Popular topic : Do fans live too vicariously through their favorite idols/groups?

  • Do you live too vicariously through your idols? 10

    1. Yes (4) 40%
    2. No (6) 60%

    Like the amount of bragging and bashing...

    some people swear they make the same amount of money or have won the same amount of awards

    that kpop music taste equates to intellectual properties and that they somehow have a higher IQ

    or when they try to use " flop " as a personal insult when being condescending...


    like when you look at it at the end of the day..

    do you tell your boss you stan such and such and suddenly expect a raise

    do you tell your professor you stan such and such and automatically earn a whole degree or A

    do you think you automatically consume the essence of your idols talents/skills

    if you ask me, it's a bit silly how people take an idol's success and act like they're suddenly a superior human being
    nonetheless, I think you can be happy for a group's success and proud... just don't go acting all crazy with it

  • i have my own achievements to look back so no need to think of my favs.

    Bts achievements just make me more determined as in it gives me hope that we can get things done if we are focused.

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