Dispatch exposes 'Snowdrop' fictional trap that ultimately led to the drama's "downfall"

  • Dispatch exposes 'Snowdrop' fictional trap that ultimately led to the drama's "downfall"


    Article: "Why did it happen to only them?"...'Seolganghwa's "fictional" trap

    Source: Dispatch

    Dispatch has revealed reason why 'Snowdrop' was caught up in "history distortion" scandal.

    Other dramas like 'Crash Landing on You' explored similar controversial themes however they weren't caught up in "history distortion" scandal. Why? Because there was no setting that reminded viewers of a real historical figure. That's why writer Park Ji-eun was able to unleash her "creativity" without regrets and ultimately created a successful fantasy romance drama between the "two Koreas."

    Writer Ji-eun worked on the script determined "not to write a single line of words that aren't in history, while still reminding us of reality thus inducing viewers to sympathize with the pain."

    So what happened with writer Yoo Hyunmi? She had been preparing for JTBC's 'Seolganghwa' for 12 years and even got a certificate for her 2008 North Korean defector memoirs and drew on her experiences at Ewha Women's University for the drama.

    Well, the problem is the drama draws on a lot of controversial themes. The 1987 presidential election, friction between North Korea and ruling party, espionage manipulations, Ministry of Security, Chun Doo-hwan, university scene, student protests etc. Nevertheless, the drama continued to emphasize it was a work of "fiction".

    PD Cho Hyun-tak even said, "Except for the military regime and presidential election, all the characters, settings, and agencies are fictitious. This is not a drama that denigrates the democratization movement and glorifies the Ministry of Security and spies. It's just a melodrama about young men and women who sacrificed in a whirlwind of inter-Korean confrontation."

    However, when the lid was opened, the drama could not be dismissed as a simple work of "fiction." This is because the drama reminds us of real historical figures, even victims of state power.

    ① Male protagonist Im Su-ho (Jung Hae-in)

    His real name is Ri Tae-san

    and he's a North Korean spy. His father was a genius musician who was driven as a reactionary. He later becomes an agent and travels to Korea after receiving orders from East Germany. He plans to defect to North Korea by recruiting Professor Han Yi-seop

    , the economic brain of the opposition presidential candidate.


    [Dongbaek-rim/East Berlin incident of 1967] - At that time, Central Intelligence Agency claimed that 194 students and Koreans from Germany and France were spies. The used a simple contact incident to expand, exaggerate, and strengthen Park Chung-hee regime. Lee Sang-eun, a genius composer, was accused of being a spy, kidnapped by intelligence agents in Germany and sentenced to life in prison. He was released after 2 years in prison but didn't return to his hometown until his death.

    ② Female lead Eun Young-ro (Blackpink Jisoo)

    Her original name was Eun Young-cho, however her name was changed after drama's plot was leaked in March causing controversy and protests by viewers. She believes Su-ho to be a demo student, and hides him in her dorm. She falls in love with him at first sight.


    When Su-ho is chased by the NSA, a protest by Jo Jung-min (Kim Min-soo) was in full swing right next to him. The song 'Sol-ah, Sol-ah, Green Sol-ah' that symbolizes democratization movement can be heard playing in the background.

    There's also Young-ro's roommate who's also a student at Hosoo university and described as taking the lead in the movement. She mistakes Su-ho, who's a spy, to be an "activist" and helps him.

    [Young-cho's sister - Chun Young-cho] - She was a pro-democracy activist. In mid-1970s, she formed a reading group to fight for women's liberation, overthrowing dictatorships and labor liberation. Her husband, Jung Mun-hwa was also a pro-democracy activist against Park Chung-hee dictatorship. He also took part in the June 1987 uprising. He was accused of espionage in Mincheong Hankryun incident and suffered severe torture. The motif of the university in the drama is the same as Ewha Women's University whose students also called for overthrowing the dictatorship.

    ③ What about 'Snowdrop's message?

    The drama leads with the message that "groups can be bad but have good people in them." The drama claims North Korean spies and the National Security Agency "have their own stories."

    Su-ho is a spy who tries to kidnap Koreans but he's portrayed as "good natured" and "charming." He "likes" democracy and even calls its "cool" when he hears Young-ro's sister is doing a demonstration.


    Lee Kang-moo (Jang Seung-jo), a fictional agent of real life Agency of National Security Planning (ANSP) is portrayed as a man with "burning desire for revenge after losing a colleague." He's "just" and "righteous" despite his numerous human rights abuses in history. His ex-girlfriend Jang Han-na (Jung Yu-jin) is also portrayed as a "hardworking" and "charming" girl crush character.

    Eun Chang-soo (Heo Jun-ho), the head of the security department, is a key member of the Dongsim Association. He's a giant-like character but portrayed as "gentle" and "delicate" and likes poetry.


    ④ 'Snowdrop' emphasis that it's a work of "fiction"

    'Snowdrop' emphasizes the drama is a work of "fiction." But fiction that causes suffering is violence.

    On January 14, 1987, a college student died after being assaulted, electrocuted and tortured by water at the Security Headquarters, Namyeong-dong Anti-Communist Office in Room 509. Police announced at the time that "he fell and died." During military dictatorship, many victims were subjected to violence and torture due to espionage manipulations. However, the drama tries to rationalize and justify a college student hiding a spy in her room as being an "activist."

    If a drama was truly a work of fiction, they should've focused on the word "fiction." It's ironic that they cleverly mixed up the settings from actual protests in history behind the title of "fiction."

    This disaster was predicted when the plot was first leaked and officials claimed to have "made changes." But other than changing the female lead (Jisoo)'s name, nothing else changed.

    They boldly pushed forward and portrayed a romance between a North Korean spy and South Korean college student with democratization movement as a backdrop. This dangerous and inappropriate combination eventually led to the drama's "downfall" into "history distortion" scandal becoming a "second assault" to victims.

  • Naming the original female lead the exact name of a prominent student activist is enough to who their intentions. It's exactly how everyone has been saying - they want to claim "there were good people on both sides". It's like saying there were "good" people among the nazis. Whitewashing the NSA.

  • I have the perfect plot twist... in the end of the series they show a snowglobe where the main protagonists are, then the camera pans out and it shows a kid, turns out the show was the kids imagination/dramatization of a school assigment based on the true story and that's why it was pg and innacurate

    Now JTBC pay me :peperich:

  • Sounds like a hit piece organized by Yang Hyun Suk's enemies. Equating fiction with violence is the height of stupidity. If you're too soft shouldered to handle this, you should be avoiding TV and the Internet altogether.

    Ok if that's it then you should never be offended by someone making inappropriate jokes about lgbt and nobody should be upset if people made jokes about flyod and the protests in 2020 right? Because if you're too soft you should avoid the internet.

  • Did they change her name from Eun Young-cho to Eun Young-ro? Wow. The problem is that obviously, they wanted to be based on real facts, and now just because they added that message at the beginning saying it is pure fiction they think everything will be fine.

  • I have the perfect plot twist... in the end of the series they show a snowglobe where the main protagonists are, then the camera pans out and it shows a kid, turns out the show was the kids imagination/dramatization of a school assigment based on the true story and that's why it was pg and innacurate

    Now JTBC pay me :peperich:

    You solved their problem

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

  • I have the perfect plot twist... in the end of the series they show a snowglobe where the main protagonists are, then the camera pans out and it shows a kid, turns out the show was the kids imagination/dramatization of a school assigment based on the true story and that's why it was pg and innacurate

    Now JTBC pay me :peperich:

    Eye y :pepe-hehe:

    But seriously 1987 was an important year for SK. Its very insensitive to make a lovydovey drama with the situation backdrop. Better watch the 1987 movie to educate yourself than watching spy oppanim and BP nim love story

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  • Ifans, it maybe just a drama and "fiction" storyline as the producer claimed.

    I want you to know the North Korean Spies plot is a distortion of history. Even it is "fiction" as they claimed to downplay the situation. People died after accused of been a North Korean spy. There wasn't any North Korean spy to begin with. It is the military dictatorship regime that want to use this narrative to kill and suppressed the public back then.

    What happened here in our country isn't ancient history. Something fans will understand, here's an example J hope of BTS his real name maybe something different.

    The reason for this, is because the massacre of Gwangju. Almost every family from the region has been a victim,and as a result they distrust the government till this day. Even after the government paid reperations many families stayed hidden they never collected the money a large majority of them changed their surnames to stay hidden. Almost every family in Gwangju has a secret and for good reason.

    Your favorite idol may not agree with snowdrop, but because of their job cannot comment on it.

    For a perspective of time that kid from BTS isn't even 30 yrs old yet, let that sink in

    All these brave South Korean souls that fought for democracy will not agree to it.


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