No because I am literally obsessed with Freezia

  • I never got the hype for wonyoung’s prepubescent face and I understood they hype behind Jennie but she was never my type

    But the mixture???? LIKE HOWWWWWWW??? I WANNA BE HER

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    I was dazed by her even before singles inferno. Idk were I seen her before but she got an automatic follow from me on ig. I still ain’t followed to a lot of my fave’s fanpages LOOOOL. Istg her charm is IMMACULATE

  • Why? Because she doesn’t pretend to be humble? We love a real ass bitch

    There’s a fine line between being arrogant vs being confident and she’s clearly the latter

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s just how she is portrayed?.

    I just don’t find her appealing at all.

  • I thought about it some more (and I don’t want your thread to flop)

    Some people like bad guys. Some men look up to them because they can get the girls.

    Girls like them because I donno. They look good though.

    I personally prefer a nice guy. Who looks good ngl. Why would I ever spend time with someone who doesn’t treat me right? Not saying bad guys do. I just like someone who’s not only focussed on himself.

    The types that liked Jia is not the types I would ever go for. Like 200 hours in the gym per week? Obsessing over looks? Or nerdy like Sihun?

    I prefer a martial arts type, someone who plays a team sport or who just go for a run or do active things outdoors. What they do for a living is irrelevant. They can be nerdy too.

    Jia was up before the crack of dawn to apply makeup and do her hair. She wore outfits that did not look classy to me. Like party outfits for breakfast.

    Her attraction on the show is her looks. I never heard her say anything of substance.

    Like let me fetch my Prada bag to go for a walk ob the beach.

    Now for the other girls, there was substance. Reflection. They treated each other great. Treated the guys great. The hugged each other. And they were fit.

    Jia was just skinny.

    I guess it’s all down to types. And that is subjective. I’m a creative romantic sports girl so that’s why I prefer types like Soyeon and Yeawon. And Sehoon.

    Soyeon looks great. Her body is to die for. She is classy and dresses well. She also talks with substance and she is a business owner as well as having her own yt channel, which advocates healthy living.

    Jia is about makeup and clothes.

    Soyeon was there for the guys ad the girls and she won both her man and all the competitions. That is someone I would look up to rather than Jia. And she still had killer looks.

    I don’t know if I make sense - this was just my take.

    Now come back season two :pepe-hehe:

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