(18+) Compilation of k-pop/korean sex songs

  • not using youtube links because it would be too long and the lag would be insane

    credits to the icon who made the kpop songs about sex thread yesterday.

    this includes ones with sexy mvs/SENSUAL SONGS IN GENERAL!


    you're welcome THOTTIES!

    featuring some Taylor Swift because she's finally about to own her music again!!!!!!!!

    Afterschool- First Love

    Afterschool- Dressing Room

    Afterschool- Flashback

    Ailee- Johnny

    Anda- Mastering

    Anda- Touch

    AOA- Like a Cat

    AOA- Miniskirt

    AOA- Under the Street Light

    AOA- Bing Bing

    AOA- Excuse Me

    Apink- Luv


    Blackpink- Crazy Over You

    Blackpink- Whistle

    BoA- Eat You Up

    BoA- Kiss My Lips

    BoA- Dress Off

    BoA- Dangerous

    Brave Girls- Deepened

    Brown Eyed Girls- Warm Hole

    Brown Eyed Girls- Obsession

    Brown Eyed Girls- Satisfaction

    BTS- Blood Sweat & Tears

    BTS- War of Hormone

    BTS- Embarrassed/Blanket Kick


    BTS- Pied Piper

    BTS- Singularity

    BTS- 134340 (let's just say it's possible i had sex to this song once but that's a story for a different time)

    BTS- Filter

    BTS- Like (Slow Jam Remix)

    Crush- I Fancy You

    Crush- Hug Me

    Crush- Give It to Me (feat. Jay Park)

    Crush- woo ah

    Crush- Oasis

    Dalshabet- Joker

    Dalshabet- B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)

    Dean- Love

    Dean-Pour Up

    Dean- I Love It

    Dean- 21

    DPR Live- Action!

    DPR Live- Jasmine

    ELO- Denim Heath T-sShirts

    ELO- FWB

    ELO- Tattoo (feat. Jay Park)

    EXID- Ah Yeah

    EXID- Up & Down


    EXID- Hot Pink

    EXID- Cream

    EXID- How You Doin'

    EXO- Sign

    EXO- Ooh La La La

    EXO- With You

    EXO- 24/7

    EXO- Monster

    EXO- Artificial Love

    EXO- Lotto

    EXO- She's Dreaming

    EXO- Love Shot

    EXO- Obsession (my only dream is to get railed to this song, i don't even ask for much in life)

    EXO- Day After Day

    EXO- Sweet Lies (bring an extra pair of headphones and a change of underwear before you listen to this)

    EXO- The Eve

    EXO- Playboy

    EXO- What If...

    EXO- Lady Luck

    EXO- Beautiful

    f(x)- Milk

    f(x)- Diamond

    f(x)- Papi

    f(x)- Cash Me Out

    f(x)- When I'm Alone

    Fei- Sweet Sexy Fei

    Fei- Fantasy

    Fiestar- So Tight

    Fiestar- One More

    G-IDLE- Senorita

    G-IDLE- Oh my god

    G-IDLE- Luv U

    GAIN- Paradise Lost

    GAIN- Bloom

    GAIN- Fxxk U

    Girl's Day- I'll Be Yours

    Girl's Day- Ring My Bell

    Girl's Day- Something

    Girls' Generation- Oscar

    Girls' Generation- Catch Me If You Can

    Girls' Generation- Boyfriend

    Girls' Generation- Check

    Girls' Generation Oh! GG- Lil' Touch

    Girls' Generation TTS- Whisper

    Girls' Generation TTS- Adrenaline

    HATFELT- Bond

    HELLOVENUS- Sticky Sticky

    HELLOVENUS- Wiggle Wiggle

    Hoody- Like You

    Hoody- Lust

    Hoody- Your Eyes (feat. Jay Park)

    Hyolyn- Dally

    Hyolyn- Love Like This

    Hyolyn- One Step (feat. Jay Park)

    Hyolyn- Massage

    Hyomin- Allure

    Hyomin- Nice Body

    Hyomin- Sketch

    Hyomin- Sketch (Chorus Version)

    Hyomin- Gold

    HyunA- Freaky/Seduction

    HyunA- Bubble Pop!

    HyunA- Lip & Hip

    IU- Black Out

    IU- Everybody Has Secrets

    IU- Between the Lips (50cm)

    WARNING: IT'S SEXAY WITH JAY IN THE HOUSE (some are in all english we LOVE TO SEE IT)

    Jay Park- Replay

    Jay Park- I Don't Disappoint

    Jay Park- Feature

    Jay Park- Turn Off Your Phone REMIX feat. ELO

    Jay Park- Aquaman


    Jay Park- Mommae

    Jay Park- Sex Trip

    Jay Park- Welcome

    Jay Park- Dank

    *rest in peace, angel*

    Jonghyun- Happy Birthday

    Jonghyun- Moon

    Jonghyun- Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

    Jonghyun- Hallelujah

    Jun Hyo Seong/Hyosung- Into You

    Jun Hyo Seong/Hyosung- Good-Night Kiss

    Laysha- Chocolate Cream

    Loona- Eclipse

    Loona- Chaotic

    Loona- Starlight

    Loona- ViViD

    Mamamoo- Words Don't Come Easy

    Mamamoo- Memory

    Mamamoo- Decalcomanie

    Mamamoo- Moderato

    Mamamoo- Piano Man

    Mamamoo- Ahh Oop!

    Mamamoo- Destiny

    Mamamoo- Hip

    Mamamoo- High Tension

    Mamamoo- Egotistic

    Mamamoo- Chuck

    Mamamoo- Diamond

    Mamamoo- 25

    Mamamoo- Starry Night

    MINO- Body

    miss A- Come Tonight

    miss A- Hush

    miss A- Like U

    miss A- Lips

    MOBB- Full House

    NCT- Intro: Neo Got My Back

    NCT- Baby Don't Stop

    NCT- The 7th Sense

    NCT 127- Whiplash

    NCT 127- Baby Don't Like It

    Rainbow- A

    Rainbow- Eye Contact

    Rainbow- Black Swan

    Rainbow Blaxx- Cha Cha

    Rania- Demonstrate

    Rania- Demonstrate (Rap Version)

    Rania- Dr. Feel Good

    Red Velvet- Be Natural

    Red Velvet- Kingdom Come

    Red Velvet- Perfect 10

    Red Velvet- Little Little

    Red Velvet- Body Talk

    Red Velvet- Bad Boy

    Red Velvet- Time To Love

    Red Velvet- Eyes Locked, Hands Locked

    Red Velvet- La Rouge

    Red Velvet- Cool Hot Sweet Love

    Red Velvet- Light Me Up

    Red Velvet- First Time

    Red Velvet- Automatic

    Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi- Uncover

    Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi- Naughty

    Secret- Poison

    Secret- I'm In Love

    Seohyun- Magic

    Sistar- Alone

    Sistar- Give It To Me

    Sistar- The Way You Make Me Melt

    Sistar- Push Push

    Sistar- Shake It

    Sistar- So Cool

    Sistar- Touch My Body

    Sistar- I Like That

    Sistar- Ma Boy

    Sonamoo- Cushion

    SoRi- Touch

    Stellar- Fool

    Stellar- Marionette

    Stellar- Sting

    Stellar- Insomnia

    Stellar- Vibrato

    Sunmi- Full Moon

    Sunmi- 24 Hours

    Sunmi- Burn

    Suzy- Yes No Maybe

    T-ara- Like the First Time

    T-ara- You Drive Me Crazy

    T-ara- Sexy Love

    Taemin- Move

    Taemin- Thirsty

    Taemin- Drip Drop

    Taemin- Press Your Number

    Taemin- Guess Who

    Taemin- One By One

    Taemin- Sexuality

    Taeyeon- Hands on Me

    Taeyeon- Night

    Taylor Swift- gold rush

    Taylor Swift- I Think He Knows

    Taylor Swift- False God

    Taylor Swift- Afterglow

    Taylor Swift- Treacherous

    Taylor Swift- ...Ready For It?

    Taylor Swift- Don't Blame Me

    Taylor Swift- So It Goes...

    Taylor Swift- Dress

    Taylor Swift- Enchanted

    Taylor Swift- Wildest Dreams

    Tiffany- Talk

    Tiffany- Yellow Light

    Tiffany- Over My Skin

    Trouble Maker- Now

    Trouble Maker- Trouble Maker

    Twice- I Can't Stop Me

    Twice- Hell In Heaven

    Twice- Handle It

    Twice- Hot

    Twice- Strawberry

    Twice- Love Foolish

    Twice- Make Me Go

    Twice- Someone Like Me

    Twice- Ice Cream

    Winner- Baby Baby

    WJSN- Catch Me

    WJSN- Robot

    Wonder Girls- Candle

    Wonder Girls- I Feel You

    Wonder Girls- Rewind

    Yerin Baek- Not a Girl

    Yerin Baek- Square (2017)

    Yerin Baek- I'm in love

    Yuri- Illusion

    Yuri- Secret

    Zico- Eureka

    Zico- I Am You, You Are Me

    2PM- ADTOY

    2PM- My House

    4minute- Tickle Tickle Tickle

    4minute- I My Me Mine

    4minute- What's Your Name?

    4minute- Volume Up

    4minute- Whatcha Doin' Today

    9Muses- Drama

    9Muses- Sleepless Night

    9Muses- Secret

    9Muses- Wild

    9Muses A- Lip 2 Lip

    so kiss me, i'm the yuno-gasai-icegif-18.gif m o n s t e r that you made

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