Isn't Sakura Admirable?

  • I don't know much about AKB or it's sister groups, but from what I've seen Sakura was one of the more popular members. She easily could've stayed in Japan where she already has an established fanbase and rake in the cash, but instead she decided to try debuting in a new group after 10 years as an idol, doing difficult choreos, speaking a language that's new to her, and face the scrutiny of the public when the sentiment towards Japanese isn't good.

    I think being on produce 48 lit a fire in her because ever since then she's been steadily improving for someone who's been famous for so long

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


  • i mean IZ*ONE was a safe way to do it, she doesnt make it just goes back, after which she got HYBE contract which was guaranteed success

    and she doesnt have to deal with all the shit that comes along with 48 groups

  • As someone who was familiar with Sakura and 48G before PD48 it's really cool to see the crossover between these two universes,especially since during those days the gatekeeping of 48G and j-pop alike was a lot stronger,I feel.

    With Sakura in particular,seeing her actually make it in the k-pop world after already being successful in j-pop is kinda crazy tbh,she's truly incredible.

  • Did she sing any lines?

    I can't remember her singing much on the video.

    I will have to check out one of those timeline breakdown videos.

  • Who else thought she would just live a rich, comfy life in Japan instead of coming back to Korea to deal with xenophobic knetz who hate her? All just to pursue her dream of being the best idol she can be. Girl is the definition of FEARLESS and I luv her for it


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