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    lets say somewhat still around... :eyes:

    That's amazing!! I am happy superyeah is so well-liked by the forum :lover3:

    superyeah is still here and more active than me so great choice!

    And no dont you remember you recommended me to moderate anons.. which was for me what i needed at the time.

    Its just that i got promoted early.

    Yayee!! They had a great application.

    Oh yeah. I was okay with that but I was against you having mod privileges so I don't know if you can count it.

    Yes true, it's 9 days till December.

    Which means you have plenty time to plan it ;-)

    I am going to copy/paste from last year. Let's be honest, the old forum is gone so it's kind of original.

    Did you guys know that Noemi actually helped me get to this position in the first place :eyes:

    I probably wouldnt have persisted without her in the application process.

    LMAO don't be spreading lies now.

    The only mod I recommended was superyeah. Not sure if they are still here.

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    Sorry :pleading: I think I will pass on trying it for myself..

    Just wanted to let you know that I thought it was very admirable that you tried to hold things together when everything was falling apart and your disaperance afterwards speaks for itself how bad it had to be for you..2x

    I will be honest. My leaving didn't have anything to do with allkpop. I was planning on leaving for a long time. Modding was something I wanted to do before I left so I applied. I didn't really like modding. I was always an events person <3

    I also did not forget the struggle you had to go through as the only mod.. :pleading:

    Don't remind me. I got scolded so bad for that. I used to stay on my laptop or phone all the time. But hey, it was an experience. If anyone has the time, I recommend it. Even if just to understand what the mods go through.

    ohh I see too bad :cryingr:

    I'd expect them to put more budget into it after The Untamed success but idk I'm always sceptical about these live actions haha

    we still have donghua tho :lover1:

    It's different productions. Untamed was Tencent. TGCF is iQiyi. Tencent did pour more money into their dangais. Just look at Haoyixing, SPL and Saye. Gorgeous. But apparently, them and iQiyi were bidding on the copyright and it was getting too expensive so they gave up. iQiyi is also more known for their modern dramas so it makes sense that the quality for this one is not too good. Also, before TGCF had the same director as Untamed but he quit. They have someone new now.

    there are just a few pics out so maybe it won't be that bad

    I guess it's just on hold but there hasn't been any new chapters since September ;(

    I am in a discord server where the real leaks are posted. There's quite a few and nah. The make of the costumes is just bad. Qi Rong's costumes had a cord, not even adorned one at that, for a belt. It's like they forget to make one so they just used a cord. Xie Lian's princely robes...nah. ALP extras had better costume than that.

    Yes, I am very bitter about this adaptation.

    Let's wait and see

    I didn't like The Untamed too much either tbh ...just watched the scenes I was interestd in and I guess I'm gonna do the same with this one

    But damn I hope the manhua continues, I want to see certain scenes :nervousk: which won't go through censorship for donghua or live action :sketchyk:

    I didn't particularly mind Untamed. It wasn't the highest quality either but I think I cut it a lot of slack because it was the first BL xianxia. Now after looking at 2ha adaption, I am spoiled. Their styling is so on point. I expected something similar for TGCF.

    I think it will continue. I didn't hear anything about it being discontinued.

    It just came out today or yesterday if we go by China time.

    I don't like the live action. I have such low expectations. It's cheap and outfits are not well made. Even cosplayers have better stuff. I think iQiyi blew the budget on buying the copyrights to the IP. I am honestly sad since I waited for so long for this danmei to be adapted and I don't really like much about the team.