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    You're more than welcome to your opinion. I just fully disagree with it. From what I can see Sana is easily the most extroverted member of Twice.

    Nothing wrong with seeing different personality traits in people.

    Exactly. You see different traits and interpret them as such. Fully ok. But the tests is honestly, not for real which is why noone should take those results seriously when we have watched twice for nearly a decade already. Which is what i contend with.…personality-test-bullshit

    Maybe your experience is different, but I've never found the amount of friends someone has to be directly tied to their introversion vs extroversion. I don't see the correlation there.

    I believe she's more of an ambivert (a lot of people are). She shows quite a few introverted tendencies, but also has some extroverted ones too.

    The only Twice member that I think is heavily extroverted is Sana.

    Disagree that sana is more extroverted then nayeon. In any of their interactions weather on ttt or vlive, nayeon is the dominant mood maker imo. Sana 'puts on' more noticably then nayeon does imo.

    Okay not related to Nayeon, but you are talking as if introvert can’t function in social events or being confident or even a leader or maybe even being a parents.

    Introvert can put their energy on things that they find interesting or love to do.

    Yes I understand this nuance. I would understand if dahyun and jeongyeon or even sana are labelled introverts. But not nayeon imo. So yes I get it, just not as it applies to nayeon specifically.

    Introverted people can still make friends. Ultimately though, whether they're an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert doesn't matter. We love their personalities just like they are!

    I disagree that nayeon would be more introverted then sana at meeting new people honestly. Hell nayeon mentions learning english because its the best way to meet onces in that namosa vlive. It was momo and sana that mention they wouldnt even want to learn english. Nayeons also known as nations best friend. A Swedish dance group that covered twice with twice in attendance mentions that nayeon despite her bad english did the most to talk to them and hug them and make the most effort to communicate to them.

    Who do you think?

    I can understand where your coming from with dahyun.

    Ok you said nayeon is assertive/brave. Totally agree. There’s a segment where members voted her likely to confront jyp. That I can totally believe and would mean she’s extrovert.

    You also said when nayeon is silent she becomes unpredictable? Idk if it’s right word. Here’s what I think. Part of the reason why I think nayeon is extroverted is because her facial expressions totally reflect what she’s feeling. That’s what makes her special imo. There are few girls like that where what they think is completely reflected on their face, like their thinking out loud. This to me means that it’s harder for these type of girls to tell a lie because you can read their face. These girls don’t have a poker face. That’s what nayeon is like. So I don’t totally agree that nayeon has an unpredictable personality.

    As far as what tzuyu said, I don’t think it means much. Tzuyu is likely just teasing nayeon, I don’t think tzuyu meant it as some assessment on nayeons personality. It’s likely that nayeon had her expressionable thinking face on and tzuyu prodded her. The fact that tzuyu doesn’t feel awkward or mean asking “what she’s thinking?” just shows nayeon isn’t sensitive(trait of an extrovert) and how close both are as friends.

    The best explanation I've heard about Introvert vs Extrovert is that it's about how they get their energy. Extroverts need social interaction in order to gain their energy. Introverts need alone time and space away from everything to gain their energy. So an Introvert can seem very outgoing, but it's the fact that their spending energy to do that, instead of gaining energy from that.

    Also, the questions that those tests ask can skew the results anyway. Nayeon got 60% Introverted on her MBTI test, so really that test shows she's somewhere in the middle anyway (as most people are).

    Nayeon and twice are in front of cameras everyday. So if nayeon had a tough day at work (as an idol) and wanted to be alone in her room once she gets home, (to gain energy apparently) who can blame her. Pretty sure that goes for everyone including twice. We would all have an introvert in us.

    Side note: Sana tested as extrovert but members say that she’s the one who would hate having a hidden camera on her. I’m not saying sana isn’t an extrovert. Just making a point about the test.

    I think nayeon took the test too serious so she gave serious responses.

    I think it is because she is the oldest in Twice and used to be one of the experienced trainee among members.

    So, she tends to be like that with TWICE in which she is comfortable and confident.

    But i think she will be more introverted when meeting new people as not like Sana.


    Nayeon makes friends outside twice though. I think nayeon meets new people just fine. Interesting quote from jeongyeon though. Mustve been pre debut or something.

    Actually, I sort of disagree...introverts are more people that need time alone to recharge. They can still be very social. And the fact that we don't really know Nayeon behind the camera can play a lot into that.

    I think nayeon has shown plenty of times on camera when she’s feeling grumpy. More so then others imo. Members also say nayeon is usually her happy energetic self off camera. We don’t know her ‘real’ self but we can make educated guesses and she’s been on camera for how long, it’s impossible to fake a whole personality like that even in those candid reality shows twice does. She’s likely a deep thinker, that’s the introvert in her.

    I pretty sure won young ever lived in Taiwan. Her grand parents (father's side) are from mainland China, and moved early on to Korea (before the korean war). Her father was actually born in Korea, but is ethnically Chinese. Neither her father nor grand parents ever lived in Taiwan.

    What about wonyoung? Does she speak mandarin?

    I just found out that nayeon tested as an introvert or whatever those initials meant. There is absolutely no way nayeon is an introvert. I think what the test meant was that nayeon valued her alone time and was reflective. But by no means does that mean nayeon is like a loner who can’t make friends. Quite the opposite really, nayeon thrives with attention on and off stage. Now dahyun in a way I can see being introvert. But nayeon does not switch on and off her idol personality and even if she does, it’s with little distinction/difference. Her personality is natural. I’ve been on reddit and even they said nayeon comes off more real. Hell twice members said once I recall that nayeon would turn on vlive just because she was feeling particularly happy, I’m paraphrasing. Nayeon is a dominant mood maker.