[NB]Nam Bora talks about the burden of caring for her 13 siblings

  • source: Nam Bora talks about the burden of caring for her 13 siblings

    Nam Bora talks about the burden of caring for her 13 siblings
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    Article: Nam Bora, second born out of 8 brothers, 6 sisters... "My family situation has an influence on my dating life"

    Source: Wikitree via Instagram

    "It wasn't easy for me to date because I had to take care of my dongsaengs. Caring for my dongsaengs was always my #1 priority. I found myself treating my boyfriend like I would treat my dongsaengs. The majority of the money I made as a celebrity went to supporting my dongsaengs' education."


    1. [+238] Her parents should be the ones raising them, why are they making their own kid spend her money on raising them? That's so wrong... You should only have as many as kids as you can take responsibility for. I get that having a lot is nice and all when they're all grown and older but I can't say that the environment when they're growing up is any good.

    2. [+153] It's so sad that she was just expected to look after her dongsaengs all her life 🥺

    3. [+110] But really, why did they have so many kids...? I personally don't understand...

    4. [+55] I think her parents are quite irresponsible. They used their daughter's money to basically raise all of the younger ones on her own... 😢 It makes me sad to think that she probably grew up without the love and attention of her parents that she should've received. It's great for the country for families to have a lot of children but it's different when you're actually one of those kids. It's not always a good thing when kids have to mature faster than their peers.

    5. [+49] It makes me sad that we have a word like 'K-Jangnyeo' at all ㅜㅜ ('Korean eldest sister' coined to describe the phenomenon of Korean families putting undue burden on the oldest female sibling for house chores and child rearing)

    6. [+24] Sigh;;;; just a frustrating situation~~~

    7. [+128] You should never have children because they're nice to have. You should have them to take responsibility for them. If you have your children parent your other children, you have failed as a parent... I hope Bora moves out on her own and is able to spread her own wings because she's suffered enough...

    8. [+11] I don't see the point in having so many kids in our generation. It's not like you're some royal family who needs to continue the blood line. Fourteen children is way too many... you should only have as many as you can handle. Can they even all fit under one roof? ㅠ.ㅠ

    9. [+16] She is the representative 'K-Jangnyeo' reality.. ㅠ

    10. [+4] I hope that she meets someone who loves her for all she is and lives a happy life!

    11. [+9] So basically her parents did nothing but give birth while she was raising everyone

    12. [+5] Her parents are so selfish

    13. [+3] My heart rips for her

    14. [+4] I can't imagine how hellish her life might've been if she wasn't born with good looks. Imagine if there was not one member of that family who was able to make the kind of money she does now to keep them all afloat... wow

    15. [+31] Sigh, just a frustrating situation all around. It feels wrong to speak ill of someone else's parents but.. you can't deny that they put a huge burden on her. I'm a 'jangnyeo' myself so my heart breaks for her. 🔥


    I'm with commenters on this one. Parentifying eldest kids, especially the girls, so they could raise your other children

    is very irresponsible, cruel and I'd go as far as saying it's abusive.

  • That's what my Mom had to go through since she was 1 out of 12. She never got a chance to truly be a child because she had to take care of her younger siblings and she was practically raised by her grandmother and older siblings.

    ~ ω

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