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    Can we all stop with the "emotionally manipulated" excuses. First it was that guy who was dating Seo Ye Ji claiming he was emotionally manipulated to act like a jerk, now this woman is claiming she was emotionally manipulated to kill her own child. How does that work? Both of these people are adults and unless they themselves were mentally ill should have been more than capable of making a decision using their own best judgment.

    Have gay dramas even existed? I know this isn't the point of your post but i only know about bromance dramas, actual gay dramas i watched are taiwanese

    Sadly, this was expected. But sadly, there are still european countries with this view, the only difference is that key words are not banned, you can search away freely

    Yes, I have seen them pop up on Viki/Rakuten and some of the storylines in dramas have gay side stories. I knew this would lead to a backlash in non-western cultures. Everything the west does doesn't need to be copied.

    Ok, so what do you want exactly? If several victims' accounts are not enough and court potential verdict isn't enough, what's enough in your eyes exactly?

    You do realize that people like to lie and jump on the bandwagon? Where's the PROOF? This story has been convoluted from the beginning. The girl had no problem with this so called behavior while she thought she was his exclusive girlfriend. The whole story just screams FAKE!

    people should be allowed to spend money however they want, it's so weird so many of you are against censorship like this just because you want this or that fav to sell more than fill in the blank group.

    I absolutely agree. How someone else chooses to spend their money really is nobody's business. It's no different than attacking idols for whom they choose to date. People really need to learn to keep their noses out of other people's business.

    Girl… at first I also thought it’s just a petty relationship drama, but little did we know that she was just preparing to reveal everything she got.

    Even if she is not telling the truth… she isn’t the only one who accused him of rape! It’s says over 30 people?? Did you missed that ?:eyes:

    And why should his management turn over the videos to the authorities? You think they filmed him to have evidence? If any they filmed him to have something against him or maybe worse they are selling these videos on the dark net.

    Did you miss the part where I asked for facts and not fiction? If it's put it on the internet, does that make it the truth? Also, isn't filming a minor having sex a crime? Why haven't the staff members been arrested? They were accessories to a crime.

    BTS is past Psy level. Psy can't fill stadiums in western countries. Gagnam style was like that Macarena song. It was funny to most people and that's why they like it.

    Emmm his management filmed him raping a 14 years old to blackmail him, so miss me with your bullshit, and your fake human rights concerns! How come you care about muslims, North Korea, Hong Kong etc but raped girls are liars and conspirators??? Because you fancy this fugly POS. You're pathetic!

    If his management filmed him raping an underage girl, they are guilty of child pornography and should have turned that video over to the authorities IMMEDIATELY! If he is guilty, they are guilty because according to you, they knew it happened. I don't fancy him period. He is not my aesthetic. I'm just tired of people making accusations against someone because they got dumped or cheated on, neither of which is a crime. If this man was a rapist, why did his accuser continue to want him? Why did she continue to date him? The girl got dumped, became angry, wanted to get even, AND THEN he became a rapist. Making up unsubstantiated accusations against someone is the epitome of pathetic, so get off your high horse.

    He's detained, which means the evidence is rock solid, so this prick is over. Hope they give him a harsh and longe sentence (I'm against capital punishment), so others like him think twice before hurting a girl. Just send him to the gulag! For those of you who think China would bother with framing such a nobody, get a grip! He's not important enough, and this is bad for their image, which is the only thing they care about. The thing is, you're fangirling a rapist, so get of stan twitter, and take a long look at yourselves!

    You get a grip. China harasses so called nobodies on a daily basis. Anyone who disagrees with them or is foreign gets harassed if they don’t follow along with their propaganda or is deemed a threat to their propaganda. See if you can find an Uyghur, Hong Kong citizen, or Taiwanese who refuses to be part of their propaganda machine and ask them. The Chinese government also supports a murdering psychopath Kim Jung Un, and you think they can be trusted? If Kris is guilty, what about his management? They were co-conspirators.

    There have been allegation before though. Five years ago, he was accused of rape but his team buried that. And most of his victims were underage or barely legal at 18-19. Kids basically. And China is a conservative society where wearing the tag of rape victim isn't easy. From DMZ's story, the one who brought this all to light, she agreed to meet to discuss for a role in the MV but didn't know that she would be meeting for drinks. She didn't go to a casting couch. She was unconscious when the sex happened. Morning after, Kris manipulated her to think he wants to date her and take care of her. She was 18 at the time and yeah, she believed that. Predators are pretty charming when they need to be.

    Also no, police didn't arrest him based on social media posts. China police doesn't make any arrests until they have solid proof. They have close to 100% conviction rate and with a person like Kris, who has strong influence and known internationally, they need permissions from higher ups, which they wouldn't have gotten without evidence. Also, Kris is Canadian which means it needs to be reported to Canadian embassy so another reason why this arrest is not without evidence. A police officer, not from the same branch of course, explained this on weibo.

    From what's been said on weibo, there is video evidence of him raping a 14 year old. The girl was unconscious at that time. Of course, we will never see the evidence so it's up to you to believe what is and what isn't. He will be convicted. There's no doubt about it. It's just a question of when.

    You must be joking when trying to represent the Chinese justice system as fair with all the political detainees they have over there who have been terrorized with fake, trumped up charges.

    Let's not overstate what's happening. BTS is dominating, not other Asian artists.