Send me the name of your pets

  • I curently have no pets but the pets I had in the past:

    My dogs

    • Rieke
    • Bobby
    • Bea
    • Casey

    My bunnys

    • Glöckchen ( = Little bell)
    • Schneeweißchen (A character of a german fairytale called "Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot" about 2 sisters getting lost and find the house of a demon... I forgot the rest of that fairytale)

    My guniea pigs

    • Fleckie (= Spot/stain, but in a cuter version xD)
    • Domino
    • Krümmel ( = crumble)
    • Maya
    • Brownie
    • Popcorn
    • Popcorn 2
    • Betty
    • Myv (I mostly called him Myvi and as he became old I only called him "kleiner Opa" wich means "Little grandpa")
    • Vanilla
    • Klecks (= Blob)
    • Rei
    • Karamell ( = Caramel)
    • Flocke (= Flake ... mostly in term of snowflake)

    My budgies

    • Hansi (= cuter version of the German name "Hans")
    • Blue
    • Feder ( = feather)
    • Leuchti ( = cuter version of the word "Leuchten" wich means "glow")
    • Grüni (= cuter form of "Grün" wich means "green")
    • Glitzer (=Glitter)
    • Gelbi (= cuter version of "Gelb" wich mans "yellow")

    I forgot how I named my other bugies

    -Before anyone asks: I don't had all pets at the same time

    Pet's who were not really mine but I almost considered them mine cause I spend too much time as a kid at my grandma:

    My grandma's dogs

    • Saya
    • Rick

    My grandma's cat

    • Minka

    My grandma's Canary

    • She got a new canary all 3-4 years since they don't live so long and she called them everytime "Hans" till she got a female Canary that she called "Johanna"
  • Jordan - My uncle's dog but we're taking care of him for now.

    Muning - Generic name for a cat in Filipino. It's a stray cat that likes to chill in my mother's backyard. My mother doesn't want to name her as she doesn't want the attachment although she's the one that feeds that cat regularly and would search for her if she doesn't drop by for days.

  • oh damn.. thats so many

  • My bunnys

    • Lolo
    • Nuuree
    • Dixie
    • Huedey
    • Jayjay

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  • Aww this thread is adorable.

    • Blossoms is the cat I have currently and she is my life partner thus far, she is about 7 years old.

    In the past I have had:


    • Link: Male Grey Tabby Cat, Given to Friend when he could not stand the move to the city.
    • Zelda: Female Calico, got too old to move again so we gave her to the same friend as Link.
    • Princess Peach: Female Grey Tabby Rescue, She had mites that we did not find in time as they had already gotten bad enough they were inside her and not noticeable. She lived to be 2 years old before we had to put her down.
    • Vinny; Big Fluffy and Fat Male Siamese, my abusive ex kept him despite him not liking them, and that ex is now in prison so I do not know where Vinny is.
    • Charcoal; Fluffy Black Male Cat, He got outside last fall and never came back, we have yet to find his body but we believe he passed defending the house from an bigger animal. :(


    • Jessie; My Childhood Dog at biological mom's , Rottweiler, very sweet, she used to let my sister use her as a pillow. Passed a 10 years ago.
    • Sam; Collie, Childhood dog at foster parent's, still sleeps on my bed in the attic of the house my foster parents own.
    • Akita; Blue Nose Pitbull, another childhood pet, very sweet and loveable got sick after having a liter of puppies and had to be taken to an animal hospital where she tried to recover.
    • Roxy; Daughter of Akita, a very pretty orange color and would wake me up every morning a minute before my alarm. Had to be put down after she bit someone who tried to attack me a few years back.
    • Max; White Pitbull, very protective, my bio mom's ex took him when he left (still kinda mad about it).
    • Buddy Nelson; German Shepard, he was my service animal for a while and would drag me up the stairs to my bed when my illness would cause me to collapse and be unable to make it to my room. He is now 13 and is living out the rest of his life with my uncle as he can no longer function as well as he used to. He still gets excited and hyper when he sees me even though it hurts him because of how old he is.
    • Cookie; my most recent service dog, an Labrador/Greyhound mix, my ex and his ex took her to a pound when they let her move in with us and turned her in as a "lost dog" although she was known to be my service animal, I was fined for this and was refused her return. That was about 3 years ago now.

    I think that is about all the animals if we do not count the horses from my grandfather's.

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