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    Ehh, they’ll be fine. I think JYP will still use this “mix pop” genre but won’t make the same mistakes as their debut song. I think they’ll do well with their next comeback. If O.O was able to chart on melon top 100 I don’t see how their next song won’t do better. Honestly there’s only going up from O.O. Don’t know how a song from JYP can get any worse.

    Oh my I have a lot! Though I could definitely say just as much about any company.

    1. I hope SM’s new boy group focuses on the domestic market and lets the international market come organically.

    2. I need Aespa to sing live more, and release more vocal/dance covers!

    3. Very unpopular, but I think SM did the right thing with shifting fully to solo promotions following Love Shot for EXO.

    4. Idols who want to act should start with several supporting roles, improve, and then audition for lead roles.

    5. I’ve read some mixed reactions on this, but I think NCT should just stop adding members after the Japan unit debuts.

    6. SM overestimated the popularity that WayV could bring, and now they just don’t know what to do with the group.

    7. I kinda hope SMs new boy group doesn’t have any Chinese members.

    8. I wish some of the ex-SM rookies debuted with the current aespa members.

    9. I think SM should debut another girl group soon.

    10. SM needs to start having/letting their artists contribute more to their music and overall direction.

    11. The lip syncing is getting quite annoying.

    12. I need Seulgi to debut solo. I think this should have happened years ago.

    I should stop here…

    I truly hope that Irene reflected during her break, realized her wrongdoings, and is really making an effort to turn her attitude around. I don't think she deserves to be shunned out of the industry or never get a CF job again, but it's going to take quite a bit of time to build back up her career. She won't ever get back to her peak popularity, but hopefully, she becomes a better person, and maybe she might get a second chance one day.

    They've literally performed Illusion every time they've performed/promoted Girls! Music show appearances, Showcase, fan meet, GMA performance, and a dance practice for Illusion.

    I have no idea what your point is, fact is kpop groups don't often promote their b-sides, nor are they usually successful. Of course there are exceptions like Forever Young, My Bag, Dolphin but it doesn't happen often. Nonstop and We Ride are both title track songs so I don't know why you are including those.

    What I mean by my original post is I believe it was the right decision to have Girls as the title track. At the end of the day, Girls and Illusion were both promoted well and are doing good on the charts. If Illusion was the title track then I don't know if girls would even be charting.

    Don't you agree Illusion deserved a MV and picture teasers like LTS though?

    Wouldn’t mind a mv but I don’t see the point in teaser pics. I think all 3 songs were very well promoted. Although Illusion didn’t have an MV they performed just as many music show performances with Illusion as they did with Girls. Plus, they performed Illusion at their showcase and fan meet. At the end of the day all 3 songs charted on Melon, with Illusion in top 15-20 and Girls top 10. I think that’s better than just having one song in the top 10, but you’re free to disagree.

    You, what with you having trouble seeing Illusion as Bside? Also your statement is BS. To name a fews Oh My Girl Nonstop, Brave Girl we Ride, Blackpink Forever Young and recently Gidle with My bag. People just saying random thing these day.

    I’m not having trouble? I see Illusion as a b-side that’s being promoted far more than what we usually see from b-side promos.

    No doubt all the b-sides you listed from these groups did extremely well. those are the songs I had in mind as well. However, my point was successful b-sides like these, especially on the charts, don’t happen often.

    Please…JYP making there most talented group to date debut with O.O is far worse.

    If illusion was the Title Track then Girls probably wouldn’t be in the charts right now. If I was SM I’d rather have 2 songs, one in the top 10 and the other top 15-20 than just 1 song in top 10.

    Also why are you guys acting like Illusion received no promo?? We got a dance practice, several music show performances and performances at the showcase/fan meet. It’s almost being promoted as a title, you don’t see many groups perform b-sides on music shows that are actually successful.