Can Anyone Make Sense of the Final Results of MAMA's Worldwide Fans Choice Voting?

  • Ah, so you mean music show performances on YouTube right? That's actually something I hadn't considered before, but it makes sense. However, one caveat is that a number of artists simply don't perform on those shows anymore, BTS for example, or even IU.

    Honestly I never thought artists don't perform on these shows. I understand IU since she is a soloist and not really a kpop artist in the traditional sense. I think once audiences are allowed BTS will start performing on them again. I think almost all 2nd and 3rd gen groups still do at least one performance on these shows. It's kinda just a tradition.

    If I say anything incorrect please correct me and I will edit my comment accordingly. I'm also very sarcastic so please don't take anything I say to heart.

  • Voting has always been about concerted efforts, involve a lot of coordination and determination. It does not necessarily correlate to fandom size.

    Some groups have many fans but they are either just too busy or have less time to spend on voting.

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