Fromis 9's Lee Saerom under controversy for saying she's "bored to death" before live stream

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    Fromis 9's Lee Saerom under controversy for saying she's "bored to death" before live stream

    Saturday, February 12, 2022


    Video: Idol from large agency caught during live stream being rude to fans (currently deleted footage)

    Source: Sojang via YouTube

    Fromis 9's Lee Saerom said during a live stream "I'm so bored (to death) of this, I want to go home fast"

    1. [+342] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her true feelings got caught. If you're so bored of this, then go retire. How comfortable will you be then?

    2. [+295] There's evidence of this and it's undeniable that she said... I don't think even a fan could shield this...

    3. [+468] She got to being an idol through rigged means, why is she acting like this...

    4. [+130] So a clarification statement has been released but it sounds really forced. They claim she said she "was bored to death of this" because they've been in quarantine and haven't been able to go out, and that she "wanted to go home fast" because she wanted to get back to their dorms. There are a few things weird about this clarification, first being that they were in quarantine in the past but she spoke of being bored in the present tense. Second, they claim that she wanted to go home because she was bored of quarantine but then why would you want to go back to where you were quarantining if you were bored of it? Third, you can tell that that's not what she meant at all by the way the vibe of the room got cold and quiet and that Lee Nakyung and Song Hayoung had to tell her that they were live. If she just apologized for what she said, then I bet her dumb male fans would've continued shielding her and let the issue die but the clarification only proved that she meant what she said ㅋㅋ But I guess there's nothing more to expect from an idol who rigged her way to the top and has a fandom full of dumb men who refuse to look or hear of the truth?

    5. [+171] I can maybe see that she said "I'm bored to death" about something else because we don't know what they were conversing about on their own but wanting to "go home fast" is hard to excuse when you're in front of your fans. I get that celebrities get tired too but you should stil treat your fans with consideration and respect. Her saying all of this together just means that she's tired of interacting with her fans, and that's difficult to shield.

    6. [+82] I'm more surprised that they have fans at all who watch these lives...

    7. [+201] Is there any celebrity who is genuine when interacting with their fans? ㅜㅜ

    8. [+60] What I find funny to notice is that the other members have been on V-lives often so they know that there's a delay and are ready for it but Lee Saerom barely streams once a year for her birthday so she wasn't aware and kept talking to herself...

    9. [+192] I don' know how she can say this stuff in good conscience when she took a spot from victims who lost their chance due to the show being rigged

    10. [+57] And this is why you should never love a celebrity to the point of dedicating your life to them...

    11. [+97] Hearing her say this so nonchalantly makes me wonder if the other members share her feelings too?

    12. [+37] I've never seen a celebrity who treated their fans like this end up doing well. All of the superstars like IU and BTS are always so good to their fans. Even if we'll never know what they're really thinking on the inside, they'll never let it be known like this on the outside...

    13. [+20] Her idol position was stolen from another trainee anyway, no? If she's this bored after stealing her way to this position, then just quit...

    14. [+18] She's the last popular member anyway so I doubt this will impact the group much

    15. [+57] Right as the group was on the rise, she's dropping their image right down

    16. [+135] Why did they have to transfer to Hybe at all and taint Hybe's image like this;;;;

    17. [+147] This can't be shielded

    18. [+34] I think people are overreacting... if this is considered controversial, then I know a lot of male idols who should be retiring right now ㅋㅋ

    19. [+111] If you're that bored, then just quit;;;; I hope your career can take a nice long break forever ^^

    20. [+39] She just got unlucky with the live starting right as she talked about being bored. I bet you there are a lot of idols who say worse things off camera.

  • Ooof, it sucks because she just said anything a normal person would say at work or school.

    But because of her line of work, yeah, lol, doesn't look too good.

    Sucks because when I was looking at Fromis more, she was the member who stood out most to me. I thought she was so pretty, and am pretty sure she is my bias. ;(

  • She explained it on Weverse

    On Weverse she wrote, "Hello, this is fromis_9 Saerom. I'm writing to explain the comment at the beginning of yesterday's V Live. I was catching up with the members after being in the self-quarantine. I was talking about how I liked being alone at first but I was so sick of it as I couldn't go outside at all.

    Additionally, while the self-quarantine is 7 days long, I can't go back home until Seoyeon tests negative because she is my housemate. And I'm also worried about Seoyeon so I said I couldn't wait to go home. I believe what I said could be misunderstood because the full context wasn't available.

    I wanted to show the best version of myself as we haven't met for a while, and I'm sorry I surprised you because of my sloppiness. I promise to come more frequently while being more mature and careful."

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  • This is a way better explanation then what that one commenter made it out to be.

    Guess this is what happens when a group starts getting more attention.

  • Even if she was talking about her fans what's the problem people need to stop acting like idols are protagonist in a fantasy novel who are angels.

    They're just like me and you except better looking.

    i mean, i get why people would be upset, because imagine looking up to and enjoying a vlive and ur fave is like lmao this is boring. i'd probably feel a little upset, but people are blowing this out of proportion and context even after she explained the situation.

  • Yeah I wouldn't care I would just laugh if my fave done that.

    I sometimes say I'm bored af to my friends they don't get offended.

    that's a personal thing then lol. not everyone feels the same way about things and that's also something to take into consideration... especially when those people are your fans that probably spend money to support you.

    lack of appreciation can really be a turn off sometimes

  • Yeah but it can be a personal thing like she's just bored of reading lots of comments or bored of sitting too long wants to go eat or play etc.

    Also it's not fans as in a fan individually it's just overall bored of the situation.

    Although she wasn't even bored of the vlive but of something else but still I would just laugh. People can't be living getting in their feelings every second not healthy for the heart.

    idk, i just think its better to be more careful of what you say. like yeah that's totally possible and honestly i would be too, but i probably wouldn't say it because again, not everyone is understanding :nct6:

    if you're putting yourself out there, the most important thing to take into consideration before you speak is whether or not people will take what you say out of context and or misinterpret it. one person or thousands, i just think that's something people should always take into consideration. and you can't really help how others will feel, like idk some people are just more sensitive- you can't just stop getting hurt. sure, you can ignore it and pretend it didn't happen but that doesn't mean you wouldn't still care. which again goes back to my point, if you don't know if everyone's gonna take it the right way and you're in a position where that is very likely... just don't say it at all. regardless, it can happen to any of us, things just slip and that can't be helped.


  • The things that idols have to apologize for and clarify, it's really a bit ridiculous. They're not allowed to make a mistake or have an off moment ever. Western celebs have been caught saying far worse and even then most people understand that they were probably having an off day or just tired/stressed because some parts of their job kinda suck sometimes.

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