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    what are you all talking about?

    She obviously didn't have the same general popularity as she was in the IOI days, but she's far more popular than a lot of idols from well-known groups.

    Their first 2 singles were not hits and were still more successful than many of the group releases. She doesn't have much of a difference in numbers, her songs made the Billboard digital sales chart, her music videos don't lose out on other soloists.

    Even all this time she was on hiatus releasing 1 song every year she was still getting those cfs and variety shows. She is an ambassador for LV.

    Her latest single DUMB DUMB was a real hit even in Korea she charted very well, it went viral in Korea and she became a hot topic on online forums.

    I am happy that her label is taking advantage of all the expectations to release an album, and I really believe that she will sell +50 considering that Yuri sold +70 and she has izone behind.

    The real haters wish their favorites had so is half the relevance of somi, let the girl she is only growing growing and growing.

    Although I know that the companies have not given anything official, that that bighit representative has followed Sakura and Chaewon is enough for me.

    I'm so happy for Sakura and I'm sure she's going to be able to get everything that Iz * One couldn't. I really hope they include minju or hyewon in this because Sakura and minjun really showed that they have a pretty close friendship, same with hyewon. My only regret is that chaeyeon will surely not be included, but they should try to get her.

    Just imagine: Sakura + Minju / hyewon + chaewon + Yuri / Yena + Chaeyeon. A perfect 8-9 member group with 4 ex-Iz * One members and 4-5 new ones. They would be unstoppable.

    Status: So happy for Sakura. Watch my girl get all those magazine covers, endorsements, and shows because she's going to have a Korean company championing her.


    First, I don't remember the members straight up saying they disliked Hyunjoo. It seems based on their accounts that she gave them a hard time, granted, but in and of itself it doesn't mean they disliked her. And even if it did, it doesn't mean they hated her and bullied her.

    Second, even if they did dislike her, well sometimes people have a good reason to dislike someone. A healthy and good relationship is a two way street; failures and shortcomings don't always fall on one side only.

    The videos don't mean anything, it's cherry picking fallacy at its finest.

    The suicide record, is it really a suicide record? Or only a hospital admission receipt? If I'm not mistaken, she went to the hospital by her own means; no one found her unconscious or anything. That's why the members didn't know about it.

    Yena's sister tried to defend her saying that hyunjoo was lazy and that she skipped rehearsals asking as an example once her "poor sister and her group" had to practice all night because according to her, hyunjoo hadn't wanted to participate.

    Hyunjoo's brother then took out a record of the hospital where she was admitted that same day and therefore she could not participate.

    So yena's sister tried to make hyunjoo look bad and it didn't work out. Now the real question here is who lied?

    Yena's sister couldn't be there so the only option would be for Yena to have told her:

    1. Yena tells her sister, her sister got angry about the whole hyunjoo problem and lied to make hyunjoo look bad.

    2. Yena told her sister and also lied to her sister to make hyunjoo look bad.

    3. Yena told her sister maybe the same day and she still didn't know that hyunjoo was in the hospital, then she found out that hyunjoo was in the hospital and didn't correct what she said to her sister.

    In any case everything looks bad ...

    Whether right or wrong, it's the kind of irrefutable argument that doesn't prove anything. If they don't think they've done anything wrong, it could as well be because they haven't done anything wrong. So we're back to square one.

    That is the problem that they are never going to consider themselves aggressors and other people always seek to minimize them because they are not the ones who suffer it.

    They were young girls and of course they did not get along and made mistakes and that but hyunjoo was young too, put yourself in her place.

    The shoes, the glass and who knows what else if I'm in a place and coincidentally all the "accidents" or "unintentionally" things that other people do will happen to you. You would think the same.

    There are many strange things in everything they say:

    1. "All the members were scared of Hyunjoo", This is ridiculous, they have spent all their time defending that they had a "good relationship" with hyunjoo and now they say that she was afraid of hyunjoo? Has no sense.

    2. Following the same line, they went from hardly seeing hyunjoo to saying hyunjoo was yelling at us and had a bad mood.

    3. If they are predebut photos, where is that member who is now in kard?

    4. They said they never knew about hyunjoo's suicide attempt: "We have never seen nor heard about Hyunjoo’s suicide attempt. As we didn’t know, we couldn’t have apologized either"

    Hyunjoo's brother said that after hyunjoo's suicide attempt the mom went to the company and met the April members and that they are laughing or something and DPS answered this: "The April members realized it was a serious situation and greeted her silently because they didn’t know what to say"

    The members say that they did not know about hyunjoo's suicide attempt and that what the brother says could never have happened and that they would have even come to visit her. But the same company declares that they did know and that they even knew their mother.

    So who is lying? Because it seems like everything DPD or April's members say is on hyunjoo's side. Hyunjoo's side has always given the same story and shown dates to defend himself. April has not shown anything.

    literally they have changed their story so much and they have already gone from "hyunjoo was weak" to "hyunjoo was the one who bullied".

    It doesn't make sense, I'll wait for the other party to laugh more. Hopefully they give more real proof that it was all a misunderstanding.

    I understand your point so I'm going to give you some:

    "did not grow in sales": They released singles and sold + 200k of each and their album is the compilation of their singles plus two or three new songs I'm not really sure about that.

    They literally did very well for a rookie group. Now, it is not fair that you compare them with groups like TXT and ATEEZ that are older and have more albums, obviously you are going to see growth in them.

    You also can't compare them to enhypen which is a group with a lot of exposure for a show and everyone knows that such high performing groups of shows quickly become popular. Treasure had something similar at the time but debuted years later which made them lose popularity and recognizing that they could have had with the public and possible fans.

    I have nothing to say about the charts because you are right, surprisingly they have not done well on the Korean charts but in Japan and foreign charts they are strong.

    They seem quite popular in Japan which is a great opportunity, they seem to have more foreign fans than Koreans but they have a very good fandom.

    They are a new group from a great company they will do well, they just need the right song. This same Ikon also experienced and then exploded in popularity.

    This is interesting to read because I just wrote an article about my doubts about why Sakura is left aside in Iz * One and although I am not an expert in the matter I will try to give you my opinion.

    First I want to tell you that hate is not okay for any reason but Wonyoung has been getting all that hate because she is young and pretty and successful and those people are jealous of it.

    Sakura is the most popular member since PD48 so when she didn't win # 1 it was a very weird thing to do, it was still obvious that the producers of the show weren't going to allow a Japanese center, But that not everyone understood and criticism of Wonyoung began to rain down from Sakura, But not only Sakura but also other members and people who are not even fans of Sakura really.

    Although it is obvious that the fault of the distribution of lines, screen time and center is not the fault of the members but of the producers, It is also true that people will direct their complaints against the person who is obtaining the benefit.

    But that happens in all groups, Nayeon from twice and Mia from everglow are good examples.

    Is it because she is Japanese? That's the only reason I can think of.

    I mean, she stayed in first place and debuted in second with no votes from Japan so she must have a great overall fandom.

    It's the first time I've seen the most popular member get pushed aside like that and I'm not talking about lines and stuff because in the end they are a group.

    I only remember seeing Sakura on a solo Korean show and that was a long time ago.

    Does she have a solo magazine? Why doesn't she have a collaboration stage? Why was she thrown sideways in the last group photos?

    Don't magazines want to work with her? Is it because she doesn't have a Korean company to push her? And in that case then, was there favoritism for the members with Korean companies?

    Other members like Wonyoung, yena, minju, and yujin have all those solo activities, magazine covers, and show views without Iz * One as a group. I could understand when the member is not that popular (although it seems unfair to me the same) but why does that happen with the most popular member?

    Maybe it is something useless to talk about because maybe they are going to separate but it is something that I still cannot understand ... Maybe I am just exaggerating but I will always see it strange ...

    I also hope that now that Iz * One is over she can start getting everything that she couldn't get :love:

    Anyway yena her own sister made her look bad so I don't believe whatever she says.

    Yena's sister said that hyunjoo skipped two schedules and that her poor sister and the other members practiced until morning, but of course she skipped the part where hyunjoo was in the hospital.

    Yena's sister was probably not there when that happened so only Yena was able to tell her sister what happened and I imagine she only told her what will benefit her.

    I would say that if the members released their solos now it would be something like this:

    Jennie and Lisa: around 250k and 300k

    Rose and jisoo: around 150k and 200k

    Sure personally I think they could all break the 250k but I'm taking into account that jennie and lisa are the most popular members in Japan and lisa in china and jennie in korea.

    Korea, Japan and China the countries where fans buy the most physical copies.

    Yes, why not? they debuted under YG for something

    They are all good singers, stable and unafraid to sing live, which already surpasses more than half of other idols.

    Lisa and Rose are top dancers, jennie is a good dancer and jisoo is not that good but she is decent and in a group it is normal for 1 or 2 members to have a deficiency somewhere.

    Jennie and Lisa are good rappers, too.

    Yes, in general they are a talented group, what one lacks is complemented by the other and since there are only 4 and they all have strengths, we can call it one of the most talented kpop girl groups.

    Then there is this statement of this Idol or why he is, supporting April, I don't know why he did it if it was from the heart or the company I ask him for the favor but what he says also has many holes.

    He wanted to make hyunjoo look like she was lazy, if that was true she would have had problems in The uni.t and with the other members and that is not the case. So I don't know she wanted to achieve him.