Cancel culture in kpop is toxic.

  • so toxic

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  • It is always toxic, but I understand and respect people that like to take a bit of a distance when something happens to their favorites until it has been more cleared out, but do so in a respectful way.

    I don't understand when people bring up 'time'. I was once called an ugly dragon 8-9 years ago and every time I look in the mirror and I get insecure I hear it in the back of my mind, and it makes me even more insecure. What happens in your teen years will stick with you forever. We should not let people feel like their concerns are less relevant when there has been time passed, sometimes overtime people grow more confident and face their trauma to grow as a person and to let the painful past go, even if the other person might have moved on already.

    Anyway, I am not here to judge anyone, that does not seem relevant in any way. Some people change, some people don't change that is life. The world will not get a better place by cancelling anyone...


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