Ranking the new songs on Chungha’s album ‘Querencia’

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    1. Flying on Faith (3) 75%
    2. Demente (2) 50%
    3. Masquerade (1) 25%
    4. Luce Sicut Stellae (1) 25%
    5. Lemon (1) 25%
    6. Comes N Goes (1) 25%
    7. Bother Me (0) 0%
    8. Chill (0) 0%
    9. Byulharang (0) 0%
    10. All Night Long (0) 0%

    A little late but been too busy listening to the album none stop to take any time writing about it. Chungha did it! Her first full album is a masterpiece and everything I wanted! Sorta... it’s great for real but if I’m being 100% honest it’s more 8/10 not a perfect 10. But still amazing for a first album!

    Excluding the title track Bicycle, four prereleases and 5 intros/outros there’s a total of 10 new songs on the album. Time to rank them!

    10. All Night Long

    Chungha’s first real power ballad. Proud of her and she’s really developed as a vocalist. I just don’t like ballads. I find most of them boring and that does sadly include this one. It’s the slowest song and the album and the lyrics are very pretty land loving. I like that it’s about two people who are in a solid relationship and not any unnecessary dramatics, it makes the song more beautiful. Overall it’s just not very fun.


    9. Bother Me

    That I can’t place this song higher annoys me so much. It has some of my favourite lyrics on the album. LOVE the verses, they’re sassy and pretty catchy but the chorus just ruins it for me. It’s not that it’s annoying or straight up bad, I just don’t wanna listen to it again. It’s one of those songs that I might listen to once, decide it’s ok and then never think of again. It makes me sad because going into it I thought it had a shot of becoming my favourite on the album. Oh well. It’s mainly the instrumentals in the chorus that I don’t like, they’re too loud and zzzhus-ish (kinda sounds like that). The verses remind me a bit of Drive which is one of my favourite Chungha songs (dumb chorus).


    8. Byulharang

    As I said I don’t like ballads but I’ll confess that this one made me tear up. Usually I’m kinda a sceptic and all fandom fluff comes off as very forced to me but obviously I’m a big hypocrite because this song made me so emotional. I was crying. Byulharang<3


    7. Chill

    This song is fine, good even. It’s chill. Not as chill as I was expecting, sorta upbeat actually, but nice. The random english didn’t always work and it’s not a masterpiece but it doesn’t try to be, it’s just a chill song. It could shine more in the summer.


    6. Masquerade

    Here is where it starts to get good. The name alone had me excited and the song didn’t disappoint. Salsa swing vibes creates a sexy mysterious vibe that works so well. Since Bad Boy on her 2nd mini anything with swing vibes from Chungha is a treat. It just needed a little more, more to chew, and it would have been perfect.


    5. Flying on Faith

    Top 5! This makes 3 full english songs from Chungha. Not as good as Dream of You but beats Flourishing. Some of the lyrics, especially the opening comes off as a little clumsy like english songs by Kpop stars often do but overall it’s pretty great. It got personality and Chungha delivers it no problem. Can’t get enough of the “I’m out of luck,...” part.


    4. Lemon

    I feel a little guilty putting this above some of the others but I love summery songs and it’s my ranking so... Mayyyybe it feels a little repetitive, “lemon” is close to the only english in the chorus so it stands out more than it would otherwise and yeah at the end you have a lot of lemons, but who likes substance is summer songs anyways?? This will be a favourites on my summer playlist.


    3. Luce Sicut Stellae

    It got a strong healing, dreamy and hopeful sound to it. The lyrics is sweet and the song as a whole is just what I need some days. It gives both a comforting escape but it’s also empowering and gives you strength. It reminds me a bit of Pristin V spotlight. That song didn’t receive a lot of attention but has always been one of my favourites. Overall, a lovely and motivational song.


    2. Comes N Goes

    I have a confession, I’ve never cared that much for Chungha’s vocal tone. In IOI Sejeong was always the main star for me and I also preferred Doyeon, Yoojung, Kyulkyung and Nayoung’s voices. I have come to love Chungha’s voice but suspect that’s more due to familiarity and association than anything else. That said, I love her tone in this song. When it stared playing it was just ugh, perfection. The song has my favourite type of setting in Chungha songs about a imperfect but not all bad relationship. She always does those type of songs so well (Bother Me and to some extent Flying on Faith has similar lyrics). I assumed this was gonna be a ballad based on it’s position on the album so was very pleasantly surprised.


    1. Demente

    Spanish. SPANISH! Never knew I needed a spanish song (did definitely not expect it) and now I will never not need it. Hot Damn. Love summery songs, love songs with a latino sound, love Chungha, LOVE THIS SONG!


    Tried to be honest and not run away with the scores. So this is my review trying to be unbiased. Overall it’s a great album. I’m a title track kinda person and don’t care much for most Kpop artists bsides there are a few exceptions and Chungha has always been one of them. Have added more bsides from this album alone than half of the current top groups combined...

  • Honestly I can only remember what a few songs sounded like. I think it was pretty good (especially lemon and x) but I have to disagree with demente. As a native Spanish speaker I was wondering what language she was speaking and it was distracting

  • Honestly I can only remember what a few songs sounded like. I think it was pretty good (especially lemon and x) but I have to disagree with demente. As a native Spanish speaker I was wondering what language she was speaking and it was distracting

    Love Lemon and like X’s lyrics. <3

    I only took Spanish in middle school and remember basically nothing so pronunciation is obviously not an issue for me but can understand that it’s distracting if you actually know the language. I was wondering how good/bad it was listening to the song. Like she was obviously didn’t sound like a native, even I could here that, but thought it was okay, maybe I was wrong haha.

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