answering ANON questions on my main pt. 3

  • i'm so fucking brave (again).

    not here to have arguments idc.

    let's begin.

    1. Who are the best trolls of allkpop?

    - none of them. that behavior shouldn't be rewarded. trolls used to be funny and now they're just predictable and overtly hateful.

    2. Why was red velvet able to keep their support 8 years after debut compared to twice?

    - what?!?! you act like their fans just magically disappeared... they still have support, they sold out multiple stadiums....

    3. Hybe is very obsessed with dancing and neglect vocals. Why?

    - looks like someone hasn't heard jungkook sing! anyways i can summarize with this comment: "The way people are still jealous of bts being the top group" yep. i don't even like hybe but the indirect drags are not it.

    4. JYP has too many groups

    - i'll agree to this statement if the rumors of them releasing a new gg are actually true. and if that new gg does debut let's pray it's not a "new genre" b.s. thing. i'm sorry but MAKE NORMAL MUSIC FFS. Tank is GOOD, O.O is NOT.

    5. HYBE is being cheap with their MV's, why?

    - i can agree to this. ever since 2019 the quality went out the window with the exception of TXT, ON, and Film Out (+ other Japanese mvs). idk what it is but i definitely noticed it with Dynamite too. way lower quality than usual, especially compared to masterpieces such as BST and Fake Love. they made the Love Yourself mini film, for fucks sake. i KNOW they can do good shit.

    6. Is Darari losing hype after just a month?

    - everytime i open insta reels, i hear "DA RA RA RA RA RA RIIIII BABY" every few videos (usually decorating toploaders/photocard setup-related stuff), so i don't think so

    7. Hybe American girl group vs. JYP American girl group, who will be more successful

    - probably Hybe because they have more experience w America atp (don't come for me lmao i know about the Wonder Girls collab, chill)

    8. Why do y'all shade ggs for not charting as well when they are older?

    - FINALLY, a good question. people do this because society imposes an "expiration date" on women. if you're past your 30's? you're ancient and no one cares anymore. it's horrible and this idea needs to stop because no one does it to men, it's just women because we're held to a different standard. and then when we call it out, people get all defensive and suddenly we're "men-hating users" (yeah, i see you, fuckers)

    9. should txt drop the emo concept?

    - have you ever listened to Pierce The Veil? Bring Me the Horizon? Sleeping With Sirens? My Chemical Romance? even All Time Low? because some part of me really doubts you have.

    10. Proof JYP is pulling SuperM on Yes24. Come in for the expose!

    - none of those^ words are in the bible

    11. BTS and Blackpink losing fans...

    - i was proud of my comment on this one: "sigh. time to quote my man Jack Harlow again: 'All these social networks and computers got these pussies walkin' 'round like they ain't losers'. some of y'all just be saying anything as long as it drags down bts or bp in your head. get help. idk where the narrative of bts losing fans came from but it's so???? they just sold out PRESALE at a giant stadium in Vegas."

    12. deep down, I want to gatekeep my faves

    - so true, i miss the days where i didn't have to fight to the death for tickets

    13. How sad will hybe stans be if the source girl group does as bad as nmixx 0.0?

    - this is a trick question because there is no song worse than that abomination that JYP dared to call "music"

    14. Who is the guy in the purple sweater in Zoo by nct?

    - Rosé from STAYC

    15. Aespa is SNSD without the numbers

    - i love aespa, but Beyonce SNSD sweetie i am so sorry

    16. Was soyeon trying to be jennie in tomboy?

    - i wanted to say something really mean here, but i won't. so instead i'll say this: soyeon is soyeon and she eats it up every damn time, keep her name out of your mouth. no one "owns" rapping in english.

    17. what's the strangest fanfiction you've read?

    - probably the one i wrote about me and sc*** ca***** [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED]

    sorry this was shorter than usual.

    oh well, enjoy :wellr:

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  • I have anons blocked, but now I need to know if the thread about Hendery is good or bad. :pepe-sad:

    Edit: it's good!

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  • We can block anons?

    You can! I'm not at hom, but there's a thread somewhere with the instructions. I will find it when I get home and tag you. It blocks the whole section and the threads/posts don't show up on the sidebar.

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