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    how does he think it makes sense for friends to be jealous and possessive but not lovers lmao. and why would he care if his friend will go out with other guys if they're just friends and not dating? something's not clicking and how he doesn't want any guys to talk to his friends who are girls is strange. you're not at fault for anything and I agree with them, you should just leave him~

    ikr.He wants to be friends with people but also wants to enjoy the perks of being in a relationship.He just wants to have a female who is loyal to her while he messes with other girls.

    seriously I dont get that guy. Suddenly he acts so affectionate and then the next second he is so rude. He now has sent me a voice note saying that her other two female friends often ask him to leave me but he replies them that zoha is immature, childish and innocent but she is still better than all of u and she'll mature and change one day and will be the best among u all. He wants me to change and I seriously dont know what change he wants to see bcz i have tried every effort to make our relation work. He says he will have to fight with his parents for our marriage bcz his family doesnot believe in love marriages so he wants me to become the best version of myself.

    omg you deserve better than that. as you said you felt suspicious from the beginning, your gut feeling doesn't lie to you so don't let them or anyone gaslight or manipulate you into believing anything. you're not in the wrong at all. it's clear he can't make up his mind and if he doesn't want anything, what makes him think he has the right to ask you for social media passwords, not that it's acceptable to do that even if you were together which is itself already a bad sign. tbh you sound like you dodged a bullet because he sounds awful in general. don't forget your worth for a guy who can't give his all, treat you right, and be clear with you.

    According to him,friends can be jealous and possessive for each other but lovers should not be or in our case I shouldn't be jealous bcz Iovers should give "unconditional " love. Believe me,that guy is hella possessive.He is possessive for every girl friend he has. He can't handle any boy talking to me and other girl friends he has. The girl with whom he is cheating, she is possessive too. Like why are u so possessive for an already committed guy. My boyfriend literally begs her not to leave him and gives her special treatment infront of everyone so that she doesnt leave him and go out with others. I mean it's okay for them being possessive and jealous as friends and it is not okay for me to be jealous as a lover.I swear to God after flirting and whole shit they suddenly act so kind towards me making me doubt myself. At the end he and other girls label me as the toxic one.

    That girl and one of her bestie often tell me to leave him bcz he is not treating me right.They ask me why are u in a relationship with such a guy.I sometimes want to ask them then why are they friends with such a guy. I try to be so friendly with all of them so I could understand everything and if I am at fault I could correct myself

    if you cant stay loyal to someone while in an exclusive relationship then you don't deserve to be in an exclusive relationship.

    just break up if you cant stay loyal istg

    I can never justify cheating, if you can't handle the idea of commitment which is to be expected in a relationship, don't be in one and live a life where you don't hurt someone in the process by fooling around and not being able to meet up to maintaining a relationship properly/healthily.

    He said he wants some time and space.He said he doesnot want to be in a relationship and doesnot want any flirting.He needs time for himself. Now I got to know he has been cheating with a girl whom he used to call her his sister. I was always very suspicious of them but they both gaslighted me into thinking that I am being insecure and that they are just friends and like brother and sister.[She became friend after we announced our relationship]

    He gives her more time,touches her and have a secret number through which both talk to each other whole day and whole night.I am blocked from that number. I read their chat and believe me it was disgusting. Now he is saying that there is no such thing between them but he still wants to be friends with me. He said that that he and that girl are just best friends and they just flirt with each other but have no feelings for each other. All the close friends who I have asked they all replied that I am at fault.How am I at fault? They are all saying that you are being insecure, they're just friends. I asked him a simple question that if somebody asks me whether I am single or not how should I reply? He replied that we are not in relationship so u should say you are single. A second later he started forcing me to give my social media account passwords to him and he started fighting that I am talking to other boys.I dont even want to remain friends with this guy. I switched off my mobile for one fucking day and he made that girl call my mom to ask if I was alright. After knowing i was alright he ignored me for days and started fighting that i don't love u. Dont expect anything from me. I seriously cant handle this shit anymore.

    Seriously I want all your opinions. I mean if a person is trying so hard and putting every effort to maintain the relationship but still your significant other finds peace in other people. I mean is it really the cheatee's fault that he/she is getting cheated on. :-(:pleading:

    idk man.I am also stuck with people who just dont seem to understand me. They hate me, but for some reason I just couldn't let go of them. :crys: Seriously nothing hurts a soul more than being around people who don't understand it.

    i was never insecure about my looks or my personality but I have lost all my confidence due to my toxic friends.I cant leave them but they all make me so frustrated. I sometimes want to crush my heart for developing atttachment for those toxic people.

    tbh it's all so complex. I mean we shouldn't decide without hearing both sides of the story but sometimes I feel bad when I doubt the victim.We should listen them bcz imagine giving proofs to the world that how much shit u went through. :crys: Believing victims not means that u instantly cancel the opposite party.Yes,u should give your final decisions after analyzing both the sides but before that i think victims should be given a little bit of emotional,mental support so that they could stand for themselves.