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    This are the consequences of witch-hunts and the media being obsessed over the next big controversy.

    These are still human beings with feelings, regardless if you think they deserve criticism or not. Let us all just be a little nicer and understanding.

    RIP :(

    Some people keep mentioning the difference between merely consuming a product and actively promoting it for financial gain. While this distinction holds, how can we be certain that these idols are receiving payment?

    The recent scrutiny of idols' associations with boycotted brands seems to be influenced by the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon (Frequency Illusion). As certain brands face boycotts, people become hyper-focused on celebrity endorsements, assuming a connection between idols and these brands attempting reputation salvage.

    Take Kim Kardashian, for instance. Recent claims of Starbucks desperation arose when she was spotted with a Starbucks drink. Yet, a quick search reveals she has been spotted with Starbucks drinks for years, it almost seems like she is drinking it everyday. Similarly, Jisoo's casually posts about things she ate, the restaurants or cafes she visited and it’s also not the first time she posted a Starbucks drink…it might be just her personal choice rather than a paid promotion.

    Regarding Somi, without watching the live, it's hard to determine if her use of the product was promotional. Was it a short moment were she drank out that Starbucks cup because it’s a cup she is just currently using to drink out a lot.. or was it paid product placement and if so was it constantly visible in the live? I don’t know. If it's a preferred cup, it likely wasn’ta paid promotion.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that these instances may be coincidences or actions that weren't initially noteworthy.

    I also don’t believe that these brands were intentionally targeting Asian celebrities amidst boycotts.

    By that I mean they aren’t behaving any differently than before, cause McDonald’s for example has been promoting in Asia since ages and have used Idols etc for it… y’all forgot the whole BTS meal thing ? They aren’t doing anything even near that.

    The lack of explicit promotion details, such as full logos, tags, or extended discussions, suggests these aren't paid promotions.

    While not dismissing the possibility, it's essential to acknowledge the limited evidence supporting the notion that idols are being compensated for these associations.

    I personally believe that they just didn’t think it would be a big deal or that it would harm anyone, especially since boycotts are a personal choice. Some think it helps, while others don’t, especially when it's about something not directly solving the problem of the current situation.

    But even if they are promoting these brands, it wouldn’t make a difference because then Idols would have to drop any endorsement deal from an American brand as the U.S. is Israel’s No.1 ally and financial supporter.

    I think this ridiculous because it’s always the wrong people who are being targeted.

    What about going after the actual Zionist who directly state that they are in support of what Israel is doing?

    Going after Idols drinking Starbucks or eating McDonald’s is literally doing nothing. This is just a way for people to act morally superior without actually contributing anything helpful.

    And I also I fear that many of these people are just weaponizing the deaths of thousands of people to hate on Idols they don’t like.

    If you really care about what’s going on, what or what not Idols consume should be the least of your concerns.

    OMG… she sounds so cute :pepe-sad:

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    I get it. But there are way too many stories like this. I don't read about this issue in our media at all, both from ordinary people and celebrities. Literally never and we read all kinds of nonsense and especially bad news

    Some crimes are more prominent in certain countries than others.

    These type of crimes seem to occur more in countries with stricter views on sexual matters.

    I just don't get it. Why would you film someone without their consent? Why don't watch porn? There are gazillion porn sites and videos you can watch for free and you film someone illegally. I don't get lt. In case porn is forbidden in Korea (i forgot) use vpn. Or ask for consent. I honestly don't get it.

    It’s the fact that it’s not consensual that turns them on. It’s an act of power and control.

    fyi I never understood the animosity between gg and bg stans ... like does it really matter what is the gender of the idols you stan? :pepestare:

    It actually shouldn’t matter at all, it’s actually pretty ridiculous.

    But as discussions surrounding gender issues gained traction on social media platforms ( in fact it’s one of those topics that garners the most engagement on social media), these conversations began infiltrating the K-pop space. What was once a battleground between fans supporting different groups of the same gender has transformed into a broader conflict influenced by societal debates. The consequences are visible in the tensions between bg and gg stans today.

    The current state of rivalry between K-pop fandoms is, to a significant extent, a byproduct of the larger gender wars playing out on social media platforms.

    You didn’t really had this issue in the second generation or beginning of the third.

    I wish the bg stans, who are rightfully calling out toxic gg male fans, have the same energy when female bg fans behave exactly like this or even worse.

    The audacity of some users in here, who openly slut-shamed GG’s or openly stated their hatred towards them with pride, to call out toxic fans hating on women as if they didn’t participated in it. :rolleyes:

    Y’all can take your hypocrisy and fly to the moon!!!

    You can criticize YG for many things, but one commendable aspect is their refusal to make their groups or artists apologize for nonsense scandals.

    Seeing idols apologize for simply being human is incredibly frustrating. This is why I don't buy into the 'it's the culture' argument. If a regular person can engage in certain behaviors without facing criticism, it's not a cultural issue, it's a problem within the idol-fan dynamic. Apologizing for actions that wouldn't draw criticism for an average person only serves to dehumanize idols. It perpetuates a cycle of entitlement among toxic fans who believe they have the right to control every aspect of an idol's life, from dating to socializing or even their weight :eyes: . It's not a cultural thing, it's a concerning power dynamic within the fandom and it’s not getting addressed much enough!

    Furthermore, it’s important to note that some of these “critics” aren’t even genuine fans.. they are haters who exploit minor issues to create unnecessary controversies. Making idols apologize only plays into their hands, giving them a false sense of victory.

    And from here there is nothing you can really do to defend them…