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    Also, one last thing

    GoldenNini superyeah and keaji , i would like to thank you three especially. I had some really nice and thought-provoking conversations with you guys that really helped feel more comfortable and happy with who I was. I enjoyed being able to talk freely about my interests and there a quite a few things you guys post or suggested to me that I'm planning on applying to myself and to real life. Very thankful to have been able to meet you guys. Have a great life <3

    bruh life is unfair

    So... I talked with my parents about AKP and they said that I'll have wait for a few more months before I can be here :') So unfortunately I won't be joining you guys again soon.

    This makes me sad. I always feel like I leave others in the exact moment when I'm starting to get a closer with them, instead of just being a random awkward girl lol. People always forget about me while I'm gone both IRL and online. Big oof.

    GoldenNini  ClementineRuby  superyeah  zuzuhhaa Rainbowpop2 I'll miss you guys :shyy: Stay safe ♡

    keaji just know that I've been keeping up with TBZ and learning their names so hopefully we'll be able to talk about them when I'm back!

    PATHCODEXO i'll miss our EAH convos

    jdpm12021991 good luck with your channel :pepe-cowboy:

    PeachPig thank you for the nice comment on my wall! :pepelove1:

    Bye bye for now ~

    i'm leaving AKP for a while guys. i'll be back in a few weeks.

    you see, my mum and i still need to establish certain rules and limits that she wants me to have on this forum, so i can't enter AKP until we've concluded on what those rules will be :shyy: she's doing it for my safety so i completely understand... after that, i'll be busy with school and homework, so i may be less active as well.

    stay safe my dudes :pepelove1:

    lol busy multi-fans have my respect

    i'm off to bed now by the way! it's very late here lol. have a nice day/night. it was nice talking to you :pepelove1:

    glad i'm not the only one who noticed that Nature has been gone for a while. Girls was so amazing. the fact that their company didn't inmedietly capitalize off of it's moderete success probably means that they were and possibly still are struggling financially :(

    thanks! i'll listen to it in a bit.

    i really love Dreamcatcher and Sunmi. Red Velvet are amazing as well, and i've been getting into Stray Kids in these past weeks. seem likes The Boyz are the latest contenders for my list :froghype:

    i casually listen to quite a lot of groups, since i'm pretty open to everything, but only keep up with these few. :pepepizza:

    Just want to add that everyone has their own struggles, people that you might be comparing yourself with, have their own struggles too, a lot of them are struggling with their looks too, comparing themselves to other models/influencers etc. And this is the was for them to find their confidence.

    If your interests switch and you're not that interested in people's appearance anymore, your perspective definitely changes. You'll be able to see things in their true beauty all the time. Sometimes just something basic, but you'll find it amazing.

    For example, like a moment in nature, admiring facades of old buildings, seeing how beautiful sky is, etc.

    thank you so much for these posts Keaji. i know that comparing myself to others won't bring me any happiness, and i've been trying to deviate from it. i have been compromising not only my happiness, but the media and hobbies that i used to be dedicated to that brought me joy and satisfaction.

    i've been start to stay in touch with my hobbies and passions once again, and straying from things that limit my productivity, including social media. i try to only talk on forums like these where i can communicate with people who make me comfortable, and who even motivate and help me sometimes.

    for example, this post that i'm quoting, which you hace written very nicely. i appreciate this and all the advice you've given me upto this point. recieving a bit of guidance from someone who's more grown-up is always nice. thank you <3

    GoldenNini AURORA is one of my favorite singers lately and I think you may like this song from her ^__^

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    interesting.. it probably helped that Hyunjae was the member that appeared first in the Thrill Ride MV. had Juyeon been right at the beginning, i probably would've noticed him first.

    i knew they existed but i'd never heard their music or seen the members.


    Ohhh nice! Practicing drawing sounds fun! What did you practice drawing if you’re okay with saying? Cookies sounds so good right now! < 3 I can’t blame your for wanting to eat one to be honest ^^

    I’m glad you getting back in touch with your art. Art is a beauty within itself, so proud you are starting it up again < 3

    The album is “Norman F*cking Rockwell” by Lana Del Ray! It’s honestly such a masterpiece. I not only love her voice, but the pure artistry behind every track is breathtaking. It almost makes me feel like I’m experiencing a type of deja vu of a situation I’ve never actually experienced. It’s an amazing album and I absolutely love it < 3

    I'm currently honing my technique by practicing "perspective", which is one of the two fundaments of drawing. It is fun (even though it frustrates me sometimes lol)!

    I've been compromising my art for other things to be honest. I've been very worried about my looks lately and I noticed that I spent a lot of time consuming media just to compare myself to other people. Apart from that, I've honestly also been too lazy to practice. Getting back in touch with it this weeks was nice.

    Sorry for the rant; I guess I just need to get this off my chest.

    Lana del Rey is very very nice. I love Doin' Time and Born To Die so much. My mom is a very big fan of hers.

    It’s been a pretty good day to be quite honest. I’ve been pretty productive! Cleaned my room, and listened to an album that I think might be my favorite rn! How has your day been? <3

    nice to know. i've also been quite productive. i practiced drawing, and made cookies with my mom and sister, and am currently holding myself back from eating one right now. ;(

    lately i have been a bit out of touch with my art, so it was good to practice once again today.

    what album did you listen to?