5 things kpop fans don't understand

  • 1. GENERATIONS. Idle and Iz*One is 4th gen now? Theres not a single person on this forum who has any idea what they are talking about when it comes to generations.

    2. YOUTUBE VIEWS. YouTube views dont represent anything. Blackpink got billions of views but only 280k people watch their concert. So in actuality only 300k people have actually watched a Blackpink mv on YouTube.

    3. REACTION VIDEOS. Nobody cares about your faves. They act a fool on a reaction video so you will like the video and that will make them more money.

    4. KPOP IS NOT POPULAR IN THE WEST. There are onky two popular kpop groups in the west and even then half those fans are success fans. They just want to be apart of something. Like church.

    5. KPOP WILL BE DEAD BY 2026. Music, talent, stars, buzz, creativity has all been declining since 2015. Kpop is currently a dog chasing it's own tail. Shit is played out and nobody knows what to do now. With no SNSD/Twice level group in the cards girl groups especially will fall off completely by 2026.

  • ahh my friend you're back

    1. what gen are we in ?

    2. cool cool -do you think 280k is impressive or not ?

    3. i agree with this

    4. i completely agree with this kpop megachurch is booming :thumbup:

    5. 2026 is the endgame for GG - nice lets see hoe this prediction turns out

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  • 4th gen starts next year.

    280k is impressive for Loona. Not Blackpink.

  • 1. Aren't they 4th gen? Am I just being stupid, doesn't 4th gen start like in 2018...no...okay.

    2. I guess I some what agree but they have more fans than that, and most of blackpinks fans are teens who dont have a credit card to buy their concert which is why it isn't as high as we expected but still a good number.

    3. True. Reaction channels are so cringy, how can fans be so gullible.

    4. Yeah I agree. Plus the west does not treat kpop artists well AT ALL. When superm and BTS went on Ellen I could not watch a single second because of second hand embarrassment.

    5. I dont think kpop will be dead, but the popularity will go down A LOT. So much fans will move on from their *kpop phase* (yes I know being a kpop fan isn't a phase but if you like bts and blackpink only and they disband who are you gonna like? Air?)

  • 1. I agree that everybody has different ideas about generations.

    2.I somewhat agree as there was a lot of illegal streaming.

    3. Agreed.

    4.Wholeheartedly agreed.

    5.I guess not but we will see.


  • 1. I have no idea how the generation thing works, and at this point I don't care.

    2. Having high 1B views on Youtube means that the MV was seen 1B times, that's it. 280k 'viewers' for the BP online concert means that 280k people purchased a ticket, that's it. There is no correlation between these two things, this is separate achievements.

    3. If some people want to spend hours looking like morons and editing their videos for views and ad revenues, so be it. In kpop or elsewhere, reaction channels are usually fake anyway.

    4. Kpop isn't successful in Korea either to be honest. Generally, kpop is a niche interest, kinda like Otaku culture from Japan. It's fine. It doesn't need to sweep the GP off their feet to be interesting or enjoyable, and if teenagers decide that 'kpop fans' is their identity for a few years, I don't see anything wrong with that.

    5. Kinda sad that Kpop isn't what you want anymore, so you are wishing for its extinction. Eh, typical.


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