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    Wait what? You're a voting member? For the GRAMMYs?

    Yes. Becoming a voting member is actually not a difficult process if you work/have worked in the industry. All it takes is 2 recommendations from other people in the industry, and they don't even necessarily have to be members of the academy.

    Anyone has a right to be sad or disappointed, but I only see everything that happened as positive for BTS. I think the main difference, to use your comparison, between the Grammy's and MAMA or AAA is that realistically, any popular enough Kpop group has a chance to win something at MAMA or AAA, but there was virtually no chance that BTS would have won the Grammy. I say this as a voting member of the academy who did vote for BTS. Yes, I would have loved for it to happen, but anyone who knows much about the political nightmare that is the Grammys or the American music industry in general knew that it wasn't going to. The nomination was there for one purpose: To get Army's eyes on and therefore ratings and social media engagement about the Grammys. What the academy stupidly didn't foresee is that the vast majority of Army only tuned into their performance, and their ratings were only good when BTS was on the screen. So really, the Grammys didn't benefit all that much, and BTS did, since they likely got many new fans. I know not everyone feels this way, but awards mean absolutely nothing to me beyond giving an artist exposure and boost sales, which BTS already got. No amount of awards, even a prestigious one like a Grammy, is going to bring "respect" or make a hater not be a hater.

    This is a solid mini. I think Kick Back was the right move for title track as it's very catchy. I really love Good Time. It's such a throwback vibe. I hope if they do a follow up promotion that they choose Good Time. Action Figure is a close second fave. I love how they use Lucas in that song.

    Just finished listening through it a couple times. Definitely enjoyed the mini album. Seems we have the same taste. My favorite is Good Time, followed by Action Figure.

    What an interesting song. To me it felt like it had the structure of 127 a song, with how the sections unfold, and I am somehow reminded of Punch, even though they don't sound much alike at all. Despite that, it still sounds quintessentially WayV, as others have mentioned, and they definitely have established an unmistakable signature sound. I still get some of the Moonwalk vibes, I suppose mainly due to the strings, in the pre-chorus, but overall the track is brand new and interesting, while still somewhat familiar enough, which is what any great pop song does. I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of the mini album.

    I like almost every single one of their songs, but really love their latest album, especially Turn Back Time, Unbreakable, Only Human, and Domino. I also particularly like Take Off, Moonwalk, Love Talk, Nectar.

    My favorite performance could've been MAMA 2020 if it was longer, but since it isn't probably MAMA 2019. Both have already been posted.

    They can't record a solo album in the military, which they have both been in since right after Chen's first solo album back in 2019, which was the first true solo release of any Exo member. My guess is that D.O. would've had one maybe right after Chen and Baekhyun did, but he unexpectedly went to the military early. He only just got out, so I expect he will have one later this year. Xiumin also got out not that long ago, so he might have one too. He already did an OST since he's been back.

    Mixed feelings. I was excited for this, and while I enjoyed it, I can't help feel slightly disappointed. I appreciate the showcase of their vocals, and they are great singers. However, the arrangement of the song was lackluster, and honestly seemed like it was rushed. It wasn't much different from the original. If you're going to adapt a song a soloist sings for a group two decades later, I want more in terms of harmonies and adlibs and more modern instruments and sounds. Like some of the backing vocals could have been them instead of a male voice (possibly YYJ?), and the instrumental arrangement was frankly, very basic and not too interesting to me. Combined with the fact that this was released in February instead of when it should have been in late December (or at least early January), I am wondering what SM is thinking. Did they think just because Black Mamba was decently successful that they can just ride off that and assume Aespa has a solid fanbase now? This was their opportunity to wow people with something different and impressive, and I know a lot of people do and will love it, but I just feel like it was a missed opportunity. Oh well

    The short answer is it's not the fans, it's just a combination of misogyny, but mostly racism/xenophobia. As others have mentioned, the behavior is not unique. People in the west just tend to be more critical of it because of who it's coming from (or at least the perception of it as largely teenager girls which is not necessarily true), and who the object of the obsession is, which is Asian people (mostly Asian men) that are largely seen as a joke not to be taken seriously in mainstream western media.