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    He presented himself as the devil to show that he will accept himself even if people see him as the devil, for being gay. For years Christianity has been used against LGBTQ+ in the US, so yes Christians should deal with the backlash from the LGBTQ+ community in the US.

    It's funny how yall woke trash jumped at Rihanna using an islamic text you could barely hear in the background, forcing her to remove it and apologize. For some reason, muslims currently throwing gays of roofs, or legally killing them since a dozen of muslim countries have legal death penalties for them, didn't mean that it's ok to disrespect Islam.

    While here yall are defending lil nas with foam coming out of your mouth because oh no! Christians said some mean words to him.

    lmao it's not even about the germany host, it's about your favs and their agency and their fans using diversity and racism card for their awards esp grammys and anywhere they can, while yall are at here being misogynistic by putting women down to hype your male favs and still act you're the mighty ones here

    No the government doesn't force people but its better to respect their culture since majority of people in morocco follow Islam.

    BS. That's like saying muslim women must take off their hijab when they go to non muslim countries to respect the local culture and many muslim women don't wear it themselves. Or that they must wear crosses of they go to christian countries, or sarees with hinduism. As long they aren't parading in bikini that should be enough.

    These GG fans are just a curse & a stigma on the names of "Woman"

    The actual legendary woman doesn't need any feminism card. They are on the league of legends.

    Lmao the fucking irony. Then tell me why did your favs constantly play the "diversity" and "racism" card huh? Yall sure as hell love to cry opression when it concerns yall and then turn around to act like this.

    And how did she put them down? lmao stop twisting her words,

    look closer, she praised them for donating to charites and having a postive inluence on army's who donate to many charity's and causes, but of course you choose to look at her reply with tinted lenses as you people always do, if someone is praisng bts it's shade and a insult to someone else lmao. I'm so done with you all

    Yall acting obtuse on purpose now? She put down girl groups, as if women in the Kpop industry don’t already have to deal with plenty of shit unlike your male favs who have it much easier

    And yall still have the nerve to put down those women in the industry to hype your male favs? And on top of that in what? In them empowering women? Are yall for real? Don’t you see the irony?

    Besides the lyrics its also a bop.

    Anyway, its clear BTS is more feminist than most girl groups. They have positive influence on their fandom which consists of successful women who create a very pro-female space. BTS members also donate specifically to girls focused charities, backing up the words with some actual money.

    Wow so feminist. Putting down women to hype men... in what? In being pro women? Because men definitely know better than women themselves how to empower women amirite :pepestare: some next level of mansplaining shit right there

    Just proves yall only care about the issues on hand just to hype your favs, and in this case using feminism to put down women who already suffer from the male privilege your favs have... and this all to praise your male favs. Disgusting.

    for some reason songs with lyrics never feel sad to me lol it always the instrumental music

    this is the saddest song I can think of

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    We have to stand up when an elder enters the room, no matter what you're doing, to show respect

    Lol when I was little it meant that everytime that an uncle os someone enters the room I had to stand up

    Obv doesnt apply to people you live with (unless its someone like +60years old, then you still have to do it)

    Also a lot of dumb marriage traditions who must go. Like the wife cant call her husband by his name publicly or his relatives. Or show any kind attention or care to her child when elders are here. Theres been even cases of children left disbaled or even almost killed because of this

    i know there are ugly people in the western ent industry but that is mostly men??

    all the women are really pretty like beyonce and britney, taylor, ariana, lana, katy perry, etc etc.

    Just because post malone, drake and ed sheeran are ugly......

    Except beyonce and britney when they were younger (well I guess taylor at some point when she was younger too), the rest are all ugly - and nothing compared to kpop visuals.