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    It's been a little over a year, let's not exaggerate.

    Can we really point out a reason? From Wendy's complex injury -- a type which can often take years to fully heal to scandals to rumors of no contract renewals.

    There's a lot of reasons why they could not be making a comeback right now. As far as I know, SM confirmed in November that they are planning a comeback for RV, which means it's in the cards. After 5+ years of activity as a group, it's only natural to take time to focus on other things.

    If we look at precedent, that tends to transform artists and stimulates their creativity in ways that can't be done while they're spending every waking moment making, promoting or performing their craft. Let's wait and see. ;)

    come again? album sales irrelevant?


    Yes, completely irrelevant for means of comparison. Buying albums used to be the sole way of listening to non-live music, which is why artists from the 60's-90's have significantly higher album sales than today's artists.

    In that same light, streaming platforms were scarcely available back in the 90's/2000's but are widespread now, making the inevitably reduced album sales a crappy means for comparison.

    and to the people saying yes, um have y’all seen BB’s album

    This is like comparing BTS's streaming numbers to those of the Backstreet Boys. Both are metrics which provide little to no insight into an artist's popularity in their time of relevance.

    Album sales are an irrelevant metric today in the same way streaming (especially internationally) was more or less irrelevant in the BB's time.

    It really depends what you look at. Globally they undoubtedly surpass them on numbers, then again it's not an equal comparison -- music is more accessible now than it was in the past. In the US I'd say the Backstreet Boys were/are more of a relevant name, you'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't know them whereas the same can't be said for BTS.

    BTS's popularity isn't concentrated in a specific region like most popular artists, which is why it's so difficult to draw comparisons. Personally I think they do and surpass every artist in history on raw, global numbers. That being said, the music industry hasn't adapted to globalization too well, every award is partially based off local statistics and none factor in all platforms.

    BTS are quite literally ahead of their time. I'm sure that 10-20 years from now, artists like them who thrive off a global, loosely concentrated fanbase would find more success. Yes, I personally think BTS surpass the Backstreet Boys in relevance. On the other hand, a fair comparison is impossible to draw due to the different time periods and levels of accessibility. I also don't believe it'll ever be reflected in awards since those haven't caught up with the globalized industry.

    And the sad thing about this is that many of these groups not only are the music TERRIBLE, but so are the performances.. the severe lack of talent and contrived and obvious assigned over the top personalities to appeal to the tween/teen stans! Ew

    I wouldn't phrase it in such an extreme way but I agree. There are many groups / artists within K-Pop who's music is of a low complexity and quality, something an average teenager could produce in their bedroom with some effort. It's unfortunate that there's enough K-Pop fans who gobble that up -- in large part due to the lack of importance they place on music / performance.

    On the other hand, there are some amazing artists in K-Pop which would be difficult to spot elsewhere. Although there's negatives to it all, the amount of factors involved in this business allows for more of a person's talents to shine through.

    Not at all, what defines K-Pop for me and what makes it exciting is the combination of several forms of entertainment into one product.

    Unfortunately, it's evident that individual factors (notably music, performances) are lacking in some artists when compared to those that focus purely on music, performing, etc... There's not many groups with the full package but when the whole thing is presented it's amazing and surpasses any other type of audio-visual entertainment in my opinion.

    I actually quite like the new layout and I'm sure the rework of the forum allows them to implement changes more comfortably.

    There's some aspects which I preferred on the old forum but I'm sure they'll push through some changes. I'll wait and see how things turn out for a few weeks before I make a judgement.

    I strongly agree with your points.

    The current trend of hip hop beats extends even into much of today's pop music because it allows for variations, switch ups and distinct beats without getting stale. Good examples off the top of my mind would be Post Malone, Juice WRLD and Lil Nas X.

    K-Pop instrumentals, as well layered and mixed as they can be, are out of touch with international audiences due to their low volume.

    I'm not talking about EDM (or as some K-Pop fans like to call it, 'noise') music, but that instrumentals in general need to be louder relative to vocals. It's obvious that companies are trying to appeal to international fans yet the chart-topping songs in most parts of Europe/North America/South America have distinct, loud tracks which overshadow the vocals at times.

    This has been the trend for a better part of a decade now. I'm frustrated that K-Pop tracks often hide their amazing productions behind vocals for no good reason. Just a few examples of K-Pop songs which did a better job at this (and were subsequently popular among international fans) are Black Swan, Dynamite, Back Door, Feel Good, BOSS, Bang Bang Bang, HYLT, Kill This Love, 4D, etc...

    I suppose it's a trait of pop music to have the melody predominantly narrated by vocals but that's quickly fading from relevance even in Pop music. Although some companies / artists are adapting, it's a rather slow process and I feel that it hampers K-Pop's ability to achieve mainstream relevance internationally.