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    We always see kpop idols covering trendy idol songs or western songs.

    To me the most precious performances are those where they cover old classical korean songs. Which are your favourite covers?

    Mine are

    Baek a yeon - Even after we were in love

    백아연의 '너를 사랑하고도' ♪ 추억 부르는 목소리 끝까지 간다 33회
    23살의 감성으로 부르는 백아연의 '너를 사랑하고도'청아한 목소리와 여유 있는 모습에 감탄!

    This group of boys - Please by Lee Sora

    이소라, 판듀 후보 7인과 ‘미친 감성’ 무대 ‘제발’ 《Fantastic Duo 2》 판타스틱 듀오 2 EP01
    Fantastic Duo 2 판타스틱 듀오 2 EP01 20170326 SBS이소라는 자신과 한 팀을 이룰 3명을 가리기 위해 7명의 후보와 함께 ‘제발’을 열창하는 무대를 꾸민다.“Shall we sing a song together?”What if you can received...

    And mamamoo on pretty every of their Immortal Songs appearances

    Which other classical korean songs do you like?

    Could somebody tell me what their biggest hits are?

    What are your favourite songs from them? Mine are 8282, beside me, don’t say goodbye, because I miss you more today, happy end

    They are known as being digimons and have been in the industry since 2009 or so. I guess they aren’t that popular or known internationally and they’re not your typical kpop group either. But can we talk about how talented and great they are? Haeri being one of the steongest vocalists out there and even Minkyung has impressive vocal technique (she also has one of my favourite vocal colours ever all time). They give me similar vibes as IU. You simply cannot hate them or their music

    We need to appreciate them more imo :cheer-bunny:


    I have wondered when a song is considered a national hit and who determines that?

    Songs like Good day, Gee, Growl, Cheer up etc mostly come up when talking about National Hits. Is that something we can claim just because of good charting or is “national hit” a special title given by the gp only?

    A song doesn’t need to be the No 1 or get paks on charts to be considered a nh, right?

    Can somebody tell me if Davichi and Ailee have national hits? Or could somebody give me a list of a general consensus of 2nd and 3rd gen songs that are agreed to be nh?

    Or link me a different thread where I find an answer

    Thanks! :-)

    Yikes i accidentally voted Lesserafim.

    I Wanted to pick IVE

    Leeseo, Wonyoung and Yujin are the visual trio wall. Liz and Rei are like princesses and Gaeul is super cool and pretty too.

    Ive are a mix of cute and mature, and i love the playfulness and professionalism they exude. They have really rare stage charisma that is difficult to ro achieve. And they’re just rookies so imagine how theyll be in the future


    I’ve known since the beginning. Leeseo is special and the fact she went viral at DEBUT in korea despite having two massively famous and established idols in the group is actually insane.

    I even think if Leeseo had gotten more lines or center in Love Dive, she could have gone viral again, because her performance skills, personality and charma she exudes just grab the attention and make her naturally stand out.

    It all depends on Starship to not waste this massive diamond they’ve got right there

    I recently started a stray kids marathon. I have respect for this group, their craft and dedication. And Felix is probably one of the most endearing idols I have seen.

    I’m not quiet sure if I’ll officially stan, as they have few members who still make me kinda doubt and I only stan if I like all the members

    Woah :pepe-tea:

    I also feel like Changbin is closest to all of them. But imo the same applies to Han. He seems so comfortable with all the members and often switches between cliques

    Still nice to see a group that has these cliques and pairings but still harmonize together as a group.

    I have another questions to stays tho…. When Woojin was still in the group, to whom was he closest with? I’ve read some nasty rumors about him and was unsure if they’re true. It would be sad if the skz members were close to a problematic ex member

    Soo i‘m fully into stray kids these days which is a rarity as I usually don’t care about bgs.

    But something about their friendship is so touching and wholesome that it makes me jealous cause i want to have friendships like theirs too :pepe-sad:

    So I’m using this thread to state my observations on their friendship

    Hyunjin-Jeongin have so much love for each other, it’s so cute how Hyunjin always cuddles him

    Han is like everybody‘s bestie lmao

    Changbin-Felix-Chan also are so close

    Also changbin-Hyunjin

    Seungmin seems to flow well with Hyunjin-Jeongin as well

    but Lee Know is tricky. He is close with everyone. But he seems to really adore the heck out of Han. And as I stated earlier he seems also closest with Hyunjin more than just as a member, but like honest friends. and I’m gonna throw Changbin into the mix as well

    When the group openly talks about two members hanging out often with each other even outside their schedule then it speaks volumes about their friendship, because they spent time with each other 24/7 so why bother to hang out beyond schedule? That’s what I noticed with lee know and hyunjin


    I am a die-hard Yujin stan but Leeseo has my favorite visuals of the group, I have to admit that.

    She’s incredibly charismatic and she’s an amazing performer, even more so if you look at her age.

    Yujin was my izone bias and I still like her a lot. Nice to see her so comfortable leading her own group and being so succesful solo as wel as with the group

    Yet I am rooting a lot for Leeseo because I see immense potential for her to become huge in the future and I’m scared starship misses her momentum :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    Poor Leeseo, akp doesn’t seem to pay her much attention. Everyone’s obsessed with Liz and the others.

    I thought Leeseo was by far the most eye catching member, and I honestly don’t see the visual resemblance with Gaeul that so many point out. They are so different to me. Leeseo is a vivid and expressive performer, with really unique and special visuals that I haven’t seen a lot in my years as a kpop fan. She is a special idol and koreans noticed this as well during her debut where she managed to go viral more than once and not to forget starship persued her while she was just hanging out outside when she was 12. She is still so young but already so charismatic and talented but ifans still sleep on her. Sadly, she hasn’t gotten much center or lines for this comeback so now she’s perceived as kinda bland. But even when she’s just in the background, She distinctively sticks out to me. She is also very cute and charming. If starship treats her well she can become huge in the future

    Leeseo fighting :pepelove: