I Don't Care That Much About Talent

  • Hello! Yeah, I know how the title looks. Let me clarify a few things before people start charging at me with some pitchforks:

    1) I am not calling any of my faves (or anyone else) untalented. If anything, I am bad at telling when someone is good or bad at something on my own, and often rely on what other people say instead, so I'd be the last person qualified to do that anyway. Plus, I'd probably be too biased for my own good, even if I could tell.

    2) This is not meant to shade, either directly or indirectly, any groups, soloists or even users on here. If you misunderstand my post in that way, I am sorry.

    Now, onto the actual post. To be completely transparent, I used to care a lot. Back when I only stanned BLACKPINK, every time I saw another debate on whether Lisa or Momo was a better dancer, it irritated me and I would not say anything, but mentally think it was Lisa. I had only heard of Momo at the time from the fanwars about that and was biased. I have since grown a ton since then and think they're both great.

    That's the thing though: why does it matter? They're obviously both great dancers, why does it matter who is better? No, really, why?

    I used to care a lot, until I heard another user on here (I forget who) mention they aren't overly concerned with talent. Then, I had an epiphany. Talent isn't a make or break deal to me. Don't get me wrong, having talented members is nice, but if the members aren't all the absolute best at everything, I'll survive. Heck, even if a group is filled with "dozens", I won't lose any sleep over it. I care much more about if the members (at least on camera) seem to be close and are good people, the members are funny, the songs themselves sound good and that they are constantly trying their best to improve, both as a person, and in terms of their skills.

    Besides, you know how good I sounds from the Masked Singer event on here. My dancing and rapping are both just as bad or worse. Me complaining about talent from idols who have trained for years would be like the pot calling the kettle black. I don't expect them to be perfect, but I do expect them to try their best when feasible (obviously they shouldn't be practicing if they are injured or quarantined for example). I try my best, as bad as I am, so I think it's only fair to hold them to the same standard.

    Now, I did put the "that much" in the title for a reason. I do care about it to an extent. I want the singing/rapping in the official recording to at least sound nice. Editing technology has come a long way though, so if they're only a bit off, it's fixable. As long as they can do that, I'm fine. I do care slightly how good they sound accapella, because I need to have standards somewhere, but I won't cause a huge fuss over it one way or another. As for singing live, I don't care how good they sound singing live, as long as I can see that they're trying. Singing and dancing live without going off beat on either is incredibly hard (at least for me). Props to them for even trying.

    As for dancing, who cares if they're a bit stiff or their facial expressions aren't perfect? As long as they can keep up with the other members, I won't care a ton or cry a river. For rapping, it would be nice to know they're actually good and not just given that title for no good reason, but I can live with "mediocre" rapping. Chances are, I won't even notice it's falling short unless someone else points it out to me.

    So, those are my thoughts on the matter. As long as they can keep up and the official audios sound fine, I don't see a problem. That's the point I am at now. Quite frankly, I get tired of all these: "is x better than y at z?", especially if it gets too hostile and starts fanwars. Just enjoy the music, please.

    Where do you stand on the issue? How important is talent to you? Why? Which area (dancing, rapping or singing) is the most important to you for an idol to be good at and why? I'd love to hear your take on what I said as well. Please don't fight about this though. Have a great day/night!

  • i only care about talent as in how well you can pull off your own music/performances

    not being the best or better than this and that

    then again there's idols in groups I stan who I wouldnt consider much talented in terms of mechanical skills but I like them regardless so........

    music comes first

    u r m o m g a y


  • Good policy. That's actually a good perspective as well.

  • Good policy. That's actually a good perspective as well.

    uh huh

    like when i first discovered Loona i wouldnt have said Heejin's my bias since I found the other members funnier and hotter

    but when I saw her stage I was blown away and I saw how freaking hard she worked on her skills and how good and passionate she was at everything, she became my ult

    now a lot of my preferences have been changed just because of her alone

    u r m o m g a y


  • I do care about talent but it isn't everything. Funny thing is that I've realized that I care more about the talent of my bias then the group as a whole.

    For groups I just need to enjoy what they give and find them entertaining. That can often translate into them being talented but it's not necessarily the same thing.

    For individual biases I definitely do care about talent. More than I first thought. Now there are exceptions, biases I just picked for their personality or visuals, but in general I have a hard time having a bias I don't find talented. I'm obviously biased so in some cases everyone might not agree with me but most would be considered "objectivly" talented. (I own 15 individual idol badges and 11 of them have/had (some aren't in groups anymore) a main position within their groups.)

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