Kpop is DEAD (Free education inside)

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    Top 5 reasons we are in the final days of kpop.

    1. BTS: Often credited for paving the way BTS has actually destroyed the way. They are so popular and have monopoly over every square inch so much so that no group can ever grow a fanbase on their level. When Michael Jordan retired from the Bulls the first time the NBA was never the same. Interest plummeted to an all time low. Same will happen with BTS disbandment.

    2. Oversaturation: 50 groups debuting a week is suffocating the industry. Even if 3 of those groups make a little bit of noise it then takes away from the three from last week. And so on and so on. To the point no new group can ever gain any traction to become a worthy contender to helping grow kpop.

    3. Music quality: This has been a problem since 3rd gen but luckily for kpop 3rd gen had groups so popular it didn't matter what they released. Looks and personality helped Twice overcome "Signal", Blackpink overcome "DuDuDu" and every song post "Asif it's your last " , Red Velvet overcome every song except "Ice Cream Cake" and "Bad Boy", and helped BTS overcome EVERYTHING post 2016. Think I'm exaggerating? Then why are kpop songs at an all time low with general public?

    4. China: China has been waging a cultural war on Korea and kpop for years now but things are only escalating. They will eventually get to the point where China will ban kpop for good from its borders and we will never see another Chinese idol ever again.

    5. Aging Twice: The is no girl group from any company today that can grab the potan from Twice and continue what SNSD started. Blackpink can dominate the rest of the world all they want but for girl groups to thrive in Korea you need to have a Nations Girl Group that holds the whole thing together for Korea. Twice was that group. And with the aging now and problems occurring within JYP it looks to be the end for kpops safety blanket aka NGG.

    Please educate yourself on the facts above and brace yourself for the kpop apocalypse.

    And here's a god damn :akorns: for all the annoying squirrels who will come in here looking for food.

  • lol i only agree with number one a little. Would be much healthier for the industry to have real competition in the BG space. That's where the devoted fans and real revenue from CD and merch and tix sales come from.

    I think even BH might recognize a potential landmine for Kpop when BTS eventually retires. What's gonna happen to them as a company and the industry as a whole? BH is a publicly traded company now, they NEED to diversify like NOW to prepare for future market. Armys will leave Kpop when BTS leaves, same with Blinks, Onces, etc.

    The labels must create excitement for the next generation of idols to capture the next generation of fans.

  • I know! They always come into my threads and just post an acorn with the phrase "I'm just here for acorns".

    Trolls >>> squirrels.

  • regarding point 1: maybe, but only for the BG side of Kpop, I dont see many GG stans caring about BG

    regarding point 3: the weakest and most subjective point, you will find this exact resentment in any dicussion of old people talking about newer music

    I know! They always come into my threads and just post an acorn with the phrase "I'm just here for acorns".

    Trolls >>> squirrels.

    Who would have thought, that the great and mighty trolls would be surpassed by cute little animals?

  • I think Kpop will continue to exist, but will certainly evolve, just as it has evolved from

    the “yesterday” of Girls Generation and Bigbang.

    When Jordan retired, the NBA definitely took a hit, but then it rebuilt itself with cultural and entertainment icons like Kobe and later Lebron. Just they was another Jordan (Lebron), there will be another BTS-type group but it will certainly be different, as Lebron is a very different persona than Jordan.

    With the globalization of culture and the nichefication of the music scene, I think Kpop will continue to be relevant but will definitely evolve. For example, if I only want to listen to Kpop r&b bg, streaming and social make it a lot easier to discover and enjoy even more than even a few years ago. However, it also means I play in the same musical sandbox and don’t tend to discover artists outside of what I like. This narrowing and nichefication of genres is part of why even the #1s on pop charts in the West are selling a fraction of the albums they sold 5 or 10 years ago.

    So I think there will have to be a different way to view success - is it streaming or social buzz or views solely, with less emphasis on record sales?

    Artists are continuing to find success using newer platforms, which I think will challenge the Kpop industry and its current tactics but the industry has also shown that it’s not afraid to cut bait on things or develop groups that aren’t really focused on the Korean GP but with an eye towards a global market.



  • I know! They always come into my threads and just post an acorn with the phrase "I'm just here for acorns".

    Trolls >>> squirrels.

    Ok, people will come with the whole squirrel thingy, only in case the thread is a very weak trolling, or just bad, as you can see no one is doing that here. Why? Because this thread is actually good, and it enriches our understanding of kpop.

    Now, commenting about your post, I 100% agree with it, but I have some observations regarding some points

    Point 2 - Today there is lot more competition, but some groups can still get big, if they target markets in specific (example: Blackswan focusing on Latin America). But I understand your point, alot of Ents showing up, just for a piece of the cake, and we have like tens of groups to pick from, so it gets hard, for both the parties (we, to much groups , may cause confusion, them, to much competition)

    Point 4 - About China, they still way behind Korea. Like, nowadays Korea has the lead worldwide, be it on music, movies, dramas, etc. While China is slowly going international, but they don't have the same appeal as or fellow Koreans do. I don't how to explain why, but maybe due to China being more closed culturally/as a society than Korea.

    Like, they have a huge firewall set up, so we don't have direct access to them. Lmao, for me, it was so hard one time to find mvs of chinese duo I was looking for, I literally spent days looking for reuploads from some people in youtube.

    There is always some kind of barrier when trying to "know" more about them, while in kpop, its almost invisible.

    For China to succeed in the west, they would really need to use our platforms, be it twitter, Instagram, youtube, etc (which, would be kinda hard, since they are so "separate" from the western medias, especially nowadays, and because of the said firewall). they would need to work even more on their other branches of entertainment (dramas, movies, etc), and promote their stuff somehow, because its easier to find kpop be accident (be it on a meme or a movie scene) than cpop.

    5 point - About Twice, only recently I took knowledge of their slow downfall, and its kind of weird, because even with SNSD being huge back in the day, Twice seem bigger (at least from what I could getter), so when they actually fade out, it will be caos on kpop (specially in Korea), so now I'm more alert about this issue.

    And if all your points are right, and the kpop reset really happen (this will just be a new phase, kpop won't die, it will just be born again from the ashes), I think it will be for the good, because imo, most of the 3rd gen was an error, but the 4th actually fixed a lot of what the 3rd gen did wrong, but I won't get too much into it.

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