Can we set something straight about BTS and their stay in LA

  • Ever since BTS landed in the US and with all the things they‘ve been doing here that they have never been seen doing before many people have concluded that they’re much happier in the US than they are in Korea and that it would be better for them to move to LA. First of all, while it’s true that they’ve been enjoying themselves in a way we haven’t seen before, I don’t necessarily think that has to do with them being in the states as much as it means that they‘ve been stuck in their country without being able to perform in front of big crowds for two whole years, and when they go back they’ll have to face that situation again until they can do what they did pre-pandemic. Yes, them being comfortable around women and doing stuff like cussing is certainly not something you’d see in Korea because of the high standards that Korean media has, but that doesn’t mean that they’re miserable in their country. The boys always express how much they love korea and their culture, and in many times they’ve also mentioned how much they miss it while on tour. At the end of the day we don’t even know what their private lives are like in Korea we can only judge from what we see in the public eye, and while there’s clearly a difference between the way they act in the US and the way they act in Korea, the only thing that proves is that there are cultural differences that push them to act in different ways, again, it doesn’t mean that they’re miserable in their country. I’m glad we can get a glimpse of this side of bangtan, but going as far as saying that they’re much better off in the US than in Korea is taking things too far when we don’t even know them personally and their take on that, and I’d even dare say *and this is coming from an American person* that this opinion in most cases is too US-centric cause we’re used to seeing western high profile celebrities and having this mentality of things being better here than abroad, like a way of saying ”they’re better with us we’ll treat them better” and that’s just not it. Plus not like in the US they’d be 100% free, even the most private western artists have certain aspects of their lives exposed, bts doesn’t have that in Korea because hybe literally bought the Korean press to keep them safe. And that’s of course without mentioning all the negative backlash and rejection they face here because of racism and xenophobia, in that sense they’re definitely ten times more comfortable in their country. Also bts moving to LA is kinda unrealistic, let’s face it, it wouldn’t happen anytime soon if even at all. We gotta consider that they’re the faces of Korea, their commitment is not just music related but also diplomatic, plus they don’t even have inner circles in the west, their connection to the west is purely business, not to mention most of them don’t even speak fluent English. And overall I feel like they’d eventually miss their country. They’ve been in the industry for eight whole years and they’ve been relevant and powerful for five, if they had plans of doing that they would have already done so. Not saying they wouldn’t consider buying a vacation house or something but they’re certainly not going to make it their first home, let’s be realistic. Just wanted to leave my thoughts cause it’s kinda weird to see people having the entitlement to think that the boys are not happy or that their happiness is limited in Korea, it’s their home, their culture, and their people. Just because they enjoy the time they spend abroad it doesn’t mean that their lives are conditioned in their home. We don’t have to make everything about us and our western standards, and again that’s coming from a US army. Anyways what do y’all think?

  • Would be nice to make paragraphs next time. And make it more dark mode friendly.

    Are there really people who think they are happier in the US and should stay there? :whatb:

    We all know how happy they were to be able to perform live in front of armys and I am sure they enjoyed their time in LA but how could that lead some people to think they should live there instead of Korea? I don't understand.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they start buying property in LA tbh - Jin even mentioned it jokingly in the concert. They wouldn't be the first k-stars to buy property in LA

    I don't think they'd ever live here permanently obviously. SK is their home. But I do think they love the reception they get in the US, especially RM

  • I think you were saying something interesting from what I can make out but holy hell! I could not read that at all. It's black text on a dark background with no paragraphs.

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