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    While I agree that the girls deserve opportunities to show off their individual talents more, I don't think it has much to do with their status in recent years. They are still sitting happily at the top, sure some other groups did better the past year or two but Twice is in no way greatly surpassed by them. It is 100% natural to start slowly "declining" after being at the top. It happens with all groups as they get older. This happened with SNSD, and in 2016 TWICE took on the new top group title. It doesn't make any group less relevant or better. It's normal and will happen again in a couple of years. As someone who was never really a Twice fan, their last comeback made me a ONCE and I've been going back and watching their content these past few months wondering why I never looked into them sooner. As I said, no group is going to be at the top and unbeatable forever, there comes a time when other people do better and pass you. You can't control the inevitable.

    It's okay. I just find it weird. Tbh, if I'm the di/rector I will fight back because it is not my fault.

    I agree. It's not like Kim Jung Hyun was a big-name actor so I'm not sure how he was able to convince the director to change the script without the backlash coming out sooner ...I'm just surprised this information didn't get out right after the press conference issue or sooner. Well, the next day or so is gonna be filled with stories about the two of them so I guess we'll see what happens.

    Lol I think Jung Hyun gave dispatch these texts himself, trying to shift the blame onto someone else which is kinda working I guess, everything now is about Seo Yeji being a possessive bitch.

    True, I think it was either him to shift some blame or give an "excuse" for his behavior. Or it was his current agency trying to take him down cause they're really pissed at him for looking into signing with a different agency.

    what is even going on? Geez. I think the Korean entertainment industry has "lost" more celebrities this past year than ever before...obviously, some are justifiable. SYJ had a bullying scandal earlier which is going to explode now, and idk how she's gonna survive this if the messages are real. KJH is to blame as well. That's no excuse to treat people like crap. His career is probably down the drain as well. Poor Seohyun, that was probably a nightmare of a shoot for her. Well, more information is about to be released so I guess we'll get more information. It's crazy how Dispatch got these messages...I wonder who leaked them?

    Seem your praying for their downfall

    Yeah sure I’m praying for their downfall because I don’t want Jisoo to star in a drama that is leading to a ton of backlash and hate towards her. I’m sorry for actually caring about her future and being logical unlike so many people on here who are blinded by a serious issue currently going on over in South Korea. Please, Jisoo’s career is far more important than your wish to watch the drama. The number of signatures on the petition to cancel Snowdrop is closing in on that of what the Joseon Exorcist got. Be logical for a change and see how much damage this is going to cause.

    We all know blackpink is to big for that.

    not in Korea they aren’t. Their origins is South Korea, so if they fall there then it would be a real nightmare for them. In Jisoo’s case she’s Korean through and through. Her career even after BP will be in Korea. There’s so much backlash against this drama it is not worth continuing, and ruining her reputation and future. If you actually took the time to read about this specific case and the plot/characters of the drama then you’d realize it’s not okay.

    lol she's literally an ambassador for Dior. Why would she give a rats patootie about D list endorsements in Korea? Her family is rich, BP fans are literally buying MILLIONS of albums, she's gonna be just fine no matter what a bunch of crusty Knetz think.

    No one cares if she’s a Dior ambassador because at the end of the day if she continues on with this drama she’s gonna have a very hard time getting another role as an actress in Korea.

    He took some long breaks in between love in the moonlight, Encounter and Record of Youth. I was surprised because he did seem to go on a bit of a hiatus when he was at his peak. He was probably fed up and honestly just needed time away from the spotlight. Record of Youth actually did very well viewership wise but the drama wasn’t that good. I kinda do think Park Bogum chose this drama because he’s had to deal with similar problems in his career, such as false rumors, hate comments, etc..He also has two movies coming out this year which took quite awhile to film and were pushed back probably cause of COVID.

    I actually think it's more serious than some of you think... there have been numerous posts about this on theqoo with thousands and thousands of views and comments. There is also a couple of posts criticizing Jisoo...My bet is this drama will not air or they will have to do some major changes. Knetz aren't gonna let any more dramas with historical inaccuracies air anymore and any director would be dumb to not realize that. I guess we'll see. I'm sure we will get an answer soon.

    Can’t stop me and cry for me should have been the title tracks for Twice last year.

    As for their performance it’s normal. There still at the top but their slowly coming down. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, it happens with every top group. Your not gonna hit #1 forever. I think the whole ‘live singing’ issue that took place and the hate they got put a lot of stress on them. 2020 was a good year in that they got to relax quite a bit and hopefully did some things they enjoy outside of their celebrity life.

    I still don’t understand why having a difficult choreography is necessary. Blackpink aren’t considered a dance group like ITZY for example. In concert they don’t even dance to a lot of songs. Majority of groups have to result to lip syncing because choreography is too tiring especially if you only have 4 members who split a song pretty evenly. I like their choreographies because it’s a good balance between going fast paced and then giving them a second to catch their breathe. They create a lot of imagery by using hand movements which has kinda become their signature thing. I really don’t know why you people complain about it? You guys are so unrealistic sometimes. Just be supportive. There working their butts off and all you guys do is complain complain complain. Complain about the song, clothing, lyrics, choreography, camera angles, screen time, line distribution blah blah blah. It’s always the same. Never satisfied. Just like Roses solo, she put her soul into her solo debut and you guys still complained that YG didn’t give her a good song even though she’s beyond happy and finally gets to shine.