Unpopular Opinions Thread ( NO QUOTING ALLOWED)

  • I dislike collabs in general. I'm almost always 50-50 on them. But my dislike is less about the music(music is only one of the reason) more about how every time 2 different artists meets fans constantly start shouting Collab rumours. I get super annoyed by it. :peperun:

  • We need more subunits and solos within the same groups. I usually end up liking music coming from these types of collaboration the most. Artists are usually more aware of each others strengths and work well together with in group collabs or sub units. It also gives them a chance to experiment more outside of the group.

    This is soo good and their whole album too. I need more of this :pepe-sad:

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  • All ballads are not boring. They can be really good when done right having the most beautiful melodies. I love ballads ;(

    And there are some really good ones in korean music outside of k-pop too.

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