Oh My Girl rose to the top but didn't get much hate because they didn't step on Big 3 toes

  • OMG was able to become one of the top GGs in Korea and despite successful GG always attracting haters they haven't suffered much of it. You can also include Mamamoo into this category. It basically comes down to them not stepping on Big 3 toes, particularly those from YG and SM. Like APink, OMG stuck faithfully to cute type concepts but they weren't hated for it. On the other hand APink suffered massive hate from SNSD and fx fans. That's because APink began to rise while SNSD/fx were still the top groups. GFriend also suffered from hate, but once Twice became the top GG the dynamics shifted. APink and GFriend were no longer targets of hate, it was Twice. This allowed OMG to quietly rise because Twice fandom was friendly with OMG. Imagine if OMG shifted to girl crush instead, that would actually put them at conflict with the Big 3s minus JYP GG stans. So OMG debuted at the right time to enjoy their success more peacefully.

  • I dunno about the hate stuff, but what i find interesting is that OMG's cute concept like in Dolphin and DDD is loved by Koreans, even though the group is actually older than Twice. If you look at all the top GGs right now, Aespa, Itzy, BP, Twice, StayC, Idle, RV and Ive, OMG is the only group doing full on cutesy. And to do it as the second senior group on the whole list is pretty eye opening.

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