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    I think people need to stop thinking about the past.

    Don't know why people are so against adding new members to the current cast. However, I think it is good to add a new member to the show because a new member will add new stuff to the show. I mean Kwangsoo is not going to come back to the show as a fixed member, but maybe as a guest.

    It's the same thing as when Somin and Sechan adding it to the show. They just hate them for no reason especially Somin.

    I have watched The Heirs, Pinocchio, Doctors, Memories of the Alhambra, Sisyphus: The Myth and Call. For me she's ok; her acting didn't bother me. But I don't have high standards for acting. I'm more bothered by bad scripts than by bad acting.

    MOTA has such a bad script IMO. Her character is basically non-existance. They gonna give her more role than that.

    Also same for me, don't really have high standard for acting.

    People always said that this actor can't act or that actor kiss scene is weird.

    I actually never feel anything at all in any other drama, not just PSH one so really don't know how it is to be call that actor can't act or kiss scene is weird or whatever.

    Only saw her in The Heirs, her character was awful, so I couldn't really enjoy her acting.

    And yeah, her kissing scenes are really awkward.

    Yes, I think that is the reason. It is hard to say if she is a good actor or not because I think that her character in every drama was never interesting. Always those same characters with a sad backstory.

    I have watched her 3 dramas and I do not find any of her characters interesting.

    Her character in doctor is pretty good at first, which is why her fight scene to be well known compared to her other dramas.

    and for kissing, couldn't say anything because I don't know why a kissing scene can be awkward or cringe.

    I'm actually shocked when I see many of the people on Reddit dislike Park Shin Hye.

    I have been watching Park Shin Hye's drama lately and I think her acting is not bad at all. Some people said that she acts the way for almost all the drama and that she is emotionless.

    I am gonna disagree and agree with that.

    I think the problem is that she always acting those character who is miserable with sad backstory or damsel in distress. Also, I don't think she really has a remarkable character other than the fight scene in Doctors

    The Heirs - The reason why this got such a high rating is because of the casting. Just look at the lineup. it hard to have a low rating with that. Only likeable character is Youndo, Bona, and Myungsoo.

    PSH is the only person who is poor in the drama and she also got a mute mother as well. She just a sad character in the drama. Some people said she can't act because she has no facial expression, but I think this is what it requires. She has a sad life and she goes through a lot. I don't think she should smile or stuff.

    The memory of Alhambra - Completely useless character for PSH. She doesn't look like a FL at all. The line between Hyunbin and the Secretary is better than them. When the secretary dies, I'm really sad. He was such a good person. I can write a better script than this Memory of Algambtra. The concept is unique and nice, but the script can be better. They should have let PSH joins the game with Secretary and Hyunbin. They all go to Grenada and look for her brother and Secretay didn't die and I'm still mad about his death. Anyway, this didn't maximize the potential of PSH acting skill at all because of useless character.

    Doctors - One of the best character she has in the first 2 episodes when she is a gangster. However, the writer decides to turn her into the character who is sad and miserable character because of her grandma due to medical malpractice and go revenge on the doctor 13 years later.

    All of her characters are the same: Sad, miserable, not happy, damsel in distress.

    I do not find any cringes on her acting at all. I think she portrays her character very well. Maybe it can be better with a different actress but I definitely don't think PSH is bad at acting.

    I am gonna watch Pinocchio and Sisyphus next.

    I always wondering this.

    When you criticize actors' acting:

    Did you understand the character?

    Did you know why the actor acted this way in a certain scene?

    Did you understand how they should have acted better in the scene?

    I have seen many people criticize actor's acting, but I wonder if they actually know how to act better in a certain scene?

    Is it just that they don't feel comfortable watch certain scenes so that they think the actor didn't act well? Or what exactly makes people complain about acting??

    I think one of the most popular actings that I saw is emotionless.

    I think a lot of people always say that the actor is emotionless so their acting is bad. However, I personally think that there is some scene that the actor should act without any emotion.

    The song is just bad and it just worse than Not Shy.

    I thought Not Shy is already bad, but this one takes it on another level.

    No offense to Midzy.

    Dalla Dalla is still their best song.

    People won't admit but it is a huge loss for the girls group and 4th generation to disband izone.

    The only girl groups that outsold izone is Blackpink and Twice. Hitting 500k sales is not an easy task at all for girls group and Izone reaches that mark without a great international and domestic popularity like Twice and Blackpink.

    izone fandom is literally a boy group and basically outsold every group in 4th generation.