How Jennie became so popular; a rundown

  • So predebut, Jennie was the 2nd most popular(only behind Jisoo i think?) She featured in G-Dragon's 'That XX' video, G-Dragon's "BLACK" and Seungri's "GG BE"

    Jennie was also praised in their BOOMBAYAH debut stage




    In Feb 2017, when a Running Man member mentioned that Jennie is the only female idol he likes, she really started trending.



    She finally got the promo she deserves like 6 months after debut with her DAZED photoshoot

    She was on Naver main page after this


    Here are Knetz reactions when she posted a yoga pic on insta


    When her popularity REALLY blew up however, was during AIIYL era.

    She was on Naver main page twice


    Was always trending and Knetz praised her visuals ALOT, even if she didn't fit the typical Korean beauty standards



    Would get compared to seniors idols and praised whenever she updated on Instagram


    When BP appeared on Knowing Bros, she trended at #1 and didn't leave top 15 for 24 hours

    We can safely say that she really started to blow up in 2017. It took a while but the general public would slowly become more and more interested in her as time passed by.



    Brand Rep in 2017



    As Jennie became more and more popular, obviously there would be people who didn't like that. We all know 2018 was the peak of BP and Jennie's hate...but let's continue.

    Let's talk abt the comeback!

    BLACKPINK released Square Up/D4, which then broke the charts, broke Youtube, broke EVERYTHING.

    Then Jennie got sent to Running Man, which would be her first solo TV appearance.

    The GP finally got to see who Jennie was like, loved her and her personality!





    At this point in time, YG knew the demand for Jennie in Korea, so they decided to give her a solo!

    We all know what happened with SOLO. Hit 1M ULs in 24 Hours and the only female soloist aside from IU to achieve that.


    Miss Jennie Kim went even MORE viral during 2018. Her popularity kept growing and growing. We had an IT Girl on our hands.



    Her Brand Ranking for 2018


    By the end of the year, she had built an army for herself. She ranked #2 for Korea's Favorite Idols in 2018.


    So despite all the hate she had received for being "YG's princess" being "lazy" and whatnot, she had still managed to take over Korea in 2 years. And that's what matters.


    Jennie's success continued into 2019, she basically never left top 10 brand ranking except once.

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    Companies finally noticed her, and she became the face of HERA.

    This was proven to be a smart decision, as the brand instantly started becoming trendy.




    She remained in the top 10 of Gallup 2019


    Too lazy to put what happened in 2020, LMAO

    TL;DR: Stop downplaying Jennie's impact and achievements because of your saltiness. :siptear:

  • Your dedication amuses me kkk. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Jennie growth was and is sooooo natural. For sure she receives a looot of hate (unfortunately), but I'm glad she is so loved in S.K. despite all the mess. She is a sweetheart!

  • Thank you for this!

    Just today I had to read how she became this popular because of clothes and dating and that anyone can be her if they followed the same "formula" ... the ridiculousness of it all.

    They just love to discredit her in any way they can and attribute her fame and success to yg only. As if the sole factor of being under yge is a guarantee to success and immense solo popularity.

    Anyhow, hopefully Jennie will continue to prosper and accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind to.

  • All I have to say is that she is a goddess. I'm always interested in what she is doing now or in the future.

    ✿ just a crumb of something please I'm begging ✿ ♡ ♚


    I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

  • Thanks for compiling these. It honestly is weird how people keep saying that Jennie is YG's fave and heavily pushed that's why she's Korean fave. Her charm was the one that entice these Korean and not the nonexistant push.

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