What netizens say about BTS having 7 nominations for 6 categories at the 2022 BBMAs

  • BTS has 7 nominations for 6 categories at the 2022 BBMAs

    Top Duo/Group

    Top Song Sales Artist

    Top Selling Song (Butter)

    Top Selling Song (PTD)

    Top Global Excl US Artist

    Top Global Excl US Song (Butter)

    Top Rock Song (My Universe) BTS-has-7-nominations-for-6-categories-at-the-2022-BBMAs-729x1024.webp

    1. Congratulations to BTS

    2. I don’t know BBMAs well, but is there something like Daesang here?

    3. Wow… Daebak.. BTS is amazing

    4. Let’s do well at the Las Vegas concert, sweep the awards at the 2022 BBMAs, do this and that, and let’s finish our schedule in the US!!!

    5. Daebak, they’re in the US right now, so I hope the concert goes well and they’ll go to BBMAs and come back to Korea with lots of awards

    6. I hope BTS has good results!!!

    7. BTS vs BTS, daebak ㅠㅠㅠ

    8. Let’s win all the nominations and put them in the trophy bag. BTS fighting!

    9. Crazy, they’re Korean singers but have the most nominations at the BBMAs

    10. Except for BTS, they are all pop singers

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