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    Im waiting for mine that is coming around June 28 to July 13. Trying to be patient, because people are working hard during the pandemic and I really appreciate the people that are always sending the albums to be deliver etc. Which version is your favorite and what's your favorite bside? My favorite bside is baby blue love > scandal, first time, SOS, and Conversation. Alcohol free is :danceb::lovec::pepemusic:

    Hey, it’s okay <3 No need to hate yourself, you’re wonderful! A 64% is not bad at all! What matters is that you tried your best, and I 100% believe that you did! It’s going to be alright <3

    thanks and thanks again. im glad that i can express myself without holding everything inside. also i ordered breakfast from ihop so im going to have chocolate chip pancakes, turkey bacon, fruit, and oreo milkshake. you can share what you ate or going to eat.

    thank you so much i feel better. today i feel like crap maybe it's my depression but still. also i wanted to have beef bulgogi burger so i tried ordering it online but i didn't see it so i call the restaurant and said im trying to order etc. and the guy say on it's on our menu and hang up. I was stuttering when i told him and after that i felt like i was about to have a mental breakdown and cry. but thanks to you im going to try and take each day and learn how to not overreact to negative things.

    You still have time, right? You can always make the first approach. Think about it this way. There are only a few days left. Make it count. Make the most of the rest of your high school experience! Even if things end up awkwardly, at least you tried and you won't regret.

    i will try :pepelove1: did you like twice new song? for me its my favorite actually i love all twice songs.

    Oh, maybe your mom thinks senior cut day is something that's NOT approved by the school? I'm not sure, but that could be it.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your day regardless of what happens. Maybe it's your chance to make friends at school you otherwise wouldn't have made. Make it count!

    Thank you :pepe-sad: i think she also thought its not approved by the school. I hope the guy that im interest in is in school if not :pepe-life-support:

    i feel so bored and dead inside so today is senior cut day. I am at school and Most of the seniors are going to a party etc. So i wanted to go to the diner with some friends and i asked my mom and she said no, dont get in trouble. All my life i been good, i always follow the rules and im always stay at home.I never hang out with people before so this were my first time. I feel struck and useless, also it probably was miscommunication because i didn't say where are we going, who driving etc. Lastly im twenty years old sometimes i feel trapped. But i have to be happy because Twice is back with alcohol free. I love the song can't wait to see more content.

    I am sending a virtual hug to you catHug at 2x

    I know that you might feel tired and stuck, but I know that you can overcome parts of it day by day <3

    awww, thank you im trying to hang in there and be positive. :pepe-sad: its hard but sometimes i wonder how i can learn to be happy by myself and love myself etc without having people by my side. but the truth is i always have been by myself.