were still pulling over 900k after 1 month of release... Which is higher than views aespa is pulling rt now and its unfair to compare itzy with aespa when their ads views is way less than aespa.