Do you prefer your kpop with rap or without?

  • one of the things that drew me to kpop was the combination of rap and vocals, but I know others who only tolerate a lot of the rap breaks.

    Which side do you fall on? Are there any kpop songs that you love but wish did not have the rap break?

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  • depends on the song and the rapper

    Loona doesn't have set rappers or a rapline ( different members rap in different songs)

    They do have what you can call rapping but it's mostly light talksinging so it doesn't take away from the melody of the song

    Now that's good

    It offers variety but not distraction

    u r m o m g a y


  • why does come off to me like I'm ordering something at a restaurant? "Would you prefer your hot dog with or without pickles" ldfskj "Would you prefer your kpop with or without rap?" my brain is fucked lmao


    Anyways if the rap parts are quality, I like it.

    If it's not quality, I would rather be without it.

    I think there are certain voices and styles from artists that don't click with me which causes me to dislike rap parts.

    That doesn't make rap parts bad for me, but since the execution is poor, I would rather go without it.

  • It depends.

    I tend to prefer how rap was integrated in second generation songs to the way it is integrated now.

    It's too hard now for my tastes.

    Something like this where it is integrated within a more melodic and actual singing. Is my preference.

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  • french-fries-fast-food.gif

    I get that. There are some rappers whose voices and styles I just can't listen to cuz I find them grating.

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  • OMG, are you reading my mind!? I was legitimately going to make this same thread today.

    I have never questioned rap in KPOP because all the groups I have listened to have always had a rapper, but recently I have noticed a lot of people don't like the rap parts for some reason and feel they can do without it.

    Me personally, I don't think KPOP songs NEED rap parts, but I like them. Like Twice raps get criticized a lot as taking away from the song, but I actually like the obligatory rap part in Twice's songs. I like the switch up, and it offers a nice change in the melody. I think that's the benefit of having raps in KPOP songs.

    But, listening to Eleven, I was shocked that there was no real rap part in the song and I did not even realize it. And it is perfectly fine without it.

    So while KPOP songs don't NEED rap parts, I think I prefer them being around versus gone completely.

  • Rap adds nothing to K-Pop. Most times it comes across to me like the part in Tiffany's "Heartbreak Hotel" - just completely disrupts an otherwise good song. One recent example that did work OK was in WJSN THE BLACK's "Easy".

    Usually it just sounds like they are letting the visual talk for a few lines to keep her on screen, but are simultaneously preventing her from hurting the public's ears with her singing. ^^

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