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    Money is the number 1 bestselling rap song in the US, beating out Drake -way too sexy, which is a massive hit in the US btw. lol. So this feat is unheard of for a female kpop singer (I believe Suga and Psy also achieved number 1 rap song on the male side). But I always knew money would turn off some kpop fans and become popular in the U.S.

    I can't imagine how Drake feels when he wakes up and finds a random female kpop singer beat his song as number 1 best selling "rap" song in the U.S., lol. He would probably squint his eyes and do a double look, and then check out the song and become addicted to it, and then tell his agent to reach out for a collab.

    Pretty savage should have been Lisa's song. But you have to admit that lalisa will be stuck in your head more

    If Pretty Savage was Lisa's song, it would have been the greatest BP solo song of all time and Lisa probably would have over 100 million views in 24 hrs and noone would be able to touch it for a long time. I have a feeling Teddy and YG save those songs for the group because they are hard to come by.

    In her interview, Lisa said she hugged "Lalisa" and "Money" like they were her children when Teddy showed her the samples. While Rose had to take her time to warm up to On The Ground, Lisa refused to listen to any other samples, and even when she did, she couldn't be bothered. This was according to Lisa herself.

    I personally think she did great. 70 million in 24 hours is the most ever for any solo artist. More than Ariana and Taylor Swift.

    Also, YG knows what they are doing. Money is going to be in every tik tok meme. It's going to take over social media. There are more ways to market than just youtube views. You need to dominate Tik Tok too. Youtube was so 2015, lol.

    By looking at all the messages I was convinced Money sucked before I even listened to it. But being an American, this is my new anthem. Hopefully there is a music video for it. The beat is insane. When looking at youtube, all the American viewers seemed to agree as well. I guess different demographics have different tatses. I admit it doesn't even sound like a k-pop song, but a straight up American hip-hop song, which really suits Lisa. That's her strongpoint.

    Also, I spend all my time investing in stocks and crypto so that's probably why I like Money so much, lol.

    I am glad I waited before watching Lalisa. I wanted to absorb all the hate to lower my expectations. And then I saw the video and was very satisfied.

    My expectations went from please don't suck to "Yeah this is Lisa's coming out party."

    Depends where you look. I see most male blinks in reddit and forums bc it’s safe for them esp if they are straight. On Twitter it’s mostly females who’d hate on straight or loud gay males. They are always like hey he/him don’t speak on my girls

    That's true. On forums it's mostly male blinks with female avatars. But on instagram it's 99% females with real female profiles, lol. The males would not be caught dead fanboying to BP.

    I was fooled by the internet's representation. I showed up with my female friends thinking I'd see other guys and it felt like I was on an island, lol.

    I went to see their statement it seemed to center around styling

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    I do agree with the point of being sensitive while promoting in China tho

    Blackpink is what happens when you have 4 Justin Biebers in one group. There is usually ONLY one lead singer. I guess that was supposed to be Jennie, but Lisa has more instagram followers than her, and Rose broke all her records.

    It is truely a unique group in that it has 4 potential divas.

    In a way I don't know if I blame them, the trucks could be effective(they seemed so in the past) but in another way why are they protesting?

    In the last year no girl group has had more releases than BlackPink, Lisa is very well promoted in China considering the political climate and the pandemic making it very difficult, she has an upcoming solo too?

    I really feel for the company at this point and Rose and really don't see what more they want? Rose has been waiting what? Almost 2 years since her solo was announced so I think they could have waited 2 extra weeks right?

    Blackpink is the master of marketing. Their one question to American record companies was "How do we become the spice girls?"

    How do we know that the OP is not a paid plant? Lol.

    Everything they do seems like marketing 101. Even negative press.

    As a former Lisa stan who got bias wrecked by Rose, let me tell you guys one thing....

    Lisa has a very addictive quality about her that makes you obsessed. I was under her spell for like 3 years.

    You almost can't blame these Lisa stans. They are obsessed. They are under a spell that cannot be broken.

    Lisa stans are akgaes on steroids. I'm not even kidding. I was there. Eventually I saw there was life after lisa.

    But for the longest time I found myself defending Lisa on her instagram against countless trolls for years on end.

    Glad we're in agreement, I never wanted a conversation with you.

    Whether you wanted to be in a conversation with me or not, it is obvious Blackpink and BTS have ruled the "pop" world the past few years. It is time the k-pop community get rid of the word "k" and just accept that they have become the global pop community. Don't let the western world minimize you and put you into a small category.

    I would even argue that k-pop is now the standard in pop. Or rather, Koreans took pop and made it better. Transformed it into something truly universal.

    When Americans had control of pop music, it was mostly white people dominating. The thought of Asian guys being attractive was unheard of.

    So I guess we should all rejoice instead of arguing.

    End of rant. Lol.

    Because I don't care about refuting what you said, tbh.

    I checked out of this conversation three messages ago or something. You keep going by yourself.

    You were never in this conversation to be honest. Americans created a sub group called "kpop" so that bands like BTS can never win pop group of the year, even though they probably deserve to win it every year.

    They have to call it "kpop" or "international." It is only international according to Americans. See, America always put labels on other countries as "foreign" so it can place itself as the center of the world.

    But in GLOBAL charts, Rose dominates in all pop categories. There is no such thing as "kpop" in global charts. Wake up people.

    You said a lot of words, but not one of it refuted what I said.

    I've been to korea with the same questions to my friends, business partners, everyone I knew. And do you know what they said?

    They actually laughed. I was told by all of my korean friends/associates that "kpop" is a derogatory term. It is something Americans made up.

    In korea, it's just pop music. Doesn't matter what language it's in. Pop music is universal.

    English just happens to be the de facto universal language. That's why every band that tries to go global makes their songs in english.

    This is not coming from me. This is coming from every Korean I ever met in Korea, lol.

    The fact that you think people who don't agree with your 'wisdom' are morons tell me everything I need to know.

    Anyway, have a nice day <3 I hope you find a place where you can have true, meaningful, intellectual exchanges, so you don't have to lower yourself to talking with kpop stans. We're all obviously brain-dead, after all.

    That's your own projection right there. I never called you a moron, lol. Maybe you can't grasp this simple concept of Koreans do not call their own music "kpop" and Americans do, does not mean I think you are a moron. You should give yourself more credit. In a lot of ways, I don't blame you. You probably never traveled anywhere.

    So let me give you one last lesson. Let's say I live in the west. And you live in the east. I can call you an Eastlander. But is that really true though? Maybe you are just an Eastlander from MY perspective. But in reality, you are just an islander.

    Just like how pop in Korea is just pop. But to Americans it's k-pop.

    So now you have a bunch of Americans arguing if Blackpink's music is still "kpop" just because it isn't in Korean.

    Newsflash, Korea never coined the term k-pop, lol. Americans did. All of their music - no matter what language they decide to use, is.........wait for it......pop music. The fact that most new Blackpink songs and Rose's songs are in english is just because English is a universal language and they want to market and make as much money as possible. It's still all pop music to Koreans.

    I usually consider kpop everything original sung by kpop idols but that doesn't mean this is necessarily exact, these are technicalities tbh

    Have you been to Korea? I have. They actually don't call their music k-pop. The word "k-pop" comes from an American perspective. They just call their music pop.

    So what is Rose's music? It's pop, lol. That's why she is in pop charts.

    I think most of you are confused because you are looking at it from an American perspective.

    No <3

    But if you still want to write another essay, please feel free.

    I figured. Not all of us have the brain capacity for complex thoughts beyond "ZOMG who's your bias and bias wrecker?!!?"

    You can go back to your little world of k-pop now. It's obvious that anything outside of that is beyond your comprehension.

    I'm talking about the idol industry. It's not worldly.

    Also I think that we aren't talking about the same thing. Please stop quoting me, it's not going anywhere, lol.

    Lol the idol industry isn't wordly? You ever heard of American idol? Lmao.

    Do you know that koreans don't consider their music k-pop? They call it pop.

    The same way Americans do not call their music "American pop."

    It is only when you come from another country that you reference the country you are referring to. For koreans, its just pop. But to the world, it's kpop.

    In japan, it's just pop. It becomes "j-pop" when koreans or Americans refer to it.

    So like I said, pop is universal. And so is the idol indurstry. It's in every country. It is not only in Korea, and it definitely didn't start in Korea.

    Blackpink doesn't care about k-pop. They care about worldly reach and domination. That's why most of their new songs are in English - the universal language. If the universal language was vietnamese, all their new songs world be in vietnamese. Make sense now?