Ailee the Most Under-Utilized Talent in Kpop?

  • Ailee's talent was by no means wasted, she has a decent following in Korea to this day despite not having a hit in years, and her talent is universally acknowledged and respected, however she is by no means the Adele of Korea that many people expected her to be and that she probably deserves to be.

    Where did things go wrong? A number of personal scandals and her weight took attention away from where it should've been: her voice. Her original company failed to promote her properly. None of her follow up songs could reach the heights of "I Will Show You". Her new company lacks resources (and in my opinion her new songs do not deliver what people expect or want from ailee).

    It's really a shame I think, we lost the chance to have a powerhouse vocals dominating kpop... we have korean singers like Sohyang but they aren't kpop.

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


  • It doesn't matter if you're in kpop or any other pop market, being talented is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need a big company behind you to promote you properly and chose good concepts. Sometimes singers can get lucky and make it big from a small label if they have an excellent hit song, but Ailee's songs for the most part weren't hit material.

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