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    which armys said jennie sleeps around? they do shade bp. no denying but I've never seen them say such vulgar things about them. If that's the case, I've seen several blinks saying BTS sleep with ARMYs and other digusting stuff. Let's not go there!

    u keep kissing armys ass and they keep dragging u at the same time. it's not worth it anymore beloved :sleeping:

    there are very few armyblinks in this forum the rest of them are blinks who casually follow bts ??

    and nope i sided with no one

    some of the armys in that guild were the exact same users who went around saying that jennie sleeps around and that bp got on their knees for their pca's but yall played up an entire weird narrative about how those users were getting bashed for no reason

    say it again i don't think they heard u in the back :pepe-toast:

    You can't deny most armyblinks on this forum have BP as their ults , that is just a fact. Even you who generally defend both groups equally, sided with blinks when the incident occured , agreeing that armys were victimizing themselves when you did not even know what had really happened.

    bc it's true. i wasn't there either but the armys on here are annoying as fuck and i want to have no parts w them. the way they went about the whole situation was a whole diff level of crazy. that does not mean we are more favored towards the other group. its the fandoms that play a part as well.