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    Why not, if i may ask?

    lights surpassed 100m streams on spotify

    op just wanted to make a thread :pepe-legs:

    I know, not saying people aren't allowed to. I am also an army. I just think it's funny that fans know that it's the 53rd song to have gained 100 million streams. Why do you keep track that it's the 53rd song? They really count it? It's fine if people do it tho. it's just my opinion. *sigh* i should have kept quiet.

    It's kinda funny how fans care so much about this. The 53rd song. Who keeps track and cares so much that you know that it's the 53rd song that hits a certain number of streams?

    A video hitting a certain number of views, i can get can be a bit exciting But spotify listeners?

    But if that makes you happy, then fine by me.

    Sorry army's, just ignore me. I just think it's funny. I am not saying that it's a bad thing to do tho.

    I heard daisy's mom hinted that daisy was bullied by the members.

    Apparentely she posted this comment under a photo of the 6 current members: "House, deception, hidden, double sides. Are you a good friend?"

    I always thought the leaving of the 3 members had to do with money.

    But who knows? i wouldn't be surprised if it was bullying actually. Bullying in kpop groups seems pretty common.

    My faves of course. They are litterally the most sweetest angels in the whole world. They can do no wrong. They are such sensitive babies uwu.

    Nah, just kidding.

    I personally think all idols are bad people, all of them hate their fans. Idols are either bad or good people. There is no in between.

    Really? This is just ridiculous. I am seriously pissed. These idols who might have been bullies were young back then. If korea wants to change the bullying culture, then what does it help to expose idols who were bullies? They were young back then and probably didn't know any better. And were probably influenced by the culture and people around them, if that makes sense. Or there was some pressure on them? I can't explain it well.

    These bullies are also human. They were born as an innocent human being and then things happened that they started bullying. Try to found out why they were bullies, what is the reason behind it? And try to change that.

    Try to teach people bullying is not okay, try to change the culture, instead of just exposing idols for your thirst of drama. They don't actually care about changing the bullying culture, they just want drama. They are just as bad as actual bullies. They are also bullies, because they want to ruin people's lives for their entertainment. Exposing idols is not the right way.

    "I genuinely don't think she is anti Semitic or hates Jewish people or likes Nazis" Of course she doesn't freaking support the nazi's!! Many people make dark jokes like that, that doesn't mean they are bad people? Do these people never make these jokes sometimes with their friends? Do they actually have friends? Are there people who really think they support nazi's by making jokes like this? If you think that, then you are VERY dumb.

    These filthy men don't care about protecting women. But they do care when it's about rps. Rps isn't even that bad, wtf, it's just fanworks. First solve the issues what women go through, rape, slutshame, molka, leaked sextapes. Rapists getting only 1 year of jailtime, which is ridiculous. I never thought i would say this, but I HATE MEN! They can enjoy sex all they want, but no, not women apparentely.