What is SM goals with these Super Groups especially GOT?

  • I don't think it's as big of a conspiracy as people think. Groups shouldn't be limited to making music with just their group members for the entirety of their careers.

    SM is no stranger to this. SM Station exists for this very reason — allowing SM artists to collaborate with artists from all over the industry and the rest of the world (think Wendy and John Legend's collaboration).

    It's just a fun and innovative project. I promise they're not thinking about charts and numbers the way K-pop stans do. They don't care about taking anyone down; they might even want to work with them. Music is an art form that's meant to be collaborative, not competitive. We've always wondered how certain members of groups sound or look together; now here it is.

    The way SuperM got all the hate because they were branded as the Avengers. Some Kpop fans with their limited-made-for-fanwars-brains immediately thought it was called that to avenge BTS popularity in the west :clown:. Korean people call any collab group the Avengers after Marvel made their heros in one group. It’s not that deep. (Literally the group of idols that covered Mirotic two days ago called themselves the Avengers of Kpop).



  • I don't think both groups have the same goals, also goals change once they release how the groups is heading to, they can have a goal in the start and totally change as the time goes. That said I agree that the SM ballad type projects are for fun but, like someone said, those big scale projects with big money being thrown into def have purposes other than to celebrate the brand music etc

  • I kinda like how they put some less popular but talented members into the group, alongside some ultra popular ones. Give them more spots for shining / gain new fans

  • promoting the members included in the lineups to the other SM group fans who at first only interested with 1 SM group and with this kind of project they might stan more SM groups/become pinkblood (enjoying and supporting every Sm acts) by looking at the group performance and dynamics. That SM ultimate goal.

    This. Uses already popular idols to promote their newer idols. It is like cross-selling products, except in this instance, they're promoting company stans who will stan few groups from SM

  • It allows newer groups to have more exposure and also kinda revives older groups. boa is first gen so maybe they wanted her so that younger fans will like her. Also helps promote the sm family concept to their company stans. The artists might like this and be having fun, but don't be fooled into thinking that the company is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. SM, like any other company, is all about profit. They are hoping that this project will make fans of one group fans of their other groups as well.

    If I say anything incorrect please correct me and I will edit my comment accordingly. I'm also very sarcastic so please don't take anything I say to heart.

  • No the goal has always been to push SM as a collective brand and hence increase the popularity and appeal of the individual idols.


    It is increasing the collective brand and driving traffic and $$ to existing properties. These are “gateway” groups to bring you into the SM brand and drive up sales and awareness on the other groups and solos.

    People who fell in love with Taemin “mother Theresa” and “you can call me bacon” Baekhyun in SuperM went on to purchase albums/concerts from those artists, and may have not been doing so before that. If you skim SuperM Twt, there is a large number of people who were not that familiar with these artists beyond knowing who they were (sort of.)

    This is even more critical with GOT - there is a large portion of current Kpop fans who could not name a BoA song and barely or do not know Girls Generation.



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