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    Only attempts at being bullied. Grew up among a bunch friends that didn't let bullying effect us.

    We could sense the attempts were weak sauce.

    Story a bunch of us went rafting. Four of us in one raft met a guy waiting in the middle of the River. When we were close the guy rushes over wielding a knife. He shouts at us to give him our money. I just replied "give me a break". It surprised the guy and the three other guys in the raft. We slowly drifted past the guy and enjoyed the rest of the Day. I saw the situation as one guy against four whom had their own pocket knives.

    Another story a prolific school bully tries his act on me. I start going after him while he kept an escape distance. He made a fool of himself taunting while running away in front of students in the halls between classes.

    in our culture we highly believe karma exists and it's like ingrained in our mindset

    so we just don't try to cause to harm to anyone who have left bad experiences for us instead we just mind our own business and believe that person will eventually punished by karma, if not she/he himself punished someone he/she loves will be punished for his/her wrongdoing

    so yeah simple i won't harmy anyone over sth like that

    if she/he is evil human being she/he will eventually be punished for it not depending on my action

    This says it, there will be Karma consequences. It would be building bad Karma trying to ruin someone's career.

    Akorns prize - Post up a killer recipe on the Feb/Mar Food Contest.


    The is a Cheese Cake recipe that is setting the standard. :boredr:

    4 and 6 have same type of dynamic changes as question 7.

    4. Let's assume that after a recent Hurricane, storm shutter production in Hawaii would be increased. If 4,000 storm shutters were sold in 2019, and demand increases by 45% every three years, how many were to be sold in 2022? 2030? 2050?

    2022: 4000 x 1.45= 5800 2030: 17683.025 2050: ? I think the formula to get to 2050 is 4000(1 +0.45)t but idk what t is.…d-interest-calculator.php

    A = P(1 + r/n)nt

    Think in units of 3 years. A(amount), P(Principle), r/n(Rate), nt(time)

    P = 4000 shutters

    r/n = 45% increase every 3 years.

    nt = units of 3 year

    2022 - 2019 = 3, 2030 - 2019 = 11, 2050 - 2019 = 31

    nt 2022 = 1, nt 2030 = 3.67, nt 2050 = 10.3

    A2022 = 5800, A2030 = 15,640, A2050 = 184,000

    6. Suppose in one month currency 1 lost 5.3% of its value against currency 2. At this rate, approximately how long will it take for currency 1 to loose half of its value against currency 2?

    Thalf= 70/P 70/5.3= 13.2 months

    Half life formula cool. I think you got it.

    Mostly the problems have similar answer. Hawaii is where to be. :dancer:

    7. In 2000, the population of Littletown was 17,000. Use the given doubling time to predict the population in 2060. Assume a doubling time of 32 years.

    new value= initial value x 2t/tdouble (I don't know how to solve this but the answer is 62,400. Could someone show me how they would get that number)

    Finding the linear unit of yearly population increase I get 63,750.

    Using Compound formula I get 62,356 rounding off to three numerals 62,400.…d-interest-calculator.php

    A = P(1 + r/n)nt

    Think in units of 32 years. A(amount), P(Principle), r/n(Rate), nt(time)

    P = 17000

    r/n = 100% increase every 32 years. aka doubles every 32 years.

    nt = units of 32 years 60/32 = 1.875

    A = 17000(1+1)^1.875

    A = 17000 x 2^1.875

    A = 62,356.27

    So many more online bullies than in person. The hard ones to deal with are the bullies taming up on one person. I don't know what satisfaction the bullies are getting out of it. Their victim gets screwed up until they adapt.

    Revenge is ignore and 'Not give them the time of the Day'.

    A lot of social restrictions. Avoiding others and being avoided by others like we all got the plague isn't normal. Don't know anyone who got Corona Virus. Some are already getting vaccinated. It looks like a fight to restore normality cause many have become germaphobic.

    Is taco bell good? Haven't been able to eat even for once :cursing:

    Imma order if it's good

    The Tacos are good and convenient. Convenience is deciding factor, cause can make taco, burritos as good and better tasting. Can make the Burritos and freeze them for convenient heat an eat meal. :/ Idea for Feb/March Food challenge.


    This is local for me, it is disgusting what is happening. Hit and run crimes in Asian Communities by Blacks. News showing Videos Asian Elderly being targets. Assault to do harms and assaults to commit robbery.

    Crime in the region was always high. Criminals have found fertile hunting grounds in the region. An epidemic Crime of opportunity exists were there are criminally inclined are everywhere all the time.

    Before the increase of assaults on Asian elderly was a common crime of stealing cell phone right out Asian hands. Running Interview of Black criminals boasted they'll just go get a new phone robbing it from easy Asian marks.

    I know tensions between Hispanic and Black exists. Blacks are developing some serious tensions with Asians.

    Drug addicts disparate committing crimes, Whites and Hispanic Gangs are also part of crime in the region. Asians Gangs in the community, heck entire West Coast. These gangs could unify by these despicable crimes. Working together to exact revenge in criminal fashions.

    Currently free streaming on Apple TV module - TUBI, Locast, Streaming app, Pluto TV and Network Apps.

    Locast is local TV stations.

    TUBI is Movies on demand. Pluto TV hundreds of channels to find some interesting.

    A Streaming app that is clunky but taps into any broadcast including premium TV. I'd recommend the app but there is better ones.

    Network apps can watch Sitcoms that broadcasted a week before. Locast can watch live but no recording option.

    All are free streaming TV. TUBI is almost like Netflex, the movies are up to date.

    Check to stream popular channels free.

    I was watching the Free streamers more than a paid streamer. Dropped the Paid Streamer. Picked up the few channels watched on the paid streamer through Locast and Network apps.