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    Disgusting trolls flocking together to hate on a girl simply because she has been getting a lot of love lately and they can't stand it. You all make me sick. Jennie has always been the number 1 target for online hate speech. I don't even think anyone got as much hate as she did at one point.

    Imagine hating someone you don't even know and have never met just because you are jealous af of their success.

    Unfortunately for all of you, you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about Jennie so if I were you I'd better find a way to cope with all the love she'll be getting, especially now with the rise of her youtube channel <3

    Well I’m not that person whose trolling but just wanted to ask a question from her fans. I can see she love Chanel and I could see her getting the campaign hopefully in the future. You need to stop projecting on things that’s clearly not there. Thank you.

    You are literally shading her while being low key and you liking such disgusting posts by trolls who despise her doesn't make you any better. Miss me with the fake concern. I don't even understand what the girl did to y'all to hate her this much.

    The trolls be flocking together I see how it is.

    And why would you care when you think she is mediocre and a Walmart Krystal.

    You making this thread as if it's genuine concern/ interest when you are being passive-aggressive trying to bring her down and engaging with other trolls who absolutely are obsessed with her and hate her.

    Pathetic I'd say, especially all trolls lately appearing all together in all Jennie threads.



    yeah i think it's her new house because the bed looks slightly different, she probs used to live at her mom's house then she moved here

    She moved together with her mom, the new house is too big for her to stay there alone. Her mom is also everything to her so I don't see her living on her own for now.

    So thats Jennie own apartment?

    No, it's her mom's house. Jennie is an only child and has lived away from home when she was young so I don't see her living alone until she maybe gets in a serious relationship someday. She is also very close to her mom and the house is way too big for her alone. Her mom/parents are rich so they can afford to live there with their own personal money.

    It's crazy how people can find all of these things. I hope they respect her privacy and don't go on to stalking her house or something.

    But yes Jennie has always been well off, her mom used to drop her off during her trainee days in a Porsche

    💍 on Twitter:

    Is BLACKPINKs Jennie from a rich household? | allkpop Forums

    Pin on Jennie Kim ❦

    I think these girls are way closer than what some may think, they just don't post every single thing they do together on social media. I remember yesterday some being upset that Lisa just reposted Jennie's birthday poster and didn't add a caption... when she was together with her celebrating with all the members

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    Or when Jennie went to support Lisa when she was shooting and no one knew until Jennie posted a pic

    jenlisa feed on Twitter:

    Copy the url to the post should work.


    It’s okay don’t worry about it ^ ^

    You just have to copy the direct link from the tweet you want, and then simply paste it and click enter to give it space an air should show up. If it doesn’t it’s likely because of the link, so double check that to be sure.

    Oh that easy? I was trying different methods, shortening the links and all lol, thank u sm^^

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels the difference. I think most people didn't want to start fresh or they are just lurking now.

    The previous forum was easier to use, imo. I feel like because you could only like a post, it made it more engaging because people had to quote you if they disagreed etc. But, now you can just click the clown emoji and move on. That's good for trolls but it makes the whole thread feel way too quiet.

    I hope users are just getting used to everything because I liked how chaotic old akp was. This feels too organised lol.

    Totally agreed!!! Can the admins do something about this? I don't know if it's possible, but it would be so much better to get rid of all those react emojis and just add a like button

    This new design doesn't look all that bad. It just takes time to get used to. I really appreciate it now. I like the "light mode" look. It's simple and clean. I wish there was a better "dark mode" design, but this will do for now.

    Yesterday I thought the design was horrible but that was before I saw the newly added versions, some are very practical and pleasing to the eyes!

    Who cares? Lisa likes to take photos so that is what she chose to do for blinks. There was only a limited number too so it wasn’t about money. It was something she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday. You only have a problem when Jennie does something. If Lisa wants to post on her YouTube channel for her birthday this year she can. It is her choice. Jisoo and Rosé can do as they choose too.

    logic doesn't work with lisa akgaes, I'd ignore this user from now on

    Something tells me lisa just doesn't feel like posting on social media a lot, it's the same on instagram she barely posts and when she does it's usually sponsored

    Exactly if you compare her ig to her members, lately hers is more of a professional business setting, whereas other members post daily and personal stuff as well. Not that it's a bad thing, Lisa can use her ig however she wants and so can the other members.

    Hell nah you again? Last year Jennie posted a blooper video on bp channel and Lisa stans attacked her for it saying it's unfair since bp ad over 40m subscribers and now that she made her own channel just like Lisa you are mad?

    Lisa literally is the least active on social media by her very own choice. Jennie and Jisoo post just fine on ig with personal posts as well but when you look at Lisa's she barely does and most of her posts are #ad. Let me add the fact that Lisa's dancing videos get sponsored by yge and are professionally filmed.

    And last year when some said yg decides who gets a channel, Lisa stans said it's the members' own choice and now y'all switching?

    You guys just hate Jennie for breathing.