Themed Badge Submission Rules [Submissions deleted otherwise]

  • Themed Badge Submission Rules:

    Q: Ever wondered what the offspring of a glamour shot and a passport photo might look like?

    A: Oooh, that's right, a badge!

    A badge should be aesthetically pleasing, but also accurately show what or who it portrays. Sound like a tall order? It definitely can be!

    These are things you should keep in mind when submitting photos.



    • Try to choose pics where the skin color is as natural as possible.
    • Lighting should be clear enough to see facial features - not too dark, not too light.
    • Try to submit sets or images that give the same feel across all the badges.


    • Anything the impedes clarity and identification such as hands/hair covering more than half of the face or closed/hidden eyes should not be submitted.
    • Please no fashion shoots with exaggerated expressions or shots where people are looking down.
    • Professional pictures only - no performance shots, no selfies or fan-taken photos.

    To help visualize these:

    Looking forward/up
    Face cropped closely in
    trophyImage-1185.png Fingers on less than half of face
    168775-1030856d-22dc-497b-a422-c79c7dbf9ebe-png Eyes closed
    168848-wefe-png Left eye closed
    168849-no-2-png Looking down
    168850-no-1-png Eye Hidden
    ✕ Hair covering more than half the face
    168852-no-4-png Selfie
    ✕ Skin tone very washed out
    agvSJwH.png Cropped too far out
    ✕ Looking down
    32ic76Z.png ✕ Off-center
    Cropped too far out
    ✕ Looking down
    168826-16240e574ac723de161139003548-png ✕ Logo/Watermark
    6Rp9Yxy.png ✕ Too much focus on neck
    ✕ Off-center
    ✕ Cropped too far out

    In other words, let's avoid:

    Thanks from all of us here on the Badge Squad!

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