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    who the hell wants to follow chinese entertainment when they pull crap like this? Even an army of fangirls doesn't stand a chance against a communist dictatorship. The performing arts can not flourish under governments like this. Cpop is a flop internationally compared to Kpop / Jpop and thats for a reason.

    true. and sad. because there are many talented Chinese idols who could make it big if they were just given a good platform.

    But of course nothing good can happen under CCP. There goes Cpop >.>

    his ex. said there are over 30 girls. She was the one who even started it cause she said "I was a minor as we begun to date" and Kris is 30 years old btw ... She said he might be into underaged girls so this is why he got her to date wich she called as a mistake in her life cause she was naive and a fool to belive in him at that young age. Kris said that what she says is not true but than she said she knows girls who also fell in some sort of trap by him and Kris aswell as his company tried to deny it but after over 20 of the girls allready spoke out about it, the police begun to belive in them more than into what Kris was saying

    except it wasnt even dating... it was rape and manipulation :(

    So Kris Wu still has debt to pay to SM until 2022. As now that man is in a lot of trouble, first he will have to pay a lot to many brands for defamation etc. His support of money is gone (the capital behind him and his money sponsors). He will also have to pay tencent too due to the Golden Hairpin drama which got semi-cancelled. Also police is questioning his income which was apparently way above what the government knew (which might be even a sign of tax evasion) so as I know part of his money will be cut and send to government

    So considering all this, what do you think will happen about the debt Kris Wu has with SM?

    Even if Kris comes out as innocent he will be in a lot of debt about manythings so will he be able to pay? Do you think SM will ever adress this? I think they will try to disassociate themselves as much as they can but they might come after it to get that last bit of money.

    2 words.

    Money laundering.

    Canada is a heaven for that, and it's not a secret. I wouldn't be surprised if his Canadian status helped him securing money sponsors and capitals. Wealthy Chinese have been moving their money offshore and away from China where the CCP can seize people's assets without warnings.

    actually, a lot of Kris's defenders are male. They were the ones who slut-shamed the victims and tried to pain the victims in bad lights.... I do think it's not just delulu fan girls, it's also the patriarchy.

    ya.... I don't think it's really women's fault. I clearly stated before in my "essay" that in China Kris is (or was I guess) backed by the invisible hand from the Capital. The Capital decides who gets resources to become famous or not. It's extremely rare for commoners with no connections to make it. If you think Produce 101 scandal is bad, think 100x worse in China. So no, none of the women enabled him, it just happened that the majority of his fanbase are women.

    Rape is so hard to prove unfortunately, and victims are treated as perpetrators! It is sickening. I just really hope there is justice for these poor girls.

    legally he will get out of this. It's extremely difficult to prove sexual assault, and even more so in China where the culture it is way more conservative than the west. Although many people are starting to speak out, victim-blaming is still rampant. Yes, it is too in the west, but event more prominent in China due to the way media works, which I will explain in a bit.

    I'm not very sure in the entertainment industry. Although his brands have dropped him and it seemed like he has been blacklisted, no one knows if it is permanent. The thing is, Kris didn't become famous because of his singing, dancing, rapping, acting or variety skills. In fact, 99% of normal people (excluding his fans) will agree that Kris has absolutely zero "representing" work. Ex. This is ZhangZiyi, known for her role in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Memoir of a Geisha".... Here is Xiao Zhan, know for his role in "The Untamed". This is Jay Chou, one of the best-selling musician with 5 Golden Music Awards. Here is BTS, known for their Billboard achievements... etc. You get the drill. Kris? People always introduce him as ex-EXO member because that literally is his most well-known achievement.

    Kris became famous because of the "capital" behind the entertainment industry. The "Capital" basically decide who they will support to become famous and they look at entertainers as investment products. It's very different than the west where you go through auditions after auditions after auditions. In China, companies will get you top resources even before you've "made it". And of course, the mass will eventually notice someone if they star in numerous movies, dramas, model online, or are often seen with A-Listers. China also has the infamous "water army". That's the direct translation. It means bots or paid workers who masquerade as real people online and they spam SNS to either give the illusion that someone is famous, or to spread propaganda/bring awareness to something. So this is how the mega star Kris was born. He has incredibly strong and powerful Capital backing him up, and that's how he managed to scored many endorsement deals, which also is what he's more known of because he really lacks in all other areas. Now we add the water army to mass vote for him for online polls, manipulate online data, post 1000000x on Weibo on how they love him, etc, so the general public then believes that he's a top-tier celebrity. This is actually not an isolated incident, many top celebrities were born this way. Connection beats everything in the Chinese entertainment industry, and yes talent means nothing without connections. It is an extremely corrupt industry full of power abuse, sexual exploitation and money laundering.

    So, unless the Capital behind Kris decides to drop him as "investment losses". He has a good chance to bounce back like he has SEVERAL TIMES throughout his careers. This isn't the first time he got exposed. But he has the power, money and connection to pay private media outlets and certain organizations to spread propaganda for him. Just like he is doing now. You may have noticed the majority of the focus is on the victim, on whether DMZ is the perfect victim, what her motives for exposing Kris is, etc. While Kris' role in this scandal has become so minor that he's just in the background now. We barely hear from him. But we hear plenty of DMZ because she has to constantly prove and defend herself.

    This, is the reality of SA victims in China. This, is why a lot of people are extremely upset because it's not just SA victims trying to get justice anymore, they also have to fight against capitalism.

    yep :( very sad. I'm so sick of arguing with people on the proper translation of police reports and pointing them to actual sources, not some private media outlets can can be bought. So fk K0re@boo. Because now we are hurting the victims a 2nd time by spreading false information how they were in it for fame, when reality is that they wanted more attention on the ISSUE. Which actually explained why DMZ hired a writer. I mean, XIJingPing has people writing scripts for him, so why can't DMZ who wants to shed light on her SA case and bring justice?…content_806428.htm?div=-1

    from the Beijing News, which is owned from CCP, so not some private media outlets that can be bought by Kris.

    It states that phones were confiscated in Kris's meeting with young girls.

    I also want to mention that a lot of English articles translated that DMZ wanted fame. Untrue. The actual word used is "awareness", DMZ wanted to raise awareness of her sexual assault case and want to raise awareness of other cases. Somehow majority of English translations translated that into she wanted fame.

    Thank you it seems kris lied about all that duh.

    I think her story makes sense .. they got drunk had sex dated he got bored of her and went for other girls.

    I think the only part that's hard to prove is the rape part.. but the Chinese police are doing a great job tbh i think can prove it.

    Even though it's hard to prove, I will always believe her and the other brave girls who came forward.

    I think a lot of people underestimate how incredibly charming/cunning/manipulative these predators are. I was 20 when I got preyed on by my manager at a company I interned at. He lured me to an art gallery near the company saying that a lot of people are going. I thought it was a team building thing because we did a lot of that, but when I got there it was just him. I believed him when he said that everyone is just walking around the art gallery and he offered to bring me to find them. So I agree, because everything seemed innocent and made sense. Also I knew his son who was my age... Ya he lured to me a dark place (like one of those place where they play arty film) and was very inappropriate with touching, comments, etc. Mind you, I wasn't 18 like DMZ, and you'd think I'd know better. But the thing is, these predators KNOW how to get people's guard down. This is why usually rapists are people that we know, because it's easier to get someone to drop their guards when you know them. Like everyone knows who Kris is, so she prob thought that it was SAFE, especially when it was a FEMALE manager that contacted her. Plus a lot of auditions are held at hotels (it's easy to just rent a room, and you get privacy.) Plus a lot of times you're not allowed cellphones, because usually you're supposed to be quiet about projects that haven't started yet. And when your potential boss serves you alcohol, or course you would drink it because you want to look like you're easy to work with... god knows how many times I got pressured into drinking because my manager ordered a pub night.... It's too hard for a just-turned-18 year old girl to comprehend. And when she realized something was wrong the next day it was too late

    His fans are being so ridiculous. They got two of the update accounts suspended just because they were translating weibo posts about the case and it made Kris look bad. It's irritating as hell.

    ya makes my blood boil. he also paid for a lot of media to cover the news in a twisted narrative and focus on how the girl wants fame, but barely mention anything about what he did

    Probably, it’s one thing of you fell in Iove with one person who happens to still be a minor (if they are the age of consent) I mean this can really happen… it’s another if it’s his choosed preference… there must be an intention behind it and unfortunately I also assume it’s their innocence he wants to have better control over them….

    well rape is never about sex but about power. Rapists thrives on knowing they have full control over their victims. That's why Kris tricked, manipulated, coerced, gaslighted, lied, and ghosted his victims. These poor girls thought it was love. No he wanted sex and he got what he wanted by preying and raping. Kris must have a team behind him, because it's convenient, make girls go to him willingly by lying about offering work, take away their phones (remove any possibility of video footage/voice recordings), coerce with alcohol (who would say no to their potential boss who is going to offer them work???), get girls unconscious (so they cant fight), rape them, then manipulate girls into thinking it's love (so they don't report to the police and no traces of evidence like body fluid, alcohol, etc are left). Even better, gift them stuff or provide money, so that when girls expose him, then ooooh she's doing it for the money! she has no proof it was rape! she's doing it for the attention! Sue the girls for blackmail.

    So he's confirmed to be a rapist. I better stop seeing people try to defend him now

    there are so many delulus still defending him on twitter, weibo, etc. It's so sick to read them.

    The focus is so much on how Du is not a perfect victim. It's all why did she go why didn't she leave right away why did she drink why did she post on weibo she must be doing it for attention... yadee yadee ya same victim blaming bs. I'd like the media and influencers to pay more attention to why Kris lured young teenagers to his hotel room with the pretense of offering them work. Ya let's start with THAT

    Literally me. When I first got into Kpop I was exclusively a boy group fan, and while I liked some girl groups, it was only casually and could never imagine myself full-blown stanning any. I used to marvel at girl group fans wondering how they did it. Then I learned about the spy cam epidemic in Korea, the overwhelming misogyny, and burning sun was like the final nail in the coffin. suddenly, it all just became a huge turn off. Ever since the roles have reversed and I only casually listen to most boy groups.

    honestly the older I get the more comfortable I feel hanging out with just girls... and yes agree with girl groups. I stan way more GG now than BG whereas it used to be just BG

    The brain is fully developed around 24-25 years old, so I'm also against the idea of "consent" at 14-16 y/o. They are still kids, and some of them start their sexual life because of curiosity, but many because they are forced by their partners.

    I say that because many fans blamed the girls for going to his house/club. How can you blame a kid who dreams? It's normal for a kid at 16-17 y/o to have big dreams and to want to achieve them, considering how pressured are some by society. He took advantage of their naivety and it's obvious that he has a sick mentality. Who knows how many girls he lured? Many are too afraid to say something because they will be judged and some are ashamed that their families will find out.

    Most probably he will not receive a sentence for rape, since they don't have biological evidence, which had to be taken in less than 24h after the act unless he will admit it, which we all know is not possible. But at least, he will not be able to fool other girls. Maybe DM wanted fame and money, but she saved other girls.

    I have to disagree. For some people their brains never develop ¬‿¬

    newest update:

    Basically what Du says about Kris luring young girls to his house/hotel with false promises of work is true. Police confirmed that phones were taken away, and that there were alcohol. and that they had sex.

    So it matches up what Du has said.

    Keep in mind Du was only 17 when she was first approached by Kris's team, and went to "audition for MV" when she was 18.... Even though she was 18, she really was just legal when the rape happened. Ugh. Ugh. so disgusting.